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Ynnari and Eldar / Dark Eldar aka the Aeldari

So with the Faction Focus of Ynnari being completed last night (see below), I want to start a brief topic of conversation about this and the differences they bring over Eldar, Harlequins and Dark Eldar. As we know so far, detachments must be units from a particular faction (i.e. Aledari) and that a Ynnari army can take any units bar Haemonculus Covens, some special characters, the Avatar and Mandrakes from both Eldar, Harlequin and Dark Eldar armies. This is certainly not an issue and I hope will open up some great and different army builds (Imperium and Chaos have much the same list building advantages with multiple factions to choose from and I’m currently fiddling with a GK list that has Space Wolves and Inquisitor units) but I’m curious to look at the army benefits at face value for Ynnari straight off the bat.

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Dark Eldar / Drukhari – 8th edition leaks

All the Dark Eldar I think! A couple of missing units.

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8th Edition 40k – Dark Eldar / Drukhari mini-preview

Dark Eldar (or their new named Drukarhi – what is with the name changes!?); Changes summarsied below.

  • Dark Eldar vehicles have a 5++ (no more paying for Flickerfields);
  • Dark Eldar vehicles do not experience the -1 to hit when moving with heavy weapons (potentially something we will see on all fast options?);
  • Dark Eldar vehicles are still open-topped and allows you to shoot out of them with weapons, including pistols in combat;
  • Dark Lances are S8, AP-4 and D6 damage;
  • Disintegrators are three shots at AP-3 and do two straight damage;
  • Incubi get +1S and AP-3 melee weapons;
  • The leader of the unit does a further two damage if he wounds on a 6;
  • Wyches still have a 4++ and their combat weapon is AP-1;
  • Wyches have No Escape which is essentially a reverse Hit and Run but each player rolls off against each other;

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Salvaging Dark Eldar


The new Dark Eldar book is shitty.

As in, really, really shitty. It makes Grey Knights look flavorful and complex, that’s how bad it is. However, being that as it may, people are still going to use it and it’s still going to be a thing that’s around. So, let’s see what we can find in this mess that might be applicable to games where your opponent’s army isn’t some kind of derpy battleforce junk heap.

(Note: If you are horribly offended that I called DE shitty and want to post a long rant about how I “just don’t understand the Way of the Water Warrior they are a very skill-based army” or that “lol you just can’t adjust to the new book it’s fine” or how “FINALLY GW is nerfing the overpowered waac bullshit from the game” then you probably should just stop reading now, for both our sakes.)
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Dark Eldar Rumors Summary

Taken again from the forums – thank you aracerssx:


Haywire grenades only for characters-No vect
-Archon no ap2 board or bike, only boosts PfP turn number when fielded in the new DE detachment which also grants 5+ cover save for Troops and 6+ cover save for everything else on the first turn but only if Night Fight
-Succubus has option of AP2 weapon
-Hemie: 70, +1 to the pfp turn if there is a heamie in the unit.
-Drahzar: 190, EW, Rampage, +1A for every 6 to wound, Incubi get +1 WS if Drahzar is in the unit.
-Lilith: 150, Rampage, No armour saves agaist her close combat attacks, rerolls to hit and to wound in close combat
-Court: Llamean 10, Ur ghul 15, Medusae 25, Sslyth 25

Dark Eldar Rumors

From the forums (where there be pictures):

