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Imperial Knights, Space Wolves and Tyranids – 8th Edition Leaks

They just keep rolling in. I wish someone would learn to camscan.

From Warhammer 40000 FB group:

Gallant: 389.
Errant: 430
Paladin: 463
Warden: 471
(+5 for Gauntlet upgrade)
Crusader: 508 for Thermal, 540 for Battlecannon

And that’s without Carapace weapons.

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8th Edition 40k – mini-preview Imperial Knights

Another name change to Questor Imperialis… Summary below:

  • 24 wounds, Toughness 8, 3+ save and 5++ invulnerable;
  • Base stats are 12″ move, WS/BS 3+;
  • 7-12 wounds remaining equate to 9″ move, WS/BS 4+;
  • 1-6 wounds remaining equate to 6″ move, WS/BS 5+;
  • Thermal cannon is heavy D3, S9, AP-4, D6 damage with the melta like rule (roll two, pick the highest in half range);
  • Thermal cannon gets an additional D6 shots against units with 5+ models;
  • Stomp is now called Titanic Feet and no longer removes models from play;
  • Reaper Chainswords and Thunderstrike Gauntlet do an automatic six damage per successful attack;
  • Thunderstrike Gauntlet can throw a destroyed monster / vehicle at another enemy within 9″ to do D3 mortal wounds (4+ to wound);
  • Trygons do D6 damage in melee;
  • Knights can leave combat with infantry and not suffer the inability to fire their weapons (I wonder if running a Rhino into combat with them would ignore this then?);
  • Super-Heavy detachment is 3-5 Lords of War models with a bonus +3 Command Points.

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Guest Article: Stompin’ Time: Notes on Knights

by tjkopena

This past weekend a good-sized crew from PAGE went out to the NOVA Open. I pretty much got my face punched in throughout the Trios and Narrative tracks (reports here & here), but I learned a lot and had a great time. Even in those but especially walking around the Invitational and GT you couldn’t help but notice the multitudes of Knights: Imperial Knights, Wraithknights, Rip-knights… Gorgeous models, under-costed points, for once GW figured out how to really sell something everyone will like, as long as it’s on their side of the table. The following are some lessons I’ve learned about fighting and using Imperial Knights.

Your weapons are (all but) useless, puny fleshlings! Charles Craig's sweet Chaos-allied Knight picks a fight with Sgt Titus and his meltagunner friend.

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“Codex” Review: Imperial Knights

4xptjk1 Imperial Knights. (We’ll come back to that “Imperial” part later in the article.) They’re a thing in the game now. Since basically no one uses or likes Escalation, they are the first “real” presence of superheavies in the game, and due to this they have a lot of people really worried. How justified is this concern? How much will Knights change the game? There’s a lot of worry in the game and a lot of calls for preemptive banning, but so far I don’t think it’s justified. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the book and what it means for players of various stripes.

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Imperial Knights released – Rules

Okay, so they’ve been released (full rules here). I haven’t been paying any attention until now because, well ya. So first off, it’s a super-heavy walker. We already know how stupid super-heavies are in the game but let’s humor this for a second. 12″ move but are otherwise normal Walkers – they start off fast which is good. No Overwatch, can split fire at targets and ordnance doesn’t affect the rest of the model – standard super-heavy stuff. Crew Shaken / Stunned / Weapon Destroyed / Immobilised results are ignored (because you couldn’t destroy or stop or disrupt something that big!). Explodes = further D3 Hull Points of damage and then big crazy explosion which is stupid – anything bigger than 5″ blast wise is not for 40k. D is not for 40k. Get it GW?

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