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Chapter Approved – Rumors

The CA rumors have been swirling for a while now and we finally have some confirmation as Warhammer Community has released some tidbits. You can check the listed points changes and for the armies who not have a codex, their Warlord Trait, Relic and Stratagems on offer on the Facebook page (give it a like if you have not already; it’s a new one along with a new group page). Quickly running through the changes and their potential impact (I will consider each of these as factual currently but please take with salt until actually seen). There has also been some chatter on changing how detachments from other armies work – how though, we are not sure yet but this could drastically change army make up. Read more


Today we have a treat for the many people who have been asking for an Imperial Guard battle report, as the Astra Militarum battle the Genestealer Cult across the surface of an ice planet.

This was the first tabletop playtest for both me and my opponent (I’ve had 3 vassal games of 8th prior to this), and a terrific chance to try out the new rules in what would prove to be a fast-paced, hyper violent game of 40k.

Infantry, Monstrous Creatures, Tanks, Artillery, Mutants, Psykers, Heroes and Cavalry – this game has got it all.

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8th Edition 40k – mini-preview Genestealer Cults

Little bit late on this one guys, sorry! Summary below.

  • Cult Ambush still exists and allows for Genestealer Cults to be reserved and enter play via multiple means determined by a D6 (i.e. coming on from a table edge, standard “deep strike” 9″ away from an opponent but being able to move, etc.);
  • Aberants are 6″ move, 3+ WS, 6+ BS, S5, T4, W2, A2, Ld7, Sv5+ with a -2AP, D3 damage melee weapon;
  • Genestealers hit just as hard as in a normal Tyranid army with the Patriarch compared to Genestealers + Broodlord;
  • Patriarch allows nearby units to ignore Morale;
  • Genestealer characters can ignore wounds on a 4+ as a minion “sacrifices its life” (Look out Sir! ?);
  • Mass Hypnosis is a psychic power which prevents an enemy unit from firing Overwatch and they strike last in combat even if they charged and a -1 to Hit;
  • You can take on Astra Militarum detachment for each Genestealer Cult detachment in your Battle-forged army;
  • Goliath Rockgrinder can have a Clearance Incinerator which gets D6 hits up to 12″ away;
  • Goliath can also have a Cache of Demolitions Charges which can be used when a unit is embarked upon the transport for a 6″ ranged attack at D6 shots, S8 AP-3 and D3 damage;
  • Goliath can have a Drilldozer for melee attacks which gets 6+D3 shots S8 Ap-2 D3 damage.

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