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Happy New Years from 3++

A happy belated new years from 3++ everyone! Hope you all celebrated the new year in your own style.

So a quick post about what to expect from 3++ in 2018. We obviously had quite a while off and 2017 brought us back again with a passion and some slight differences. Gone are many authors of yesteryear and while our primary contributors are still around (Kirby, Matt and Puppy), you’ll notice we are still not posting as regularly as we were back in our heyday. I do not expect this to change unfortunately with life circumstances being the way they are but the content will hopefully be consistent. As always, our goal is to provide a competitive viewpoint and thereby start discussions and improve gameplay. This won’t change and includes the classics of codex reviews and battle reports.

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Happy Holidays from 3++

I hope everyone has had a fun filled time off from work (hopefully) and time with friends, family and loved ones (which includes yourself).

3++ is really happy to be back and enjoying a game we all love so here’s to a full year ahead from us! I will do a more comprehensive end of year post but for now, enjoy the holiday season and hope we all got some chillax time and maybe a present or two.

Kirby and the 3++ team.

New Look 3++

Thanks to Kadeton the site has been revamped again – all the same features but hopefully a little more streamlined. There are still some things in the pipeline from my end (trying to get videos going for example on Patreon) but for now, enjoy the new elegance, let us know if there are any issues or suggestions and make sure to check out all our social media (particularly Facebook page and group) as we look to expand in that area.

And soon I will post some more tactical discussion posts / reviews after a heavy two weeks of 8th edition discussion :).

Amusing Things we said in the Comments

Rumors of change are always an interesting time – there are things you both like and dislike and it can be hard to see the forest through the trees with only bits of information and then there’s the unique smell of spraying love from fanbois and salt of those that never see anything positive. The worst part for me is none of this but the time we spend twiddling our thumbs when you just want to dive in and figure stuff out. Since we cannot do that, I got bored and was reading through old comment sections and I have to say, I came across some amusing gems. For shits and giggles, let’s look at them.

Also, as we head into 8th edition please make sure to like the 3++ social media pages as we build ourselves back up again. What made 3++ so good IMO was the great community we had and discussion going in the comments section.

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3++ Video Battle Reports

Hey guys,

We did some filming on the weekend and cannot find the video editor that I was using before – does anyone have a good free video editor that they could recommend? Just doing something really basic in terms of compressing, adding stills and editing the audio (adding music and voiceovers).

Also, I’m not the most graphics savvy so is anyone keen to be immortalised for all eternity at the beginning of 3++ videos to do a 15-20 sec introduction graphic / video? For extra bonus points, adding graphics to screen (i.e. damage tracking, turn counter, etc.).

Cheers guys :).


Hey guys,

Really sorry haven’t been on much lately – been super busy unfortunately; life does that. I will be getting posting more as things settle down but if there’s anyone that wants to start a discussion post (on anything really though I’m sure we’d all like a venue to discuss 7th…), please send it through while you lot wait for me to get typing madly again :).

Thanks guys.


Back up and running!

Hey all,

3++ went down late last week as we updated the forum software to finally get the UI upgraded there and we’ve had a weekend long battle getting everything back up and running since then. The site worked for most of the weekend but we couldn’t edit it! Big thanks to Matt for his work to get it working again and we’ll jump back into the 7th edition roundabout this week :).

As a reminder, keep up the Q’s for the FAQ.

Take this study :).

And we’ll be hosting a one day event in Parramatta (Sydney) on 19 July 2014. I’ll put a player’s pack together this week so keep your eyes peeled and make an effort to come :).

I”m back!

And I know you missed me. Give me some time to wind down and catch up – I see 7th rumors are piling on.

It was nice to have a break and catch up with some of the readers 🙂 (and apologies to those I did not catch up with!).

Also – we’re going to need some more forum help I think for some ideas we have planned if anyone who has some forum running / programming experience? Drop us a line :)!

Farewell – I’ll be back!

Holidays again for me kids – I’ll be gone for about three weeks and although I’ll have access to the Internet, I probably won’t be jumping on much. Matt, Puppy and the gang have assured me they’ll have things covered while I’m gone but I’ve gotten a few battle reports put together for your enjoyment elsewise :). We’ll see if they get swamped or not!

I’ll be in the US and stopping by Frontline Gaming in San Francisco but otherwise will be off grid getting some quality non-nerd time (wtf is that amirite?).

Until then – have fun :)!