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Tournament Report: Powerfists & Psykers 10

Greetings, fellow jovial servants of the Lord of Decay! Today I bring you a brief report on the tournament I attended this weekend.

The tournament in question was Powerfists & Psykers 10, run by the Canhammer team ( out of the National Capital Region in Canuckistan. There were 18 participants and we played 3 games using the ITC Champions missions.

I’m pleased to report things went WAAAY better for me this time, compared to the last tournament I attended.  Part of it was bringing a better list, part of it was better play on my part, and part of it was thanks to the ITC missions.

It turned out I couldn’t bring the list I had detailed here on 3++ a while ago because I just didn’t have the time/energy to model too much (I even had to borrow someone else’s Guilliman because mine is still halfway assembled). This is what I brought:

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ITC Missions – a post tournament Review

Before we jump into the cancon battle reports I want to run through the ITC Missions and my thoughts around them, both the good and bad.

Firstly, I will say that I much, much prefer this year’s missions than last years Maelstrom random crapola. We all now by now that I do not like random and the more random something is the worse off. While this may balance itself out over a tournament, you should not have missions swinging that wildly (it’s your own prerogative to take and accommodate units within your list like this). I will give ITC nice props then for changing this system and bringing in the primary and secondary missions.

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