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8th Edition Rant Follow-Up: ITC Missions and “Return Fire”

Good day, fellow murderous ’58 Plymouth Furies! Today I follow up on my sad, bitter post about the state of 8th edition. A lot of the commenters offered useful advice and I am deeply grateful for it. There was also a lot of discussion on implementing some sort of alternating unit activation mechanic. I’m going to tackle some of this stuff here.

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Offence/Defence Equilibrium in List-Building and Unit Composition

Greetings, fellow Survivors, Wolves and Saviors! An article for you today on offence/defence balance in list/unit composition. This article is aimed primarily at newer players, but it may put words on notions that more experienced players have come to instinctively apply without necessarily fully understanding. Indeed, one of the key concepts to implement when building a list is to seek balance between resiliency and damage output, both on an individual unit level but also across your army taken as a whole. What I mean by the is that you have to ensure your army is able to deliver punches but is also able to withstand them, and vice versa. If you concentrate too great a portion of your points on high-damage but fragile units, you will be able to deliver a mean alpha strike, but your ability to be alpha’ed yourself and not fold right there and then will be poor. Conversely, an army composed uniquely of units that are extremely efficient tarpits like Brimstone Horrors will be nigh unkillable, but will hit like a wet blanket.

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Desc440’s 2k Marine Tournament List

Greetings, fellow wretched hives of scum and villainy! Taking a quick break from my Codex: Space Marines review to talk about the 2000 points Marine list I’m building for 8th edition tournaments. It’s not a perfect list by any measure, but it’s what I can be reasonably sure to be able to put together given my limited hobby time and I think it’s going to be reasonably competitive.

During 7th, I mostly played a full Battle Company Gladius Strike Force. It was incredibly powerful: the combination of so many (free) armoured vehicles and Marine bodies with Objective Secured made it very hard for my opponents to score objectives. The list didn’t have an enormous amount of killing power, but for the player who doesn’t mind playing to the mission, it was a dream.

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Living Ruleset

Games Workshop has released two, TWO, FAQ / Errata documents since 8th has released (about one month).

NB. All costs are AUD in this discussion.

Like or hate the massive amount of errors and rules conundrums their proof readers / rules writers give us. Like or hate the company. Like or hate their changes. This is a good thing but raises several points of discussion.

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7th Edition so Far…

nowwhatI’m sorry! So very sorry; busy busy life has become so I’ve been unable to get online a lot unfortunately – same with the other authors.

I get all of my papers sorted for current studies at the end of this year so should have more time to actually get lots done around then but I keep saying that and then never get around to it; beaches in Australia are nice :).

Anyway – 7th edition has been around for a while now and although my playing time hasn’t been nearly as extensive as I’d like it to be, I wanted to run through some things I’ve noticed so far and I’d like all of you to chime in as well.

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Dedicated Transports in Fast Attack – Impact

I’m sorry – busy! I know.

Alright things we’ve seen in the last three books has been a movement of Dedicated Transports to Fast Attack. The implications of this at first don’t seem that big – they aren’t gaining Objective Secured, there’s only three Fast Attack slots anyway and most dedicated transports aren’t massive options that you must go for by themselves. Yes even Wave Serpents – if you can take on in the Troops slot, do it. In all all it doesn’t seem like that big a deal though when we take into account the Battle Brother changes from 6th edition to 7th edition (and assuming we are working under a CAD army building approach), some of those transports can be really bloody useful for other armies.

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Information Request – 7th edition impacts on armies

Okay, I’ve been able to get enough games to get my head around my armies for 7th edition – mainly, Space Marines / Grey Knights, Tyranids, Eldar and Tau. We’ll go into them in more detail soon and I’ll bang out some Blood Angels as well but with work being super busy I haven’t had enough playtesting with or against the other armies that I’m comfortable enough going into detail about them just yet. What I need from you lot, general thoughts so I can have a good idea where to start looking once work quietens down and Jason stops whining about the ATC and practicing 6th edition :).

Put in as much detail as you want but general impressions on the exact impact upon army building and play on tabletop will be great as that will help the putting together of opponent lists for testing against and with so we can systematically dispense that information.

Thanks guys 🙂 (and props to people who have sent me info on the Maelstrom playtest missions so far).

Eternal War vs. Maelstrom – What’s the Difference?

You sit down to play a board game – everything is set up, someone is belching rules at you about how to move your game piece from one point to another, and you stare at the gigantic pile of game tokens (of which there are a thousand, because you’re playing a Fantasy Flight game). Suddenly, your ears perk up, because the resident instructor says…

This is how you win the game –

The latest edition of Warhammer 40k has provided us with one generic win condition – victory points – and two very different methods of determining how those points are obtained – Eternal War and Maelstrom missions. Since we’re all new to 7th Edition, it’s important to take a look at the differences between these two mission types and identify how they affect army builds/strategy.

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7th Edition – The Merry go Round of Armies

thSo, we’re not even a week into 7th Edition but already speculation is abound on what’s what. Now first of all, whatever happens with this edition I hope we can finally get some community unity going – whether it’s basic tournament agreements (i.e. no unbound) or a generic FAQ (start filling in questions here); don’t care. Let’s do something together. There are a lot of people trying to work on this currently so hopefully we can get together and not only have the “big heads” working together but listening to what the attendees want…

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Randomness – Needed? How Much?

With 7th edition rumors coming thick and fast a couple of comments have been made on randomness and queries have been raised regarding this so I thought we’d take a look at it.

Randomness is always going to be part of this game (and many others) – it’s part of what makes it fun; rolling dice. However, there is necessary randomness and then there’s being random for no reason (you can call it Forging the Narrative if you like, or It’s Cinematic! or bad rules design). Now I’m no games design expert, self-taught or otherwise, but this is a key point to any successful system.

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