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Chaos Space Marine and Grey Knights FAQs

Once again, Games Workshop has released very quick FAQs with actual rule changes which are nice to see. I am slightly frustrated at this point that there remain lots of questions which need clarification due to their usual rules writing (particularly Forge World) that we are twiddling our thumbs over. Cannot have everything!

Anyway, two key changes in these FAQs.

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New FAQs for 40k (updated)

Some important things from the new FAQs – the first is GW is responding to the competitive environment; expect a full post on this (still) in the near future.

Essentially the Stormraven spam has been made obsolete or quite easy to defeat if you can drop the few characters it has on the ground. A much better reaction than the kneejerk *ban flyer wing*. I’m not a fan of the kneejerks atm.

In the Tau section they also confirmed that units can in fact impact each other with their shooting re markerlights, so I was wrong on that interpretation.

As I read through and find more, I’ll post them but also comment below.

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8th Edition – First FAQ

Games Workshop has dropped it’s first FAQ. A couple of good changes and a couple of stupid ones. I’ll try and go through them in order of the books.

Main Rulebook – 

Some clarifications on cover, the big one for non-infantry behind you need to be “on” a terrain piece and then 50% obscured from the direction of the shooter to gain cover. This is a good change – a nice combination of the strong restrictions for cover but also making a crowded battlefield (and things without bases like hills and warehouses) more useful. Still hard to get cover but not a case of being able to see 1% of a vehicle and it getting no cover.

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40k FAQ – Complete listing

Here is a complete text format of the updated FAQs – discuss in comments below.


Page 27 – The Psychic Phase, Witchfire
Add the following sentence after the fourth sentence of the first paragraph:
‘However, some witchfire powers do not have a weapon profile (such as the Telepathy power, Psychic Shriek); where this is the case, no To Hit roll is required – the attack hits automatically.’

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40k FAQs – Updated

Immobilised skimmers don’t get Jink.

Characters without infiltrate cannot join units and vice versa (was it that hard to write GW?).

Both of those are big enough to warrant a post all for themselves – some other little tidbits and clarifications otherwise.

7th edition FAQs

double-lineThanks Games Workshop – next time release them at the same time, okay?

Let’s jump in… I’ll update post as I read.

It would also be good if they actually, IDK – put the new stuff in magenta.

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A FAQ For Our Times

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6th Edition has problems.

That’s not a startling or revolutionary statement; that’s a generally-accepted fact at this point. Even the most hardline of “play it like it is” folks out there have largely come to terms with the fact that the game, straight from the box, is not really playable. There are lots of solutions floating around or varying viability- some are just minor tweaks, some are major rewrites, but most all of them look to contain a couple major problems, namely the units with 2+ rerollable saves and Str D weapons (in particular those from Lords of War.) Compounding this problem is the fact that Games Workshop has not released an update to its FAQs in over a year and counting, nor do they seem likely to do so in the near future. There are issues that have been standing for months or years now and there are new issues that have very little consensus on how to handle them.

So, at the risk of becoming one more point in a vast array of proposed solutions, here are the FAQs and changes that my group will be using. Perhaps you and yours may find them helpful as well.
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Kill Zones: 40K Shooting post-FAQ

kzoneAnd why my Platoon Command Squad is now 2pts more expensive.

Following some requests from the Chatbox, here’s a quick look at the ‘Kill Zone’ shooting rules, what they do, what Gameworkshop wanted them to do, and why they don’t quite do it.

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Necron Flyers: Transported Units Invulnerable

Gamesworkshop have released an update for the iPad version of the Necron codex that finally clarifies the rules for what happens to the transported unit when a Night Scythe is destroyed.

“If the Night Scythe is destroyed, the embarked unit suffers no damage and is not allowed to disembark, but instead enters Reserves (when they arrive, they cannot Deep Strike).

This is good news because this has been a point of contention amongst players and has caused more than its fair share of debates on forums, so even if the answer isn’t your preferred one please appreciate its new clarity.

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New FAQ’s!

Inturrupting our regular post timings to keep you up-to-date.  CHECK THE COMMENTS FOR STUFF I MISSED/EXCLUDED.

