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Formations, Dataslates, and Alternate Lists


Keeping up with Warhammer 40K these days is an increasingly-impossible task. Between the rapid release of codices, the addition of supplements, and then dataslates on top of all that and you have an absolute nightmare of jumbled information- not to mention the FAQs, any local house rules or errata you might be using, and so on.

So, in an attempt to try and collate some of this information and make it more accessible and well-understood I’ve put this post together to help people understand what dataslates and formations are and which ones are available. If there are inaccuracies here, I apologize in advance- as I said, this whole thing is rather confusing.
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Tyranid Dataslates (Rising Leviathan) – Digging through them all

Games Workshop identified (let’s give them the benefit of the doubt, come on…) Tyranids needed something to make up for their complete lack of Ally options. So they gave them 15, read 15, 15 Dataslates. That’s a lot and we can hope one of them would actually be good and naturally some of them would just be bad.

Shockingly, this is the case. Let’s have a look at each one and how they might be applied for the good ones. You can see all the details here on the forums.

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Cypher and Fallen Dataslate

Cypher has arrived along with the Fallen Dataslate. I’ve listed the full rules here.

Solid statline (BS10), okay price and some good abilities there (Shrouded and Infiltrate can be handed out; okay shooting and combat ability) but it’s all short-ranged, there’s penalties to his army (cannot be Warlord, -1Ld to the Warlord of the army and crazy special rules with Dark Angels in play).

Basically – you’re going to be using him for a short-ranged plasma gun and to hand out Shrouded/Infiltrate to a unit which at 190 points is pretty steep. He’s not doing anything for the army and he’s quite short ranged so not a huge fan but if you can find something that benefits from that for any of these armies (Adepta Sororitas, Blood Angels, Chaos Space Marines, Grey Knights, Imperial Guard, Inquisition, Space Marines, and Space Wolves), well sure.

Also, he can be used with 1-3 Chosen units to form a Formation where they gain Infiltrate and use Cypher’s leadership whilst within 12″. I think this is better as having three squads of Infiltrating Chosen plus whatever Cypher Infiltrates (yes, we still believe that happens) is a solid option.

No where near Tau dataslate though :).

The 5 Stages of dealing with what GW is doing to 40K

obsoletaMany of us see the Formations currently being released as creating a huge shift in the balance of power between codexes and forces in the game we love, the viability of the armies we’ve painted and built, and changes in how the tournaments and events we enjoy will be run.

Gamesworkshop sees this as a fun December Advent Calendar likely to put more of their products in Christmas Stockings worldwide.

That statement should be hyperbole or at least exaggeration, but appears to be literally true. This article is an attempt to take a mature look at where we are, where we’re going and how to reconcile the gap between that and where the players who enjoy tournaments as well as casual games would like it to be. Read more