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Eldguard – Shooting Guns and Melting Brains

photoIf you’re going to ally Eldar with anything other than their Tau Battle-brothers or Dark Eldar, you’re going to need a very compelling reason. As a long-time Eldar fan (my first codex!), my reason for not wanting to ally with Tau requires an almost embarrassing admission as a competitive-gamer: it’s simply that I don’t like the models. Dark Eldar are more appealing, but their contributions to the list are mainly based on making models with 2++ saves reroll those saves, which makes the lists a bit gimmicky.

In this article I’ll take a look at an alliance that really hasn’t had much coverage online – the Eldar and the Imperial Guard. This is outside the box -we’re going to take Eldar for gun tanks, Guard for psykers and assault troops, and hope to roll the intensely unpopular Mindwar power. Read more »

Are Guard in Decline? Let’s fix it.

Image13I don’t like admitting it, but in replying to an army build request from Stampy this will be the first time I say that the Imperial Guard are not the world-beaters they used to be.

2013 has not been good to the IG, and the codex is finally showing signs of age. However, as an avid guard player who has taken them to victory at a large number of tournaments, I believe it’s worth looking at what has contributed to their decline, but also that they remain a strong force and it is far from time to let them go quietly into the night.

Stampy’s request:

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Tournament of the Champion: Team Event

This weekend features KRAG’s Team 40K Tournament, a type of event that add so much extra fun to 40K gaming that I hope they become more common.

Unlike the ETC and ATC, the teams for this local event are small with just 3 players each, with the interesting twist that each team can submit 4 lists, with the 4th being a reserves or ‘dummy’ list. I’ll post the event rules in case they can serve as inspiration for other local events, and then since I know everyone is always curious about other people’s gaming environment or ‘Meta’, I’ll post some of the more interesting lists for the Voyeurs.

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Vassal Battle: New Tau vs Guard


Here’s a battle I have been looking forward to – trying the new Tau against the might of the Imperial Guard, in a contest of the game’s two armies with the most shooting ability. We’ve had enough messing around with races that bring knives to a gun fight!

I will be playing Imperial Guard against Canadian tau-enthusiast LordDrakon. This is another Vassal battlereport, so again it is worth noting we have gone to some effort to agree on and label the terrain in advance, to make up for the fact it will never be quite as good as playing on a tabletop.

On the other hand, it scores for allowing new models to be used in games with people far outside one’s usual meta-game, and for the purposes of a battlereport also allow good overview shots. For this battle I will be experimenting with animating some of the frames to see if it gives a clearer view of combat. See what you think.

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Battle Report – GK/Tau versus Imperial Guard

Okay, so first action with some Tau. I’m starting off with them as Allies as I get everything re-painted (not that everything is painted here…) but also want to keep showing off the awesome work Jared has done on touching up my Grey Knights so they are awesome. If only they weren’t missing customer shoulder pads Vince said he’d help me out with in August of last year…

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Optimising IG: Pure Shock and Awe Guard


There are more articles on adding Imperial Guard as Allies coming soon, including a deep dive into the frequently ignored Elites slot, but in the meantime I’ve had a few requests for Pure Guard lists. The first is from a player who would prefer it for old-fashioned thematic reasons, the second is for a player who needs it for a tournament that restricts players to a single codex. Yah I know, that’s like sooooo 2011, but fortunately IG remain one of the armies most capable of playing a pure list without allies.

Hopefully players who are considering Guard as Allies will also find the notes and changes useful, as many of the principles behind them apply equally to secondary detachments – in fact armies shopping for Guard as allies have it easier, because the gaping void called ‘the Assault Phase’ is so much easier to fill.

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Optimising your IG Allies: Orks and Guard

Orks Guard

Moving on with the mini-series of Imperial Guard as Allies, this article brings together two extremes – the shooting orientated Guard and the close-combat orks.

The first is an army of Guard with Ork allies called “Guns and Harlies” that I tried myself early after the new rule book was released and thought was about as much fun as I’ve ever had playing 40K, second army build is an example of adding Guard to an Ork army to meet a player’s specific requests. I origionally wrote them in the opposite order, but moved the bike list to the top of the page because I think it makes better use of the player’s limited “40k Quality-Time”.

In fact for the avid readers, back when we thought it might be a good idea to play one 6th Edition game in the middle of the country’s last 5th edition tournament, this was the army I flew over with to play against Kirby back at the Australian Team Championship last year.

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Optimising Allies: Imperials and Guard

“What I cannot crush with Marines I will crush with the tanks of the Imperial Guard!”

As part of the mini-series on Imperial Guard as Allies I received some army building requests which I’ll be tackling before moving on to the rest of the Force Organisation Chart.

The first batch are Imperial, namely Space Wolves, two Blood Angel builds and finally a rebuilt pure Guard army. Watch this space for Guard and Orks in the very near future. Read more »

Optimising your IG Allies: Don’t take a Vendetta

As part of the mini-series on taking Imperial Guard as allies, I’ve decided to skip ahead to start in the most obvious place: The world-class Vendetta, that almost 4 years after being introduced to 40k remains a top-tier choice and the Flyer all others are compared against.

My advice to anyone considering Imperial Guard allies is don’t take one.

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Understanding 6th Edition is Understanding Guard


Like it or not, the Ally rules are a vital part of the game in 6th Edition. Love them or not, the Imperial Guard are the best allies most other armies could ever hope for. Take them as your own allies or not, you are likely to see them crop up in opponent’s forces and you need to know their capababilties and weaknesses. If you want to really understand 6th, it is almost as important to know Guard as it has been to know MEQ in the past.

To try to help, I’ll be writing a mini-series on using Imperial Guard allies. I’ve dabbled in several other armies, but it is Guard that I’ve used to win about 20 local, 1 national and 3 state championships over the last four years so this is the area I excell in. If this counts as a credential, over the years I’ve drawn twice (Buddah at the ATC and a friendly game in 2010) but have never actually lost a game against Guard, so apparently I know how to kill them too. So they can’t be that tough, right?

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