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Tale of (Two) Painters – Week “One”


Hey all! Week One was of course delayed *glares at Vinsanity* but we are here with our first instalment! Will keep progress tracked in the original post, though I’m not sure why the colours aren’t working on all of the breakthroughs. Much annoyance.

Pictures below the break.

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Tale of (Two) Painters


Hey everyone!

Yes a 3++ post. Expect another soon as well *gasp*.

So in an effort to encourage myself to blog more and get the site back up and running, Vinsanity and I are doing a painting challenge with the primary focus being on two armies each for Warmachine / Hordes. If anyone else would like to jump on board, please be my guest and just email me with what you’ll be doing and then with the weekly updates. I’ll keep track of everything with a post on Tuesday with pictures and everything. Much excitement I know.

With this in mind, the below is what we are looking to paint with the goal of a Warmachine / Hordes point per day. As things get painted we will cross them out :).

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Warmachine / Hordes New Edition Mk3 – Spoilers Summary (updated 1/06/2016)



Battlebox casters and contents spoiled here.

Mk3 comes out with rules available June 12 with official release date June 29.

Anything that comes from a card, I will just have the cards uploaded rather than quoting them (click the card to go to bigger picture). Breaks it up nicely too… Let me know if there’s anything missed or you’ve seen (please add a source) and will add :).

First of all, let us look at what the spoilers are to date (I will update this as they come along in pink for easy access):

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Warmachine / Hordes – Full Card Spoilers / Leaks

Hey guys,

Working on compiling all the full card spoilers here. I will keep this separate from the officially confirmed statistics just for easy reference in case these are not real or older versions or something in between.

Edit: for now, I’ll link the IMGURs and then I’ll roll through for some summaries :).

Warmachine / Hordes – Battlebox Spoilers

Hey all,

Just going through all the photos now and will be listing a summary and photos for reference.

The other spoilers, I’m not going to post as there are some obvious inconsistencies with them (i.e. POW of Ravagore being not what PP have directly spoiled). I’ve got them saved if they turn out to be true but likely they are early playtest versions (I believe).

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Hordes Devastation – Leak Summary

Pictures taken from ChainAttackTrev

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Hand of Judgement, Electromancers, Death Wolves & Baratharum

Yes I still exist and while wandering around the Internets tonight I found these for any of the WMH guys out there. Will definitely pick up HoJ :). Rumored release for December 2015.

As an aside, I’ve been doing some modelling and painting across WMH and 40k so will likely start to post more soon. Heading to 40k Masters at the end of November so at least something in the lead-up to that…!


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Hordes: Exigence

I know, I know – I’m behind on the times. Lots of pictures have dropped and we’ve got some confirmations finally of names, etc. A summary of the rumors we have so far is here on the forums though more info is to be added as it comes.

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Hordes – Lesser Warlock Rules

Begads! We have pictures.

Each Hordes faction is getting a new Lesser Warlock.

All have four Fury, are a character with all the Lesser Warlock stuff and cost three points. Here’s their cards courtesy of the forums:

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One day Tournament recap – Circle

IMG_1493So back from my first ever Warmachine/Hordes tournament and went much better than expected! There were 15 players and I ended up going 2-1, losing first round (results aren’t up yet but that means I placed in the top half of the tournament – so yay). As usual, let’s do the quick recap (list seen here) but before we get into that, couple of thoughts on first tournament. This was probably aided however by playing two armies I knew really well and one that I knew the general gist of rather than something I’ve never seen before.

I thought Deathclock was going to be massive – it wasn’t. First game was probably the worst in it was weighing on my mind a lot but I had eight minutes to spare and didn’t feel like any of my decisions were rushed. Still no where near as comfortable with the system as with 40k but getting there. The list quality in general was pretty high – didn’t see any real major *facepalm* lists but I didn’t look too closely either.

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