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Painting, refreshing and reminiscing – Iron Within, Iron Without!

Howdy folks, it has been a long time, too long in fact. Anyhow it’s time to get back in the swing of painting and relive the torture of back pain from poor painting posture!

I’m in the process of refreshing all my 40k stuff (and there’s a lot of it – at least 7 armies that I can remember), I decided to sort my Iron Warriors out first as I thought it would be quite straightforward. Then I got a bit carried away but nevertheless they are nearing a tabletop standard I’m happy with.

This army was originally painted way back in 3rd edition when the glorious 2nd 3rd edition CSM Codex was released. I’m sure a lot of people will consider it very beardy etc and it certainly was very good but I remember it more as having a huge amount of variation and viable builds whereas the prior 3rd ed codex had seemed more like either berserker or plague marine spam.

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Death or Glory Podcast Episode 2: Vehicles in 6th

Hey guys,

the Death or Glory team are back with Episode 2 of our podcast, this episode is all about the changes to vehicles in 6th and we have tried to be as comprehensive as possible within the scope of a podcast that isn’t overly long!

00:00    –    02:00: Intro
02:00    –    21:00: Dealing damage to vehicles
21:00    –    26:30: Vehicles shooting
26:30    –    49:00: Vehicles in assault
49:00    – 01:01:00: Transporting units inside vehicles
01:01:00 – 01:08:40: Assault vehicles
01:08:40 – 01:19:03: Chariots
01:19:03 – 01:28:00: Walkers
01:28:00 – 01:41:40: The impact of 6th on Mike’s Dark Eldar army
01:41:40 – 01:50:10: Random rule of fun (Impact)

In the end it became quite long but there really is such a lot that has changed for vehicles so there was plenty to consider and discuss. One part we did not discuss here in depth was flyers, this we covered in Episode 1 which can be found at the following link.

We have a direct download link now from which for me only takes 3 minutes to download the entire podcast, I would strongly recommend downloading as you can listen portably or even if listening on your pc you don’t have to worry about buffering! Episode 2 – Direct Download

For those who wish to stream (is that the right term?) the podcast, here is that option too!

Please feel free to check out our blog, as the other members of the team are not authors on 3++ (heresy!)

As always we welcome your opinions on how to improve the podcast, we currently have an episode on psychic powers being edited and will record an episode concerning the new changes to Daemons once we have our hands on the updated rules in the next White Dwarf.

The song used in our podcast is called Titan by Epic Soul Factory and is used legally under the creative commons licence, should you wish to listen to their other songs you can do so here: Epic Soul Factory

Ta ra for now,

Rupert x

Death or Glory Podcast – Episode 1: 6th edition

Hey guys,

myself and a few of my close wargaming friends decided to have a go at doing a podcast the other night, the advent of 6th edition brings with it a veritable horde of new information/rules to ponder and discuss.

We discuss a few points:

00:00 – 25:10: Wound allocation
25:10 – 45:50: Flyers
45:50 – 58:40: Flying MCs
58:40 – 1:10:00: Random rule of fun

Hopefully the podcast is relatively entertaining and there will be the odd point here or there that you may not have considered when thinking about how the new rules impact the game.

We will be recording a new episode this week so please feel free to post any particular things you would like to hear us discuss.

Ta ra for now,

Rupert x

Direct link download.

Paint an army in 2 weeks – this is madness… THIS IS ORK HORDE!

Hey folks, a long time since my last army painting series I bring you what is the biggest challenge yet and one that will be hard for me to match in the future!

Mayhem Mayfest is six days away and I am 7 days into painting the army I will be taking. For some reason I got it into my head that I should take orks, now a typical ork army has a lot of models, probably in the 100ish ballpark. In a moment of madness I made error number two, horde orks!

All told the army has 194 models (if my math is correct), that is a lot of models and right now I am realising what a bad mistake I made!

Anyhow as it stands now on the seventh day since I started I have built all of the ork boys + kommandos (161), of those I have painted 70 and the others are fully base coated and shaded. Oh and to top it all off I haven’t had a chance to go to a GW store locally so I’m limitted to the paints I have here and that is only 10!