NEW FAQ’S OUT.  For everyone!

Some highlights, brief comments from me in blue:


Page 26 – Assault phase, Look Out, Sir
Change the fourth sentence of the first paragraph to:
“Determine which model in the unit is closest to the character,
and resolve the Wound against that model instead.”
Combo with:
Page 410 – Reference, Profile, Codex: Grey Knights, Paladins.
Change unit type to Infantry.
Page 411 – Reference, Profile, Codex: Space Wolves, Wolf Guard.
Change unit type to Infantry.
Page 413 – Reference, Profile, Codex: Orks, Nob.
Change unit type to Infantry and add the following Designer’s
Page 413 – Reference, Profile, Codex: Orks, Warbiker Nob.
Change unit type to Bike.Page 413 – Reference, Profile, Codex:
Tau Empire, Crisis Shas’vre
Change unit type to Infantry (Jump).

Page 413 – Reference, Profiles
Add the following Designer’s Note:.
Designers Note: Wolf Guard, Nobz, Nobz Warbikers, and Crisis
Shas’vre that lead a unit (for example an Ork Nob leading Ork
Boyz, a Wolf Guard leading Grey Hunters) have the unit type
Infantry (Character).
No more wound allocation shennannies.

Page 49 – Flying Monstrous Creatures, Grounded Tests.
Change the second sentence of the third paragraph to read “A
Grounded Flying Monstrous Creature is treated as if it is in
Glide mode with immediate effect, and can therefore be
targeted normally and charged in the following Assault phase.
Furthermore, the model automatically loses the Jink special
rule (if it had it), but can otherwise revert to Swoop mode
again in its next turn.”
Nice to stop having this argument.

Page 71 – Vehicles, Difficult and Dangerous Terrain.
Change the final sentence to “A vehicle that fails a Dangerous
Terrain test immediately suffers an Immobilised result from
the Vehicle Damage table, including losing one Hull Point”.

Buy dozer blades, like you should be anyway.

Q: Does a weapon that hits automatically, still hit automatically when
making a Snap Shot? (p13)
A: Yes.
This was never actually in contention as people were just reading the rule wrong, but nice to have the clarification.

Q: Do models that ignore difficult terrain when moving or charging
still fight at Initiative step 1 if they charge through difficult terrain?
A: Yes.

Q: The rulebook states “A unit that makes a Scout redeployment
cannot charge in the first turn.” Does this mean that if your
opponent has the first turn and you go second, your Scouting unit
can charge? (p41)
A: Yes.
Makes sense, you can avoid the charge if you’re going first.

Q: Flyers are entitled to choose whether or not to use the Skyfire
special rule at the start of each Shooting phase. Can Swooping
Flying Monstrous Creatures also do this? (p49)
A: Yes.

Q: If you slay an opponent in a challenge, can any excess Wounds
be allocated to other models in the same unit? (p64)
A: No.
Real bummer, it means that you’ll more often see people challenging for defensive benefit than offensive, sacrificing shitty Sergeants to really powerful melee characters.  I know it sort of makes sense this way, but the gameplay mechanics mean that this will probably ensure basically the opposite of it’s intended effect.

Q: If passengers disembark from a Transport that has suffered a
Shaken or Stunned result, do they still suffer these effects in their
next Shooting phase? (p80)
A: Yes.
Transports receive further nerfs.  Interesting.  That’s a pretty big change, not sure how it will effect things.

Q: Can a character on a Chariot that is also a Skimmer make a
Sweep Attack against a Zooming Flyer? (p82)
A: No.
And, sadly, 40k becomes just a liiiiiitle bit less metal.

Q: Can you deploy the Aegis Defence Line sections in two or more
groups of two or more sections apiece (this way, they will still be in
base contact with at least one other section)? (p114)
A: No – the Aegis defence line sections must be deployed in
an unbroken chain, though they can be connected end-toend
such as in the example shown on page 114.
Nice to see that all cleared up.


Page 49 – Fateweaver, Oracle of Eternity.
Change the first sentence to read “Because of the incredible
prescience of the Oracle of Tzeentch, Fateweaver and all
friendly units chosen from Codex: Chaos Daemons within 6″ reroll
all failed Armour, Invulnerable and Cover saves.”
Nice to see allied chaos terminators won’t be invincible.