– Huskblades are ap3, cheaper, not a relic
– Racks now work on all Splinter weapons
– Wych weapons nerfed. Hydras confer Shred, Razors reroll To Hit, Shardnet/Impaler reroll 1s on To Hit and To Wound
– Stun Claw is +1S, ap6, confers ID in challenge
– Shadow Field is more expensive
– Incubi are still ap2
– Torment Gren. Launchers can now be fired, 24″, blast, s1, unit hit tests Ld, takes a wound for each point it failed, no armor or cover saves, doesnt work against ATSKNF
– Night Shield confers Stealth
– Hex Rifle inflicts ID on Precision Hits
– Soul Trap gives +1s for each usnaved wound inflicted in a challenge
– Reavers no longer attack while moving, now bladevanes are improved HoW. Caltrops inflict D6 rending HoWs, Gravs inflict Concussive
– Spirit Probe now improves FnP of all Deldar in 6″ by 1 to a max od 4+
– Phantasm works like TGL, shorter range
– Ossefactor is assault 1, fleshbane, ap2. If something is killed then the victims unit get d6 hits with s equal to t of the victim, ap-, ignores cover
– Liquifier is now s3
– Implosion Msls are s6 ap2 blast
– Chain Flails now only give Shred
– Talos has 3 attacks, same as Cronos
– Borh Haemy and Archon improve PfP, they let a unit add a 1 to the turn number for PrP, this stacks
– Warlord traits are ultrashitty, one gives the warlord +1 ws…
– Artefacts look average too, there is the old Djinn blade which works almost the same, a helmet that gives adamantium will in 12″ and perils on any double, a terrible pistol, an ghostplate that gives -2 Ld in 6″ and Fear, also one of the items does not work against atsknf. There is also Animus Vitae which is a one use, assault 1, s4 ap2, 8″ that if a unsaved wound is inflicted lets all Deldar add 1 to the turn number for PfP effects until the end of the game
– it says that Dodge now works against any wounds inflicted in fight sub phase, I am nit sure if overwatch counts or not
– bomber is 10 av on all sides
– it looks like Venom Blade can only be taken by the Acothyst now
– no flickerfields for anything other than venoms
– sails let a vehicle flat out 24″
– lances on infantry are a bit cheaper

Reader’s Reply to Venomspam

Edit: This post was meant for discussion based upon a reader’s reply though in hindsight improperly handled on my part. My apologies.

The Dark Angel rather than replying sent me some long ass email in relation to our recent post on Venomspam. Here it is for discussion =D.

Hi Will

Not that i’ve tried it out much but my ideas for Dark Eldar are:

Foot Dark Eldar have never worked for me (though 10 grotesques acting as portal delivery did a bit). I still think mech is the way to go.

Simply a 50/50 roll for night fight brings us so many benefits considering skimmers moving gives them 5+ cover add shrouded to that and it’s great let alone shrouded plus 25% covered by a ruin. ūüôā happy Now with rapid fire the way it is night shields are mandatory and now there won’t be any guess work we can plan the distances all out with premeasuring.

What you’ve got to consider now is that with most cover dropping to a 5+ or the ability to focus fire disintegrators are better. A venom with NS and the 2nd cannon costs 75points and averages 1 and 1/3 dead marines a turn. Whilst a tripple dizze ravager costs 115 (NS no FF obviously) and averages 2 and 2/3 dead marines. With those damage to firepower outputs the dizzie ravager is now better per points. However the first problem is the loss in AT. So 6 venoms + a rapejet was about right in the old system. Now two dizzie ravagers is about the same vs marnies as 4 venoms and even better against terminators. So we can keep that fire power level the same by going two venoms and two dizze ravagers (the bonus is the ravages are immune to bolters too). With the rape jet now suffering the problems of being Av10 I think the void raven is in a lance bomb plus two S9 lances and say NS, FF and 2 shattershards (i’m sure you can work out why those upgrades) and it’s good at taking on tanks and raping infantry as much as it can. However it won’t be on the table turn when when you want to start shooting. So a 3rd venom or dizze ravager can help shore up that place of a little more anti infantry you miss out on). And if going for more an alpha strike list then the flyer will simply be dropped for a third ravager for more guns on table turn 1.

So Anti infantry for me is 3 venoms and 2 dizzie ravagers + a one turn void raven that switched to tank hunting for the most likley only other turn it will get a shot. Now about those venoms short range blasterborn aren’t as hot as they were so I’m thinking if venoms get a 5++ well why not stick double darklanceborn inside, as they will won’t tos stay still in the first place and that helps fix up some of our long range AT problems. As for troops you could go another venom units but I’d much rather prefer 5 man warriors and blaster (or wracks) in NS raiders, not nly does this bring even more long range AT but our weak scoring units are now in the slight better 3 hull point rides too (hey it’s DE use everything you can to survive).

