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Grey Knights Codex Review – Part 3: Relics and Warlord Traits

Part 3 of the Grey Knights codex review is a lot more straight forward than Part 1 where the Psychic table and special rules can dial up the Grey Knights ability to compete on the tabletop or Part 2 where timing and use of Command Points is really important. The Relics and Warlord Traits, while important, are not nearly in the same conversation unfortunately. Let’s start with the Relics. Remember, Relics cannot be given to named characters (so two of the most important characters for Grey Knights, Draigo and Voldus, do not get any use out of these) and you can have one Relic if you have a Grey Knights Warlord for free. Also remember, the GMDK can only have the Domina Liber Daemonica, easily the worst one of the lot, so taking the GMDK plus Draigo / Voldus does lose you out on a bit of Relic support unless taking a Banner character (Paladin / Brotherhood Ancient) as well (and that’s a lot of points into expensive characters).

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Grey Knights Codex Review – Part 2: Stratagems

Following on from our initial look at Grey Knight special rules and psychic powers, we take a look at their “unique” Stratagems. I say unique in quotation marks as many of them are similar across the other two books which have been released already. We will touch on these as we go through it but there are a nice handful of totally Grey Knight ones. Grey Knights will always find it a bit harder to get Command Points than other armies, particularly if they are after Defenders of Titan / Brotherhood of Psykers special rules (remember though, your army only needs to contain a Grey Knights unit detachment in a Battle-Forged army to access these). Their base HQs are expensive – even their cheap ones are closer to 200 points than 100 points, so your initial investment for a standard Battalion and 3 CP is steep. Adding in one or two Imperial Soup detachments for an extra one or two CP is not hard but you’re really massaging the numbers. Unfortunately, Draigo does not have a CP bonus unlike most of the other big chapter masters of renown but he does most of his work with a sword so I guess that makes sense… Anyway, a Battle Forged Grey Knights army is looking at 6-7 CP, maybe, maybe 8, unless you look to do another Imperial Soup Battalion detachment. We will err on the side of caution and consider 6-7 CP our ballpark.

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Grey Knights Codex Review – Part 1: Special Rules and Psychic Powers

Welcome to the codex review for Grey Knights. Unlike Space Marines and their codex review by Desc440, there are a lot less things to review before getting to the actual units within the codex so we will be going through these probably quite a bit quicker and I am going to combine some of the early posts given the lack of options in comparison. I was hoping to have the Weapons of Grey Knights done first but still finalising the spreadsheet math there, look out for it soon. First off, we will look at the army wide special rules and along with the Sanctic Discipline.

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Chaos Space Marine and Grey Knights FAQs

Once again, Games Workshop has released very quick FAQs with actual rule changes which are nice to see. I am slightly frustrated at this point that there remain lots of questions which need clarification due to their usual rules writing (particularly Forge World) that we are twiddling our thumbs over. Cannot have everything!

Anyway, two key changes in these FAQs.

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Stormhawk Interceptor vs Stormtalon Gunship

The Stormraven is king of the skies currently, with T7, W14 and a 3+Sv, on paper it is more durable than a Leman Russ. Throw in it’s hard to hit rule and it’s durability goes up considerably. It is however, expensive but Space Marines (and Grey Knights) have two other options in flyer support – the Stormhawk Interceptor and Stormtalon Gunship. The Interceptor is designed to be more effective against other Flyers with its Interceptor rule (+1 to hit against units with the Fly special rule) while the Stormtalon is more effective against ground targets with its Strafing run (+1 to hit against units without Fly special rule). Right off the bat if you’re going against multiple Fly units, the Interceptor seems like the clear winner but let’s dig through and see if there’s an actual difference.

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Codex Preview – Grey Knights (UPDATED)

In addition to the Warhammer Community post previewing the Codex for Grey Knights, there has been a video floating about flipping through the new codex. Facebook has summarised as follows:

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New Codex – Grey Knights and Chaos Space Marines

The dust has not even settled on the landing date of the Space Marines and we have the next two releases coming up in under two weeks – Grey Knights and Chaos Space Marines. Legion rules are being previewed day by day but nothing about specific rules for Grey Knight Brotherhoods (if any which I doubt).

Two new codexes, coming next week

One codex is pretty big news – but sometimes that’s just not enough, so how about two in one week? This coming Saturday, you’ll be able to pre-order the new codexes for the Chaos Space Marines and the Grey Knights.

Codex: Chaos Space Marines brings some of the oldest enemies of the Imperium fully into the new edition of Warhammer 40,000 with loads of new content. The Heretic Astartes are an ancient and terrifyingly powerful force, and more so in the age of the Dark Imperium as they are empowered not only by centuries of hate and an arsenal of baleful relics but now also by the dark energies of the warp bleeding into the wider galaxy from the Cicatrix Maledictum.

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Grey Knights – 8th edition Leaks

Grey Knights! The weapons page is really blurry but looks like statlines have ported across as expected (salvo turning to heavy for psycannon) and psilancer doing D3D. Purifiers lose an attack as well and Storm Bolters are much improved with Rapid Fire 2 in terms of raw damage.

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The Nemesis Strike Force Detachment: Pt 2 The List


And we’re back again folks to talk about the list itself and utilizing this special detachment. This special detachment allows you to deepstrike in turn 1, so what units does this apply to in the codex?

Brother Captain/Grand Master/Brother Captain Stern


Strike Squad/Interceptor Squad

Terminator/Paladin Squad

Nemesis Dreadknight

Now this might seem like a small selection, but it gives us access to all the tools we might need. Below is a sample list and the one I currently use and descriptions of the units roles and why they were chosen:

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The Nemesis Strike Force Pt1: The Basics


Hey there guys, sorry for long delay on this post, but I was in a car accident and hospitalized a few weeks back and I’m finally out, a little sore but ready to go on giving you guys some insight into the Grey Knights special detatchment: The Nemesis Strike Force. The article is a bit on the long side, so get comfortable and let’s dive right in shall we?

The strongest option introduced in the new Grey Knight codex was the addition of the Nemesis Strike Force detachment. It works almost like a pseudo drop pod assault, allowing all of your units that can deepstrike to arrive turn one while also allowing you to run and shoot (or vice versa) in the same turn. Guaranteeing that you will have the first turn to shoot and strike first is a massive boon and is what truly makes this detachment so powerful. So lets take a quick look at the special rules for the detachment and the Grey Knights to begin with:

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