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Forge World Preview

For those of you interested in the Forge World stuff:

We saw quite a few upcoming new models last week at Warhammer Fest, so for this week’s Forge World preview, we thought we’d take a look at some of the new Datasheets in the Imperial Armour Index books – one from the Forces of the Adeptus Astartes and one from the Forces of Chaos.

Let’s start off with a true relic of the Horus Heresy, the Spartan tank.

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40k 8th Edition – New Edition, New Rules… New Culture?

Games Workshop have announced the impending release of the 8th Edition of their 40k games system.

Any new release from GW is sure to cause a major splash in the tabletop gaming community, and while debates about the rules and what the few details already announced could mean, what I found most interesting is that there are indications this release could herald a whole new culture at GW, and a remarkable change in how they interact with their fans and customers.

Maybe I am just being optimistic, but read on and see what you think.

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Imperial Armor 13 Review

1304782703681 So the long-awaited update to the multitude of Chaos vehicles is here, and with it a new army list that updates the Renegades and Heretics (i.e. Lost and the Damned) army as well as a side benefit. The book is something of a pleasant surprise for CSM players, since many of the entries within are just Chaos equivalents of many of the best Loyalist vehicles- and unlike many previous iterations, they aren’t simply worse than their counterparts in arbitrary ways.

The book isn’t all golden, but it’s a ray of light for a faction that is struggling to remain relevant even in more casual games, much less the cutthroat competitive world. So let’s take a dip inside and see what kind of gems we can discover (as well as poke fun at Forge World’s inability to know the rules of its own game.)

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XV109 Y’vahra Review and Rules Discussion

For those who aren’t in the know, Forge World has released another variant of the Riptide suit (available for download here). Given the fiasco that the last one, the R’varna, was, we can hope that they at least learned some kind of lesson with the whole thing in making the Y’vahra. At first glance, one might assume that they had not- it seems to feature all the worst qualities of its predecessor and then some, but having read through the rules I think that’s very deceptive. The Y’vahra, while possessing many strengths, also has some very significant weaknesses that make it more than a “duh of course you would” choice over the R’varna and Riptide, which is a good sign. While I’m not sure I would call it well-balanced overall- all the more because I don’t really have any experience with it yet- it’s not clearly and obviously broken, at least.

Of course, it does have some little faults, most notably a pretty major rules interaction that isn’t clear. So we’ll open up talking about that and then transition into a review of the battlesuit proper.
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So, You’re Going to a Tournament With Updated Forge World

So Kirbs, as well as some of our readers, have asked me to do a do-over on my article reviewing the major units from Forge World as well as their potential impact on a tournament. Some of that stuff hasn’t changed a lot, but some other things have, so it seems worth doing. For purposes of this review I’m going to assume that Str D weapons and Lords of War will be banned from your local tournament, but that everything else (dataslates, Stronghold, allies, etc) are entirely available and with no special rules changes.
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Escalation and Stronghold

While we’ve all been dithering over Formations and people have been throwing around ideas on how to incorporate them into tournament play or just plain bitching, Escalation and Stronghold have snuck up on us. (Avatar posted a lovely summary here).  The short and skinny is – superheavies are in ‘normal’ 40k. That’s great,I couldn’t care less if GW is stupid enough to take one of their great failures and shove it into their major success of a system as most people just aren’t going to buy and/or use those types of models as they are very expensive (several hundred dollars) and not cheap points wise (easily 25-50% of an army). So that doesn’t phase me too much but of course, there’s always going to be a couple of people who have either more money than sense, are awesome hobbyists or “pay to win” and will either bring them for fun or figure something out which actually works on the table.

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Forge World Does Big Beefy Men

Oh my!
FW recently released an update, mostly applicable to the Badab War 1 & 2 books, giving 6th-compliant rules for the various chapters represented therein and the chapter tactics and characters associated with them. The question is, though, how will it hold up? Whereas some of the characters (*coughcoughAhzracough*) were pretty broken before, FW has a long and storied history of fucking up its attempts to fix things, so I remain somewhat skeptical.
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So, You’re Going to a Tournament With Forge World

So your local/regional/national/universal tournament has broken down and decided “You know what this game needs? Rules that are less balanced and sensical than the current ones!” Or perhaps they have gotten tired of flyers ruining the game and would like to ruin the game with a different set of units instead. And, despite playing 40K, you are not a person who is literally made of money and thus haven’t bought every single Imperial Armour book and perused them all as well as all of Forge World’s Bizarro-world FAQs in order to figure out what sort of options exist.

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What’s Wrong with Imperial Armour?

Look at that thing. It’s the brand spanking new Necron Night Shroud Bomber, just released by Forgeworld. It’s a lean, mean, death-dealing killing machine, and like so many of the Forgeworld models it makes its standard GW codex peers look a little bit, well, ordinary.

The problem is, you won’t see that many of them around, and despite all the requests for army building advice and discussions around unit choices you see on this site, you’re unlikely to see it recommended.

Foregworld models are often gorgeous, and Imperial Armour units and rules come up quite frequently in 40k discussions, so I’d like to try tackle the subject head-on. From the point of view of someone who writes on a 40K Tactics blog and frequently gives people advice on army builds and force optimisation, here’s what’s wrong with Imperial Armour.

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