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8th Edition 40k – mini-preview Imperial Knights

Another name change to Questor Imperialis… Summary below:

  • 24 wounds, Toughness 8, 3+ save and 5++ invulnerable;
  • Base stats are 12″ move, WS/BS 3+;
  • 7-12 wounds remaining equate to 9″ move, WS/BS 4+;
  • 1-6 wounds remaining equate to 6″ move, WS/BS 5+;
  • Thermal cannon is heavy D3, S9, AP-4, D6 damage with the melta like rule (roll two, pick the highest in half range);
  • Thermal cannon gets an additional D6 shots against units with 5+ models;
  • Stomp is now called Titanic Feet and no longer removes models from play;
  • Reaper Chainswords and Thunderstrike Gauntlet do an automatic six damage per successful attack;
  • Thunderstrike Gauntlet can throw a destroyed monster / vehicle at another enemy within 9″ to do D3 mortal wounds (4+ to wound);
  • Trygons do D6 damage in melee;
  • Knights can leave combat with infantry and not suffer the inability to fire their weapons (I wonder if running a Rhino into combat with them would ignore this then?);
  • Super-Heavy detachment is 3-5 Lords of War models with a bonus +3 Command Points.

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