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EPIC:Armageddon – Another look at 40K’s little big brother.

A couple of weeks ago I bought 2 Eldar Revenant titans to use in normal pickup games, and none of my opponents minded or even raised an eyebrow. They have no reason to object -their own armies feature Warhounds, Thunderhawks, scores of Leman Russes, countless Tyrannid monstrosities,  Shadowswords and Reaver Titans, and yet the armies are balanced, the matches close right to the final moments, the game streamlined and the system tournament-ready.

It’s time to have another look at Epic Armageddon, and on the brink of 40Ks 8th Edition being release d I’ve updated this post from 2014 with some of the new developments for this old game.

I’ll be completely upfront about this: The goal of this mini-series about Epic is to get you interested enough in Games Workshop’s other game set in the grim darkness of the 41st Century to actually give it a try. I started playing it fairly casually with some friends and it took a few games to realise that Epic is actually GW’s most strategic and tactically rewarding game.   In fact, this weekend I’ll be flying 4,000km to CanCon for a major Epic Tournament, which is about as strong a personal endorsement as anyone can give a game. Read more

EPIC BATTLE PHOTOS – From The Cancon 2016 Tournament

The EPIC Cancon 2016 tournament in Australia was once again a massive success, pulling in around 30 Epic:Armageddon players from right across the nation.

The fact some travelled as far as an 8,000 kilometre round trip made this feel like even more than a national event, and despite the fact that GW put 40K’s little big brother on a back-burner a few years ago, the players’ enthusiasm for the game just keeps growing. The rules to this game are free (and legally!) available for download

As most Gamesworkshop fans will be aware, Epic:Armageddon is one of the games GW has assigned to their new Specialist Games Division, meaning that there should be some new activity around the system in the not too distant future.

In the meantime, here are some photos of the fantastic armies and games from the recent event.
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More EPIC:ARMAGEDDON – Tau vs the Dead Emperor’s Dead Planet

IPB Image


This game was a rare opportunity to kill two birds with one stone – test the latest revision of the Death Korps list, and the current Developmental Vior’la Tau simultaneously. I posted a battle report recently where I played Tau against my opponent’s Death Korps, while this turns the tables and switches the generals around.

There were a few compromises made to fill in gaps in models, mainly using death korps infantry tilted upside down as Death Riders, and traitorous hammerheads filling in as Macharius tanks that I didn’t have models available for (see the pic below on the right for the models I’ve since finished for use as Death Riders).

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Epic:Armageddon: It’s like 40K – only further away!

I am happy to say that Epic:Armageddon is still going strong in many areas of the world, including the isolated outpost of Perth Australia where we have both a Campaign and a tournament this month. The game is great fun, the grimdark 40K Universe realised on a scale not possible with standard 40K, and the rule set balanced and armies excellent and varied despite GW not giving the game the attention it deserves. Basically, you should all play epic, and are frittering quality gaming time away on other systems 😀

Read on for a dramatic battle report as the might of the Death Korps of Krieg attempt to invade a peaceful Tau Sept world.
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EPIC – Models and Armies at Cancon

In the second and final part of my overview of models and forces at Cancon 2015, here are some photos of the EPIC:Armageddon armies that clashed in the tournament – once again demonstrating that smaller models can sometimes deliver bigger battles.

Cal’s Space Wolves entering bloody combat with Steve’s Iron Warrior Defiler formation. When a small formation was attacked by Chaos defilers, the Space Wolves used the ‘Pack Mentality’ special rule to call in all their nearby friends to help in the assault, dramatically turning the tide.

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For this game we are back on the Ice Planet, for a battle that thrust a Tau army with a large air force into defensive combat against an invasion of Black Templars.

The Templars deployed a portion of their army on the table, but the majority were kept off the board to provide the hammer-blow of an air assault in Thunderhawks. There’s not much that can stand up to a concerted assault by Black Templars, and Tau certainly aren’t built for it. Instead, they’d try use their skyray’s anti-air umbrella and supporting fire to ride out the storm.

The Templar’s goal would be to have a skeleton force hold their own home objectives, and then “Break Their Spirit” (destroy the most valuable Tau formation) with an Air Assault, and grab the valuable Blitz objective with Terminators. The Tau goal would be to survive turn 1 (not a given!), move into position in turn 2, and then make a series of rapid line-breaking moves to take as many objectives as possible in turn 3.
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Epic for Cancon

This weekend will feature CANCON, a red-letter date on the calendar for table top gamers of all types, with literally tens of thousands of people flying in to the Australia capital city (bonus points if you know which one it is) for a long weekend of hard core gaming.

This year I am eschewing 40K and skipping the massive X-Wing tournament, and instead will be playing EPIC:Armagaddon simply because its the game I’ve enjoyed most over the last year. It’s brilliant.

I’ll put up a couple of battle reports from a warm up event just to remind our 3++ readers that there is another 40K game. And it is Good.

Vior’la Tau vs Ork Gargants

The Tau army for this game featured a huge amount of air assets (AX-10 formation, Sunshark formation, Orca, Protector Spacecraft) and unlike most Ork armies the greenskins didn’t even bring a single fighter bomba. This meant that the Tau had total air superiority for the entire game but with the challenge of having almost 1000 pts less on the table to actually claim objectives with.
The battle would also pit one of the very shootiest armies in Epic against one of the best combat armies, and the Ork titans against some of the best Titan Killers available in the 41st century.
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Epic: 20 Best pics from War in the 41st Millennium

I know, I know, the majority of 3++ readers are die-hard 40Kers but don’t also play it’s big little brother, Epic:Armageddon. Despite that there are enough people who like both systems to be interested in the results of how armies did at the recent War in the 41st Millennium tournament, and for everyone else, there’s pretty pictures.

It’s just like 40k, but from further away.



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War in the 41st Millennium

va2War in the 41st Millennium: A new-player-friendly EPIC Armageddon Tournament – Sunday 23/11 at TGA

Regular 3++ readers may remember an article on the site called There is another 40K Game – And it is Good!, where I am inviting people to try GW’s other strategy battle game set in the 40K universe. Epic Armageddon.

Epic continues to grow in popularity here, and for good reason – can you imagine playing a game of 40K with 35 Leman Russes and a Warlord on the table that is still balanced enough to be competitive? (actually some cynics might say I could have dropped ‘with 35 Leman Russes and a Warlord on the table’ from that sentence, lol).

So several months before the next national tournament (Cancon 2015) I have taken the plunge to organise an event for players old and new.
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