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Cancon Battle Report 1 – Eldar vs Renegade Knights


My list is here. My opponent’s list was three Renegade Knights with a variety of shooting weapons and Magnus the Red.

The first mission was six objectives in a rectangle formation and two more in the midfield with Spearhead Assault deployment. This was advantageous for me as it kept my opponent nearly as far away overall as possible and given his army would strongly beat mine in combat, never a bad thing. My opponent having four drops was always going to get the +1 to go first and could put a lot of pressure with his knights / magnus on my army if he got close. I do have the speed to play some keep away and his firepower would be pretty ineffective against me given the negative modifiers to hit so I just had to deal with the inevitable combat damage. My secondaries included Big Game Hunter, Titan Slayer and Recon. BGH and Titan Slayer go hand in hand and if I do not kill at least 3/4 of his army, I have likely lost anyway. His secondaries included BGH, Headhunter and Kingslayer on my Autarch.

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