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Faction Preview: Chaos Daemons

The trickling of information for 2018 begins with Chaos Daemons (expect Tau and Necrons to be next). Interestingly all units from Chaos Daemons get their full book bonuses (i.e. objective secured) and full access to traits and stratagems; however, need to specialise a detachment entirely on a particular God to get further benefits. This is an odd mix of what other multi-trait books such as Aeldari, Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines have but it is what it is. Looks like all units with get bonuses as well akin to everything but Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines.

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8th Edition Chaos Daemons – mini-preview

Frankie has given us a bit more information this time around thankfully. Let’s take a look.

  • Khorne daemons get +1 attack and strength on the charge and when charged;
  • Tzeentch daemons get +1 to their invulnerable saves;
  • Lord of Change has a 4++ and 16 wounds;
  • Some non-specific stuff about Horrors and reinforcement points;
  • Slaanesh daemons almost always strike first in combat;
  • Daemonettes in units of greater than 20 get a bonus attack;
  • Daemonettes have Rending which equates to AP -4 on a 6+ to wound;
  • Nurglings can deploy near enemy models and ignore to wounds on a roll of 5+ (old FNP).

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Imperial Armor 13 Review

1304782703681 So the long-awaited update to the multitude of Chaos vehicles is here, and with it a new army list that updates the Renegades and Heretics (i.e. Lost and the Damned) army as well as a side benefit. The book is something of a pleasant surprise for CSM players, since many of the entries within are just Chaos equivalents of many of the best Loyalist vehicles- and unlike many previous iterations, they aren’t simply worse than their counterparts in arbitrary ways.

The book isn’t all golden, but it’s a ray of light for a faction that is struggling to remain relevant even in more casual games, much less the cutthroat competitive world. So let’s take a dip inside and see what kind of gems we can discover (as well as poke fun at Forge World’s inability to know the rules of its own game.)

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Flying Circus – the Highs & Lows

I’ll be clear – I hate the flying circus (multiple winged daemon princes). Now that we have those rose colored glassed on…! With the 5th ed army it was lol funny with the 6th ed army its lol funny wait wtf is going on? It epitomises everything I dislike about 6th edition – it’s random and although there is a significant difference between a good player using it and a bad, it encourages play which relies on dice rolling rather than play which is enhanced by dice  rolling. You can get four princes all with 2+ armor, 2++ or 2+ cover. You can get zero princes with 2+ armor, 2++ or 2+ cover. You can get Iron Arm and Hallucinate and 2+ armor for all; you could  get zero Iron Arms and just Shriek over and over. You can take 20 grounding tests and roll one 2 – luckily you brought Fateweaver so you re-roll that one two and you’re Tzneetch so you’re re-rolling all the other 1’s (apparently people have been playing this incorrectly against me; woops!) You took four ground tests and rolled four twos. Sucks.

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The Movement Phase: Analysis of a Game in Progress

move The Movement Phase: Analysis of a Game in Progress

Here’s a rare opportunity to talk about movement by taking a look at a game in progress that is in a paused state. I thought this might be worth doing because it gets away from the usual Army Building advice and focuses instead on the impact of the Movement phase on deciding the game. This is a Vassal match that is frozen in place at the end of Tau’s turn 3 – for the initial battle-report of how the game got to this point click here.

One player – Kirby playing Tau – would probably like the game to be won in the Shooting phase. The other player – me playing Deamons – would like the game to be won in the Assault phase. The result is I expect this game will be won or lost in the movement phase. Read more

Vassal Battle Report – Tau vs Daemons (Part 1)

My Tau go Pew Pew

Matt and I decided to do some vassaling fun with the two latest books – Tau and Daemons at 2000 points. I’m writing this as we go :). Matt won the first game automatically because of the poor mission design of 6th edition and got to place two objectives (Hammer & Anvil) and I got to place one. It was certainly possible for the game to still be won by the Tau but it was a significant uphill battle and Matt being the ultimate gentlemen allowed the game to be four objectives instead (we did want an enjoyable game after all…) – and this is why Tau a) like allies and b) 6th edition missions need even the slightest of tweaks to be made competitive worthy.

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Instability Ain’t Fearless

40K Daemons, like their Fantasy counterpart, got a big change with their latest book when it comes to the Leadership department. Specifically, they got changed to where they have to care about it more rather than just totally ignoring that entire section of the game, which is good- no other army could unconditionally sweep aside so many rules (although Marines certainly do their best to try.)

With this change a lot of people looking at the book are assuming a lot of things about Daemons down that… really just aren’t true. Daemonic Instability, while certainly a very powerful ability, is NOT Fearless. It’s not even “Fearless but better”; in fact, it’s arguably worse in a lot of ways despite some nominal advantages, because it doesn’t let you do the same kind of things, especially when applied to a melee army.
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A Quick Look at the New Chaos Daemons

So yeah, there’s a photo version of the codex floating around. If you really want to find it, I’m sure you can; I’m not gonna provide it here.

Here’s my initial run of thoughts on the book overall and the units inside.

Daemons as a whole still don’t have access to many assault grenades. For an army that wants to assault, this is pretty punishing. It’s possible to get by without (as Tyranids do), but it will significantly hurt the viability of some units. And no, the Slaaneshi “-5 Initiative” effects aren’t the same thing and don’t really count; like Lash Whips, they are a poor man’s replacement.

The lack of a good save on most of the units leaves them extremely vulnerable to high-str fire; Psycannons, Multilasers, Autocannons, etc, will do a hell of a lot of damage to the army, as will Poison. Loss of Eternal Warrior means that this weakness is doubly relevant for the mid/small critters and big critters now need to worry a lot more about Force Weapons and the like. At least Nemesis Force Weapons finally serve their intended purpose. 😛

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