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Imperial Guard preview – Mordians – A new hope for a slightly different 8th?

Imperial Guard preview – Mordians:

Today we got our best preview yet of the Imperial Guard codex coming out shortly. Mordians: In short, we saw the return of proper regiments (not just Cadians, yeah!), the attempt to remake the Leman Russ as a something worth taking and at the end, the following attempt from GW to shut down the monster they created with unit buff bubbles from untargetable characters. Lets begin :

This is a strong option – yes, you lose your ability to string out a combat or cover a larger area, but the advantage is pretty solid. Now this isn’t the be all and end all for some units-  for instance 50 conscripts kill only 1.85 MEQ’s more on average (100/3)/3)/3) with overwatch while a Leman Russ Punisher with HB’s all around kills about 1.25 MEQ’s more. Read more

Building a list for 8th when you don’t know what you and everybody else is playing : a primer.

Lords2001 back again, this time with a list building article without an actual… list in it.

40k really is in unprecedented territory. After doing half an Age of Sigmar and blowing up every codex and rulebook they owned in the 40k universe, nothing is quite the same. Armies all received updated rules, effort was put in to make unplayable units almost playable, and a big emphasis was put on casual play. This is emphasised in the Index system – power ratings (a generalised power points cost divided by 20ish) are on every sheet and really easy to work out. They also kind of work, as long as you don’t completely abuse the situation by throwing every single free option onto the units and characters.

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Almost top 5 – Templar style, with bonus Legion of the Damned

Hi, its lords2001 here (Stuart Lord) back with another almost top 5. This one is a short one as the Black Templars listing is rather short, but different enough to be interesting, especially for players like myself who play every marine army.

Almost Top 5 Interesting things about the Black Templars. Well, really it’s a ‘lets talk about every listing in the Black Templars Section’ but that doesn’t sound as good. B

1) Helbrect is very cool – his rerolls to hit are handy for an army that wants to get into combat. His other buff of +1 strength is even better but as it applies to ‘Models’ as opposed to ‘units’ it is less powerful unless you are in a really specific situation. Still, I think his points are decently weighted and he is hard enough to stop that other close combat units will think twice. He is costly though.

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8th Edition – Almost top 5 – Adeptus Astartes Style


Hi, I’m Stuart Lord (lords2001) and Ive been a long term tournament player, at least on the NSW circuit. I’m planning on getting back into 8th, assuming it will have me after I and so many others callously abandoned it during 7th.

Quite a few people have been over the various armies and the main rulebook, so I don’t want to do too many in depth reviews of individual units, especially as I haven’t taken them all for a spin, or had them used against me.

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