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2000 pt Battle Report – Dark Angels vs Astra Militarum

Okay, finally catching up on some battle reports. This one is very important – we have a Dark Angels mech list which uses two main Aura sources, Azrael for his 4++ and re-rolls and Stormshrouds for their -1 to hit up against an Imperial Guard list with lots of Conscripts and a lot of Heavy Flamers on Chimeras. On paper, the firepower weighs heavily for the Dark Angels so theoretically this should be a relatively straight forward game. Let’s see what happens. Learning below.

We played what was the fourth ITC mission – my hate for Maelstrom became strong. Essentially there are six objectives, two in your deployment zone, two in the middle of the board and two in your enemy’s deployment zone using Hammer and Anvil. Maelstrom was about holding Objectives 1, 2 or 3 (your backfield, midfield and farfield) or killing units (4, 5 and 6) with the option to replace two of the same to go for all three. I really wish they varied up the deployment zones for their missions as well. You could have easily 36 options rather than the six they put out… Digressing.

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Next Tournament – Marines

As much as I would like to have all my Tyranids ready, I know I will not be able to paint that much in that timeframe (early September). So while I am going to be practicing with Tyranids my next tournament preparation will be for Space Marines since very little painting will be required (while I am keen to continue giving Tau a go, that also requires painting and / or borrowing minis again).

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Dark Angels and Space Wovles – Full 8th edition Rules

I know. I’m so cruel putting these two together :). DA first about 19 pictures, then SW afterwards. Blood Angels has already been spoiled.

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Grey Knights + Dark Angels – Start the silly

With Grey Knight vehicles getting Sanctuary (+1 to invulnerable saves) I thought it was high time to play some ally fun and see what sort of silly lists we could make with this when adding in the Power Field Generator (PFG) from Dark Angels.

Here’s a draft (get prepared for ew):

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Dark Angels Codex Review – Part 7: Troops

40k Heresy Online

Ya…I should finish this before we really get our teeth into the Space Marines review – particularly given the similarities for this option across both books. Basic Space Marine Chapter Troops have always been pretty similar – there’s the Tactical Marine and the Scout and the extra chapters generally modify these slightly to get a different core (i.e. Grey Hunters are ‘super Tacticals’; Assault Marines are, well Assault Marines, Crusader Squads are both, etc.). Now both Space Marines and Dark Angels can get different Troops but we’re going to be focusing on the core here which means…Tacticals & Scouts!

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Dark Angels Codex Review – Part 6: Elites

We’re back to the DA review and we’ll start working our way through the actual FoCs now. We’ll still be looking at the general unit reviews for now and then looking at concepts throughout the posts but with a greater focus towards the end (so the opposite of what Puppy is doing currently with Tau). Elites for Dark Angels aren’t exactly special – they’re very similar to what many consider the old (or new) Chaos Elites to be like. There’s nothing wrong with them but they’re not the first thing you’re going to be reaching for either.  Let’s start with your bog basic…

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Dark Angels Codex Review – Part 5: Command Squads

I knew there was a reason I held off posting this! With the recent FAQs there are some important changes for the lovely Dark Angels Command Squads… The extra three ‘HQ’ choices for Dark Angels are the Command Squad variants – there’s three; Ravenwing, Deathwing and bog standard. Each is unlocked via an actual HQ choice with only HQs on a Bike or in Terminator armor unlocking their respective Command Squads (Ravenwing and Deathwing). The main reason these squads are so viable are the lovely banners – without them they are essentially just the special versions of their respective unit which can be had elsewhere in the army. The banners will be reviewed first…

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Dark Angels Codex Review – Part 4: Headquarters

I could sum this part up really easily. But you shall need to scroll to the bottom! Hur hur. There are plenty of generic HQ choices here for Dark Angels – an effective four which use up HQ slots and a further five options beyond this including the Command Squads and Techmarine. We’ll cover the Command Squads later but the Techmarine and Servitors will be discussed here as well. We’ll also take a brief look at the special wargear items Dark Angels HQs have access to (prepare to be mostly unimpressed, sorry). Let’s get to it…

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Dark Angels Codex Review – Part 3: Special Characters Part 2

The final two special characters for Dark Angels are probably two of the most well known lads due to their status as ‘head of whateverwing.’ Sammael is obviously the ‘Ravenwing leader’ and Belial the ‘Deathwing leader’ and part of their rules is allowing their corresponding units to become Troops. Let’s see how they work out…

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Dark Angels Codex Review – Part 2: Special Characters Part 1

We’re going to split this into two parts – theWing Commanders and the others. We’ll start with the others first which is Azrael, Ezekiel and Asmodai. What’s nice about each of the special characters and Dark Angel HQs is they will ALWAYS open up a Command Squad option and since you often want one of these, that’s nice to know you’re not restricting yourself by taking a special character.

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