Anyhow here’s some pics of so far!

So that’s the first 70something built, all the boyz have double shoulderpads, all together it’s about 250 for the whole army, just a small bit of plasticard bent to shape. All the boyz also have goggles as I don’t like ork eyes and i love goggles!

Here’s 30 boyz that I’ve just finished off from the base+shade+skin highlight in three hours. The next 80something are there too!

So here is those 30 lads, the hair still needs to be painted as do a few bits and pieces like ear-rings, also basing needs to be finished but theis gives you some idea of the standard I am aiming for across the horde!

Anyhow, time to have a rest before the next day of painting begins, until next time loves 🙂 xx

Collect and paint an army in 3 weeks (Part 4). Finally got pics taken!

So boys and girls, once again, it has been a while!

What to tell you? Well, I finished painting the army on time and then took it to the Mayhem Mayfest Tournament in Tolworth! Once I’d been to the tournament I had one of my MSc case studies to do (in only four days, which was not good), I got that done and since have had my feet up!

The photo to the left is the “Team” I am a part of and we are familiar faces on the tournament circuit, particularly in the South of the country, Team: Not Arrogant, Just Better (for this tourney we renamed ourselves Not Arrogant, Just Morphed).

Anyhow, without further ado, here are pictures of the full 1750pt army!

Starting off with the big man himself, Orkimedes, accompanied by his Deathwing Command Unit including Mad Dok Grotsnik (Apothecary with Cyclone), I attempted to replicate the look of the normal model and so the head is similar, as is the power claw, I also added a little red cross on the shoulder to mark him out clearly as the apothecary. Also joining Orkimedes is Makari, Ghazgkull’s old standard bearer, he is a grot and, as such, this meant I had to try and make him look small which I think worked quite well, he has a comedy helmet and a grabba stikk as a symbol of the strife of life as a grot! Orkimedes himself has a personal kustom force field (no game effect).

Next we have the other four Deathwing Squads, all have 5 Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields and 1 Cyclone Missile Launcher.

Next up we have the three Auto/Las Preds, with cheeky Ork Tank Kommandas!

I also photoshoped up an army list and an army history (which most likely murders the fluff but is meant to be nothing more than amusing) and put them in a display stand each. This kind of thing can really make your army stand out when it comes to judging, I however forgot to take them, which REALLY irritated me!

So, that was the full army, I played the six games with mixed results, think it was 2 wins, 2 draws, 2 losses. Pretty furstrating as I feel I played pretty well but I had some pretty dire luck here and there (5 termies shooting then assaulting grotsnik and 5 kommandos and ALL dying) didn’t help much on base swap being the worst example!

At the end, we got to the results and in particular Best Painted Army. There were a number of beautifully painted armies there, I didn’t feel particularly confident. I won’t use people’s full names as I don’t know whether they’d want their names broadcast on the internets but Darran’s Ultramarines didn’t place, nor did Jame’s Pre-Heresy Luna Wolves (as I said before, competition was VERY strong). A guy whose name eludes me came 3rd with his Blood Angels, my very close firned and team-mate Rich came 2nd with his Grey Knights (I’ll make an effort to photograph them as they are awesome). At this point, given that there were still at least 2 people whose armies I thought were amazing not announced I figured I hadn’t placed but I was totally surprised when they then called me out as winner!

As I’ve already said, the competition was very very strong so it was a real honour to win!

(When you see it, you will shit bricks).

The other trophies were then announced, all of whom ere in my team! Luke won Most Sporting Opponent (and came in the top 10, those two being somewhat unusual in these parts!), Steve came 2nd overall and generalship and Mike won overall and generalship AND we won best team!

Anyhoo, it isn’t that long until the next Mayhem Tournament: click here for details (IMO, it’s the best tournament in England). So it’s time for me to paint a new army, I’ve said to BroLo I’ll paint Dark Eldars!

I will make a video of a painting guide if people want one for my Deffwing too.

