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Chapter Approved – Rumors

The CA rumors have been swirling for a while now and we finally have some confirmation as Warhammer Community has released some tidbits. You can check the listed points changes and for the armies who not have a codex, their Warlord Trait, Relic and Stratagems on offer on the Facebook page (give it a like if you have not already; it’s a new one along with a new group page). Quickly running through the changes and their potential impact (I will consider each of these as factual currently but please take with salt until actually seen). There has also been some chatter on changing how detachments from other armies work – how though, we are not sure yet but this could drastically change army make up. Read more

As Strong as Hercules and As Flexible As Gumby: Using Nemessor Zandrekh


While many of the Necron special characters lost most of their unique abilities, there are a couple major exceptions. Szeras and Orikan, for example, offer significant survivability buffs to an army while also adding some other utility as well. However, one of the characters not only kept most of his original abilities, he actually got arguably more powerful in almost all respects. I’m talking, of course, about everyone’s favorite delusional general, Nemessor Zandrekh.
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Little Pieces: Necron Sub-Assemblies for Consideration

It s a Butterfly by tyrantwache

When a new codex comes out, one of the first things you need to do is look at how its different units can do and how they fit together. Most tournament players are familiar with standard “builds” for units that they recognize at a glance because they are the most efficient way to run particular strategies; five Dire Avengers in a Wave Serpent with Scatter Laser, Holofields, and Shuriken Cannon, for example, is an entry on the army list that should take little time to assess. Figuring out how to use these building blocks of a codex is an important part of making an army list, then.

Below I’m going to talk about some of them from the Necron codex and why I think they may- with an emphasis on may be relevant. It’s impossible to say at this point exactly how Necrons will turn out, but we can at least look at some of what they have to offer.
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Necrons: Back for a First Look

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So a helpful person over at The Tyranid Hive, one “jackedup,” has leaked essentially the entire Necron codex (though not anything from the special edition) to us. For those regular readers, you know what that means- time to go through and take stock of the new book.

All in all, I would say it’s probably the best of the 7E codices. It suffers from a lot of the usual “oversimplification” issues as the others, but to a lesser degree and fewer of the units were hit by it. Many things were left mostly unchanged and there’s even a decent number of buffs to units snuck in here and there, so while some of the changes may have been unnecessary it’s largely not too bad. On the down side, though, it doesn’t look like the codex really has anything that is gonna let it compete at the top level of tournament play right now- Command Barges are infinitely easier to kill, Anni Barges are more expensive and less effective, Haywire is gone, Night Scythes are weaker, etc, etc. The book’s not a total pushover, but it has no real way to deal with all of the top contenders these days.

Less depressing news after the break.
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Tournament Report: The Harvester of Souls

Know Your Gons

Last weekend I went out to the Harvester of Souls tournament in Spokane, Washington and managed to come away feeling pretty good about things. The tournament was held at the “new” location for the Gamer’s Haven after the old one had burned down. (I put “new” in quotations because it’s actually been around for the better part of a year, but as it’s my first visit to the store it was, at least, still new to me.) As an ITC-registered event and part of the store’s yearly tournament series (with another event, the Storm of Silence, occurring in the spring) it was a good chance to face off against some pretty strong competition while still having a good time and play on some really nice-looking tables. I ended up going defeated across the five rounds with my Necrons and took Best General, though my middling paint score (as well as the presence of some very nice-looking armies) meant that my shot at Best Overall or Best of [army] was something of a non-starter. But as I said- good times, good folks, good games. Keep reading if you want the details.
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Leviathan Battle Report: Round 5 – Grey Knights/Tau vs Necrons

IMG_0309Final game was a very odd twist of the “draw mission” where both players have one objective in their deployment zone. The twist – Slay the Warlord is replaced with: if your Warlord is alive come game’s end, your opponent gets 3VP; if your Warlord is alive, you get 3VP. Go figure! DZ is Dawn of War and game is against Doug’s Necrons (link to game we played last time). Doug’s army is very similar to what he had last time and this is basically the same mission, yay! The main difference is going to be what Warlords live and die…

Night Fight is rolled up, Warlord traits are both useless and Coteaz gets Prescience and Misfortune. Doug wins roll-off for first and elects to go first. His list after the break (and remember again, this is just after Tau has been released and 1500 pts).

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Leviathan Battle Report – Round 2: GK/Tau vs Necrons/CSM


This is a really good game of identifying a game plan for a mission and then forgetting it. Anyway, game is a modification of Total Domination with Vanguard Strike in place of Pitched Battle deployment. The objectives here are spread out in a box and Jared has Necron flyers plus a Heldrake. That’s a lot of points off the table (490) at 1500 points but also gives Jared a lot of mobility on those objectives which aren’t close. Jared’s army isn’t great in combat nor is mine but Strike Knights, Coteaz and a Riptide are generally better than some Marines and Immortals. So the idea here is to put a lot of pressure on Jared early game whilst he has a lot of points off the table and then take over a table half to control two objectives and either whittle down the rest of what Jared has available (i.e. the flyers) or win on secondary if Jared gets the perfect drop.

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