Now about surviving, well unable to bring in necrons for pulse goodness and not wanting to run a combat army (ye because T3 guys with very little armour love overwatch and potential failing charges through 5+ cover……:( sad I think i’ll try and roll the warlord trait that lets me choose to make it night fight first turn. Of course alpha striking helps too with enemies not being able to reserve off and being able to punish armies that brought one too many flyers and don’t have the staying power to last that long till they come on. So this would call for vect / baron or both. Now at 2000points i’m sure you could fit in vect but at 1750 i think we’ll have to take the baron. Now where for him to go hellions with the reduction of cover from 4 to 5 and stealth may well be up anyway and FNp dropping to 5 from 4 i don’t think hellions are as good as they were. So that leaves the baron to join beastmasters (possible) or my favourite place scourges. Whilst he won’t confer his re-roll dangerous terrain he does bring a pretty good wound soak in the form of a shadowfield and be able to have the haywires in the second line just behind him and pawn saves off to the other more useless chums if you don’t wont to risk loosing the warlord. Also scourges a dark lance is better over all (pen + destroy, penetrating + destroy Hp remove and glance Hp remove) then a haywire against vehicles with 3 or more hull points whilst the haywire wins out when shooting at 1 or 2 hull points.

All in all i’d be looking at something like this for 1850, 1750 may well be a case of simply drop some blasters or only run the 5 raider units. Unless you wan’t to go the route of hamey and 3 man wracks and no warriors in troops.

3x(3x trueborn, 2xdarklance in venom with 2nd cannon and night shields)
6x(5xwarriors + blaster in raider with NS) one with grisly trophies for the baron to stick next to so he won’t run a way as much with ld 9
5xscourges – 2xhaywire
3xravagers (2xtripple dizzie and 1 tripple lance)
Total 1850

none of that was proof read much so if i don’t make sense halfway through it’s me being lazy. L2english!


The Dark Angel

Venomspan in 6th


I’ve had a few e-mails and questions about Venomspam armies in 6th so let’s see how they transfer. First off, straight up Venomspam wasn’t the greatest 5th edition build. It had a great alpha-strike and saturation of units but if the alpha-strike failed cracking tanks could be a big issue long-term over an entire game. Although Venomspam had the general number of darklight weapons needed for Dark Eldar, they were generally of the shorter range variety which is why the alpha-strike was so important. The Venomspam lists which generally did best then didn’t max out at nine Venoms but a couple less in place of more anti-tank firepower.

So, the transfer to 6th edition. The main item here is obviously the Venom. The damage they can do with double cannons is somewhat improved against less durable foes who suffer from the cover reduction but against more durable foes – no real changes. Venoms are still anti-infantry only platforms which put out a bunch of wounds against any target. Hull Points have made vehicles across the board less durable – firepower is more reliable against them despite a very forgiving vehicle damage table. Dark Eldar vehicles were generally quite reliable to drop previously so this isn’t a huge change – on average Venoms still die to two penetrating hits and now die to two glancing hits (compared to three-four previously). The 5++ from the flickerfield is less useful as Venoms now come with Jink – as long as they move they get a 5+ anyway though at least the flickerfield works in combat and when the Venom doesn’t move.

So…it’s basically more Dark Eldar-y than before. More firepower, against some targets, and more fragile than before. The main weakness here is your basic gun can drop Venoms without too much difficulty and with the changes to Rapid Fire weapons make this more possible at range. This means overall Venoms got a little weaker though Nightshields and pre-measuring can mitigate this early turns. This means the basis of how the army works has to change a little – the early alpha-strike with Blaster Warriors isn’t really going to work as pushing Venoms in doubletap range of S4 weapons is going to see them dropping quickly.

This means getting more ranged anti-tank elsewhere in the army and with Allies (i.e. Eldar) we have a few more options here. Anyway, let’s see what we can do…

2x3x Trueborn w/3x Blasters, Venom w/Night Shields, 2nd Cannon
4x5x Wracks w/Venom w/Night Shields, 2nd Cannon
2x5x Wracks w/Raider
2x Ravagers
Razorwing w/Flickerfields

Farseer w/Runes of Warding, Doom
2x10x Storm Guardians w/2x Fusion Guns, Wave Serpent w/Scatter Lasers

1996 points

We’ve got the same core as before Venoms + Raiders/Ravagers though we’ve dropped the Warriors for Wracks for a more durable scoring platform. Eldar add some extra scoring since Dark Eldar Troops are likely to see more time on foot (i.e. dead) but aren’t really making up for the loss of anti-tank lost from the blasters. Ranged S6 is nice and Doom makes all that posion very scary but it’s not cheap and more durability based compared to firepower based.

