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Painting, refreshing and reminiscing – Iron Within, Iron Without!

Howdy folks, it has been a long time, too long in fact. Anyhow it’s time to get back in the swing of painting and relive the torture of back pain from poor painting posture!

I’m in the process of refreshing all my 40k stuff (and there’s a lot of it – at least 7 armies that I can remember), I decided to sort my Iron Warriors out first as I thought it would be quite straightforward. Then I got a bit carried away but nevertheless they are nearing a tabletop standard I’m happy with.

This army was originally painted way back in 3rd edition when the glorious 2nd 3rd edition CSM Codex was released. I’m sure a lot of people will consider it very beardy etc and it certainly was very good but I remember it more as having a huge amount of variation and viable builds whereas the prior 3rd ed codex had seemed more like either berserker or plague marine spam.

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Tale of Two Painters – “Week Three”

Yup you guessed it, Vinsanity didn’t paint anything again this week. It’s like he’s Russian or something… I only got two models mostly done this week – Helynna and eEyriss though I still need to shade and highlight the blue. I ran out of offwhite paint so the base of eEyriss is not completed either (was thinking similar to my Menoth bases, off white cobblestone like appearance) but will complete those and add them to next week’s post. I have a Manticore about 80% completed, just did not finish the highlighting of the grey so didn’t post him. Working on another Manticore, a flock of Griffons and some solos to run a two pair of Helynna and eVyros (I believe I have a fully painted Kaelyssa list now).

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Tale of (Two) Painters – Week “Two”

I’ve given Vinsanity an extra three weeks and he still hasn’t finished anything. So you get pictures of pink and nothing more!

I completed my Sentinels and Rahn these past couple of weeks though you may notice one Sentinel is missing – only got nine arms unfortunately so part is on order.

Still need to finish the bases with flock and finish the power line / gem work on the normal models (as I say this I just realised I missed the fur on the CA…damnit) but otherwise the unit is ready to go! Full listing of models here.

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Tale of (Two) Painters


Hey everyone!

Yes a 3++ post. Expect another soon as well *gasp*.

So in an effort to encourage myself to blog more and get the site back up and running, Vinsanity and I are doing a painting challenge with the primary focus being on two armies each for Warmachine / Hordes. If anyone else would like to jump on board, please be my guest and just email me with what you’ll be doing and then with the weekly updates. I’ll keep track of everything with a post on Tuesday with pictures and everything. Much excitement I know.

With this in mind, the below is what we are looking to paint with the goal of a Warmachine / Hordes point per day. As things get painted we will cross them out :).

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Adventures in Airbrushing


Hey y’all! It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I think it will become evident why at the end of this article.  Long story short, I’ve finally gotten all of the components necessary to start using an airbrush.  Additionally, I got all of the components I need to build the tournament list I posted in one of my previous articles.  For the purposes of this article, I will share not only the results and resources I used, but also a verdict on whether it was all worth it or not.

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40K – Models at Cancon 2015

I took a few photos of some of the models at this year’s CANCON national 40K event, and thought some 3++ readers would enjoy a glance at them. This isn’t a battle report since there were hundreds of games going on at once, but if you love well-painted 40K models, you gotta see Shane Sof’s Eldar.

I didn’t catch the name of all the people who converted, painted and built the models in these photos, so feel free to add credits if you recognise any of them.

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My Adepticon Team Tournament Army

From left to right: Sir Gareth, Sir Lancelot, King Arthur, Sir Galahad, Sir Balin, and Sir Gawain.

Adepticon is just two weeks away, and my team is finishing up our armies. Mine is close to done, with a just a few details to be added. (A few power swords and blacking out the gun barrels.) A buddy of mine took some shots of them in his light tent, (sweet!) so I thought I would share them here. I’m not an expert painter, so don’t expect me to be lighting up Cool-Mini-0r-Not anytime soon, but I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished, especially since it was all done in 3 short weeks!

For those of you who are not aware, the Adepticon team tournament is an event where 4 players sign up as a team, and are then randomly matched together during the rounds of the event. Each person has a 1,000 point list, so every game is played with 2,000 points per side. There are some other restrictions I won’t bore you with. Read more

Updating Eldar Models – 2013

When you’re all done raging over the previous Tau post (because it’s Tau, not the content), I’ve finally begun the long process of updating all of my Eldar models. I’ll get to pictures of the whole collection (and the state it is in i.e. RAINBOW COLORS) soon but I thought I’d post some pictures of the scheme I’ll be aiming to use and some of the more recent work I’ve done on the models with the aim to get them first ready for Allies then as their own army. Nice and simple progression for me the slow painter… I got some new bases as well for them to break from my “Ice/Winter” theme I seem to always have going on…

So below are a converted Autarch on bike (before it was cool):


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