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Chapter Approved – Rumors

The CA rumors have been swirling for a while now and we finally have some confirmation as Warhammer Community has released some tidbits. You can check the listed points changes and for the armies who not have a codex, their Warlord Trait, Relic and Stratagems on offer on the Facebook page (give it a like if you have not already; it’s a new one along with a new group page). Quickly running through the changes and their potential impact (I will consider each of these as factual currently but please take with salt until actually seen). There has also been some chatter on changing how detachments from other armies work – how though, we are not sure yet but this could drastically change army make up. Read more

8th Edition Battle Report – 1500 pts, Tau vs Orks

How long has it been since once of these!?

We are still missing a few rules it looks like but what ever stopped us from doing things early!? We decided to give 8th a go just to try out some lists and get the feel of the game. I really wanted to see how the new Drone mechanics work and try out the Sunshark bomber and Vinsanity just did not want to play Tau. So I picked Tau.

Be prepared for mistakes but I’ll try and cover them off if I notice we did them. Lists after the break.

And sorry for some blurry pictures – Macro kept turning off…

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8th edition 40k – mini-preview Orks

Waaaaaaagh! The army that never speaks to me. Let’s see what their mini preview includes:

  • Mega Nobz have a 2+ save and 3 Wounds (come on Crisis Suits, get 3 wounds too please!);
  • No more challenges in melee;
  • Bip Choppa is S User+2; -1AP and 2 damage;
  • Choppa gives +1A;
  • Warboss can ignore Morale effects by removing D3 models instead if within 3″;
  • Nobz squads can roll a D6 for each nearby Ork that tries to flee and saves them on a roll of 6;
  • Mob Rule! allows a unit of Orks to use a leadership value equal to their unit size or leadership value of a nearby Ork unit;
  • Painboy gives infantry and bike units a 6+ FNP save;
  • Big Mek with KFF still gives nearby Ork units a 5++;
  • Warboss’ WAAAAGH allows all Ork units within 6″ to charge after Advancing;
  • ‘Ere We Go allows Orks to re-roll failed charge rolls;
  • Weirdboy has a power that allows a unit within 6″ to teleport anywhere on the tabletop within 9″ of the enemy.

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7th Edition Orks Codex Review Part 9: Heavy Support Part 2

orky9by Scuzob

Orkz have four different kinds of Walkers sitting in their Heavy Support. As we all know, Walkers are super cool in concept, but the 40k rules prevent them from being super cool on the table. They’re combat units with a small amount of shooting, but are just too damn slow to get into a fight when you need them to, and too vulnerable to dedicated anti-tank firepower. When the rules change in a manner that makes Walkers better, that will directly improve the Orkz’ offerings, but for now they’re all sort of mediocre.

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7th Edition Orks Codex Review Part 8: Heavy Support Part 1


by Scuzob

At this point, what army doesn’t have a Heavy Support that’s packed to the gills with units you would like to take a load of? Suffice to say, Heavy Support often contains a Codex’s killer units mixed in with some other fun but okay/terrible stuff. Orkz are no different, with Mek Gunz and Lootas taking the top spots, Battlewagons following closely behind, Flash Gitz occupying a “not as bad as they used to be” spot, and four kinds of Walkers trailing behind. The Orkz have their biggest guns and strongest shooting packed into this section and it is a rare army that does not make use of two or even three of these units.

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7th Edition Orks Codex Review Part 7: Fast Attack

orky7by Scuzob

Ork Fast Attack is not as packed as it first appears, since three of the units here are actually slight variants on the same Flyer, and two others do the same kind of job, except one is a Jetbike and the other is the flimsiest vehicle in the game. The units do the usual FA job of being fast married to the Ork jobs of being plentiful and cheap, which is a great combination that many other armies lack in their Fast Attack. For the Orks, these units all make good minimum-size harassment units.


Like Kommandos, Stormboyz are Choppa Boyz with an upgrade that fixes their terrible speed issues. Namely, the Stormboyz are the Assault Marines to the Ork Boyz Tactical Squad. At nine points a model, they are very cheap for their speed, as their special jump packs let them run 2D6” at the cost of taking Dangerous Terrain tests when they do so. It can cause a lot of casualties if you’re unlucky, but at least this potentially damaging movement is optional, unlike the last codex.

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7th Edition Orks Codex Review Part 6: Elites

orky6by Scuzob

Like most Codices, Ork Elites suffers because it is jam packed with units you might quite like to take a bunch of, with no way to shift any into Troops or get more of without doubling your detachments. The units are mostly improvements on the basic Ork Boyz mob, having specialized roles or just being mighty melee beatsticks. With a few exceptions, they still have the problem of getting into close range quickly, as walking through a cloud of incoming fire is not something you want to subject these expensive units to.

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