All in all…not great. It’s okay and I’m sure with further playing there are some refinements which could be done but the core really got weaker and Allies aren’t really shoring it up unfortunately. You could always try a double FoC Venomspam spectacular with just min-sized Troops in Venoms + Ravagers/Razorwings to crack things open but that’s really one-dimensional with limited vehicle cracking ability (all stuffed into one grouping of vehicles).

In the end, I think pushing in the direction of a less spam approach and using Venoms to support the rest of the army is more likely what will see success for Dark Eldar.

I wanna talk about something I read, and am paraphrasing for dramatic impact, in the comments thread of the Dark Eldar post by Kirby last week.

‘Vehicles getting blowed up instead of Wrecked is more likely now in 6th, and that’s bad!’

In the case of Dark Eldar skiffs, this is strictly speaking untrue. ¬†As I’ve pointed out before, while aggregate damage existed in 5th Edition, the new system serves to make ALL vehicles weaker to successive damage results than in the previous iteration of the rules. ¬†Even the much-vaunted Land Raider’s resilence (admittedly, the majority of people I’ve heard that particular fallacy from are GW employees) is¬†largely¬†illusory – sure, it was possible to kill things with Glancing hits in 5th, but it was nigh-impossible to predict, incredibly unlikely, and typically required AP1 weaponry, in which case the odds of merely Glancing instead of Penetrating were, to put it mildly, less.

The lower a vehicle’s AV in this edition, the more susceptible to hull point wearing it is – particularly in the case of the Venom, which has the lowest number of HP of any vehicle in the game [Forge World doesn’t count] as well as having the lowest possible AV all round [buildings don’t count either.]

The odds of being Wrecked by Penetrating Hits is less, yes, since it isn’t actually an¬†option¬†on the chart, and cannot be caused by repeated results, excluding through the HP system of course. ¬†If a¬†vehicle has no value for HP given (see Bjorn the Fell-Handed) then it can only ever be destroyed by an Explodes! result, or, less likely to get bitched at for pointing out a pathetic mistake on the part of the professionals charged with updating the game, if a vehicle were released with, say, 6 HP and a mere one weapon; in 5th this vehicle would succumb and be Wrecked after the third weapon destroyed/immobilised result. In 6th however, it would take the full weight of fire needed, hull buckling, tortured metal screaming its capitulation to an uncaring sky…Point is, that method of¬†vehicle¬†destruction is gone.

The odds of being blown up have increased, in that AP2 weaponry blows you up 1/2 and AP1 2/3 of the time, while everything else does it on a 5+. ¬†However, the fact that small arms now have a genuine reason to target you (akin to the¬†genuine¬†reason they have for shooting at Flying MCs) means that you’re much more susceptible to Hull Point Damage than even to being Penetrated (not exactly difficult…) as everything imaginable more powerful than a Hotshot Lasgun is not going to be directed at your skiffs to ensure their prompt removal. ¬†Well,¬†grounding, anyway.

Blah blah, player turn lol, game turn, screw you.

Dark Eldar in 6th: Initial Analysis

So a lot of people have been asking for this so I made sure I got in a few games both with and against Dark Eldar this week. Remember, this is an initial analysis.

Dark Eldar were the ultimate glass cannon in 5th edition. They had good firepower but died to a stiff breeze in return with generally weak infantry (T3/5+) and vehicles (AV10, open-topped). None of this has really changed but their vehicles didn’t really get any weaker. Against individual shooting, AV10, open-topped is just as survivable as a closed vehicle was in 5th edition. Hull points obviously makes them more vulnerable to being destroyed over time but well every army has them and Dark Eldar were more likely to be destroyed from two penetrating hits before anyway. So in essence, most of their vehicles went up in durability RELATIVELY to the rest of the game whilst Venoms stayed the same (only two hull points). Their flyers went up a lot obviously needing to be hit on 6’s but so did other flyers.

At the same time, due to general AV10 across the board, small-arms fire is actually more dangerous due to hull points. Previously, it took, on average, six glancing hits to remove an AV10, open-topped vehicle (needing that straight 6) but now with hull points Venoms need take only two glancing hits and Raiders three from your bog standard bolters. That’s a squad of Marines against a Venom so protecting yourself against small arms fire has increased in importance *looks at Night Shields*.