Q: Can Vibro Cannons hit Zooming Flyers or Swooping Flying
Monstrous Creatures, if the line drawn by the Eldar player touches these
models? (p45)
A: No. They can, however, hit Hovering Flyers and Gliding
Flying Monstrous Creatures.
Makes sense.

Q: Do Dark Eldar allies count as Eldar for the Farseer psychic
powers Fortune and Guide? (p28)
A: No.
No comment.


Q: When calculating the Assault value of the Culexus Assassin’s
Animus Speculum, how many Psykers does a unit of psykers such as a
unit of Grey Knights, Psykers in an Inquisitorial Henchman Warband,
or Imperial Guard Battle Psykers count as? (p21)
A: One.
Aww, but that was such a cute trick!

Q: Does a Nemesis Dreadknight armed with a Nemesis greatsword have
4 Attacks at Strength 10 that, because of the Nemesis greatsword, can
re-roll To Hit, To Wound and Armour Penetration rolls?(p54)
A: Yes.
Woah, nice, using a FAQ to buff an option.


Page 48 – Leman Russ Battle Tank, Lumbering Behemoth.
Replace this entry with the following: “A Leman Russ follows
the rules for Heavy Vehicles on page 83 of the Warhammer
40,000 rulebook.”
Makes sense.


Page 81 – Mindshackle Scarabs.
Change the first sentence to read “At the start of the Fight subphase,
after charges have been made, but before any blows are
struck, randomly select a non-vehicle enemy model in base
contact with the bearer of the mindshackle scarabs.”
Randomly in B2B, eh?  So you could potentially accidentally affect the guy you’re not in a challenge with.  Just be careful with your lord’s positioning.  HOWEVER:

Q: If mindshackle scarabs are used against a model with a force
weapon or a weapon which allows the wielder to inflict Instant Death
with a successful Leadership test, can the Necron player force the enemy
model to utilise this ability? (p81)
A: Yes.

HAHAHAHAHA, Jesus, that’s awesome.

Q: Is there any way to embark back onto a Night Scythe?
A: Yes – follow the rules for Embarking on page 78, treating
the Night Scythe’s base as its Access Point. Note that this is
possible despite the Night Scythe being a Zooming Flyer.
Oh… oh wow.  Because they weren’t good enough already.


Q: Can cover saves be taken against Wounds caused by a deff rolla?
A: Yes.
…what?  Why?

Q: Can Ork boarding planks, grabbin’ klaws and wreckin’ balls target
Zooming Flyers? (p93)
A: No.
And, sadly, 40k becomes just a liiiiiitle bit less metal.


Page 83 – HQ, Bjorn the Fell-handed, Unit Type.
Change unit type to Walker (Character).
Page 83 – HQ, Bjorn the Fell-handed, Hull Points.
Add a Hull Points value of 3.

Was really hoping for more HP.  Oh well. 

Q: Can I attempt to use a Rune Priest’s runic weapon, a Wolf Tail
Talisman and make a Deny the Witch roll to nullify an enemy psychic
A: No. You can only make a single attempt to prevent an
enemy psychic power, so choose your method carefully.
Take note. 


Page 30 – Armoury, Disruption Pod.
Change the last sentence to read “A vehicle with a disruption
pod has the Shrouded special rule against any weapons firing
from more than 12″ away.”

Oh good lord.  That’s… wow, you go Tau, you go. 


Q: Are Zooming Flyers or Swooping Flying Monstrous Creatures
affected by Mawloc’s Terror From the Deep special rule? (p51)
A: No. However, if the Mawloc cannot be placed because a
Zooming Flyer or a Swooping Flying Monstrous Creature is in
the way, move the obstructing model by the shortest distance so
that they are 1″ away from the Mawloc when it is placed.
This debate is all cleared up now, not that it really mattered.

Overall, a lot of good rulings, and a lot of interesting changes… I can’t recall GW actually changing units and abilities like this before, even flat-out changing what wargear does in several cases.  This bodes really well for the edition.