Furthermore, every vehicle now has jink which means flickerfields are only really needed against combat situations. This saves some points (or you can switch them to nightfields) and ensures every vehicle will get a cover save as long as it has moved the previous turn. Even in the open. Although cover saves are less than they were before, they are a lot easier to get. The reduction hurts Dark Eldar a bit more as every shot which goes through is more likely to hurt but it’s nice to know every army is in the same boat in this regard.

Power from the Pain gets a bit of a hit as well. FNP is less useful on the average Dark Eldar unit as S6, which still ignores FNP, is quite common and AP1/2 weapons aren’t as huge a threat to Dark Eldar as they are say Space Marines. The overall reduction in FNP to 5+ is generally not offset by the ability to take FNP against AP1/2 weapons in this case due to the lower average toughness of the Dark Eldar units. Furious Charge is also not as good as it once was though Dark Eldar generally strike before opponents anyway. Fearless however is quite a bit better with the removal of No Retreat – getting Fearless onto Beast units now is quite important but for the most part, Dark Eldar don’t have large spammy units which could really benefit from the Fearless USR as a tarpit.

Assaulting from transports isn’t as useful either with the essential 3″ reduction. You can still move 6″, jump out 6″ and assault 2D6″ but you’ve lost the 2.99″ gained from moving and disembarking. Dark Eldar vehicles are at least open-topped so aren’t slapped around like a lot of armies but they are generally a more offensive than counter-assault army anyway… Fleet on a lot of their units helps take full advantage of that 2D6″ though. Fleet through cover is more reliable than straight up 2D6″ – take note any assault units who wish to be scary. Without Fleet, you’re not and luckily for most Dark Eldar assault units, they do have Fleet. Unluckily, most of them now suck due to changes in power weapons with only Beastmasters staying atop the pile. Wyches are still decent anti-infantry as they always were but Agonisers now are very expensive and not so great which really forces them still into the torrent department.

Haywire however has been improved drastically in the damage it can do thanks to hull points. So Wyches with grenades (which can also be thrown) and anything with Haywire blasters (Scourges, looking at you) got a really nice boost. Grenades in particularly since tanks are, at worst, hit on a 3+. 

Darklight weapons are finally ‘better’ than missile launchers at dropping vehicles thanks to AP2. They don’t have the anti-infantry duality missile launchers bring but they retain their 1/3 chance to destroy a vehicle outright whilst everyone else has been downgraded to 1/6. This is pretty nice, particularly considering most Dark Eldar armies were running 20+ Darklight weapons which was decent anti-tank before but ran up against the serious issue of stun-locking everything and getting attritioned away. Now thanks to Hull points this doesn’t happen and if they roll average they’re going to kill those extra tanks due to their AP2.

Allies is where Dark Eldar really struggle. A lot of other armies who regressed from 5th or had issues with 5th or were just good in 5th got a lot more options with allies. Dark Eldar, like most of the super evil stuff, didn’t. Their only real beneficiary here is Eldar and well Eldar suffer from the same major issues Dark Eldar do – weak Troops. That being said, being able to take six small Troops (i.e. Warriors or Wracks) and then two larger Troops from Eldar does have it’s advantages, it’s just not the same as eight Troops of Marines who can also combat squad, etc.


To be honest, I’m not sure. The initial reaction is OMG DARK ELDAR SUCK now. I wouldn’t say they got better with 6th but I wouldn’t say they got drastically worse. In relation to other vehicles they didn’t lose as much but only two hull points on Venoms and being vulnerable to basic S4 weapons is pretty shitty all-round. Throw in open-topped and even late game your vehicles aren’t as survivable as others late-game. Yes they had this before but… Chuck in the relatively poor Troops and limited access to allies and I’d say they stayed even whilst other armies got a little bit better generally due to allies. The general concept of lots of Venoms backed up by Ravagers & token Raiders with Fast Attack filler (i.e. Beastmasters + Scourges) is basically the same in terms of what Dark Eldar can run with the potential addition of extra Eldar scoring, Fire Dragons, D-Cannons & a Farseer. The Quin-star is cute but it’s still a deathstar which has counters, etc.

There’s still more to uncover here which hopefully more games will unlock but I generally feel Dark Eldar are running in place in 6th edition. Their basic build still works and they are still a glass cannon but their most limiting aspect of 6th is their real lack of super good ally choices. If Eldar get a good update this may change… We shall see. What have others experienced?