I hope you all like the picutres and sorry for the delay!

Ru xxx

EDIT: I almost forgot this last pic, it is the 5 objective markers I made for the Brighton Tournament a few weeks ago, the bases are standard infantry slottas to give you some idea of scale!

The cheeky chappy is meant to be the Ork alternative of a Troll Scientist and the contraption is a Troll car.

BYSIE! xxxx

Collect and paint an army in 3 weeks (Part 3). Tanks inc!

Hi guys and gals!

A very swift update on how I’m getting on as I still have a lot to do unsurprisingly!

I’ve got the 3 preds converted and I’m painting all three from start to finish today. I’m very happy with how the tank commanders came out, very orky not to button up a perfectly good cupola! I’m not sure about the grabba claws (no in game effect) so would value people’s opinions:

I’ve worked out some background for the army, I won’t go into it now but suffice to say it means Orkimedes, Mad Dok Grotsnik and Makari are all in the army (if that ocntradicts the fluff, or if some of them were dead when the others were alive then please feel free to alert me!). A grot in tactical dreadnaught armour posed a bit of an issue but I did once convert an exo-armour squat from tda so I’ve followed the same process, greenstuffing is still needed but here’s a pic of him (with epic cooking pot helmet) alongside a thundernob for size comparison:

I wish everyone a fun weekend, Ru xx

Collect and paint an army in 3 weeks (Part 2). Sponge is your friend,

Hi again people!

Only a short update today but there is some news to report upon!

The poll showed a definate edge to Dark Eldar and Deathwing as what people wanted to see, those were the armies I was leaning towards but I just couldn’t find a way of making the venoms I liked or thought would have enough time to replicate, as such the Deathwing were chosen!

I already had 20 TH/SS terminators, 10 were built as thundernobs as I’m currently calling them, the other 10 are in the process of being transformed.

When I paint an army I typically paint one model 100% to see if I like the colour scheme before spraying the whole army, not only does this let me tailor any new painting techniques but it also allows me to see where speed could be improved and also prevents me from messing up a whole army instead of just one figure.

The aim is to use this army for the majority of tournaments I attend in 2011, as such I wanted to paint it well as most tournaments in the UK have a “Best Painted Army” or the like award and those are always nice to win!

I’ve always been a big fan of hawk torqouise since way back when I saw a guy highlighting black with it at GW Guildford around the time Titan Legions was released! I’d recently seen my close friend Richard Fielder paint a Genestealer Cult with it and there’s an awesome Thraka model on CMON where by eye it’s clear that hawk torquoise was used!

Now, I’m nowhere near as good a painter as Emuse BUT I still wanted to try and replicate something in that ball park whilst maintaining speed, don’t forget there’s 26 infantry and 3 predators to paint in the prospective list and there’s now only 2 weeks until the tournament!

I will be doign a video of how I painted the orks but for these models there were two techniques I hadn’t used previously, these being the “scratch effect” and non-metallic metals (NMM), once again, I’d be the first to admit that neither of these I’ve pulled off perfectly, but on the scale I’m painting I think they look good enough!

The scratches are primarily painted with a sponge, it was something I’ve seen before on tutorials and I thought I’d give it a whirl myself, it is surprisingly fast!

For those that read this far, take another look at the obligatory cheesy picture at the top, and as the saying goes, when you see it, you shit brix!

Much love, good night,

Rupert xx

Collect and paint an army in 3 weeks (Part 1). The sleeper has awakened!

Hi again folks! It’s time I did a new army!

Last year I had a pretty solid year tournament wise and ended the year ranked 18th in the UK (more by luck then skill in my opinion) but nevertheless I’m hoping to try and emulate that level of success this year.

I have the Mayhem tournament which is in Tolworth South London/Surrey which is being held in association with Heroes and Legends Games just around the corner (3 weeks I believe). As always I’m thinking about new armies and as always I can’t decide what to take!

There’s a few options on the table, Grey Knights, Deathwing, Space Wolves and I was keen on Dark Eldar but I can’t work out a cheap way to
make venoms (I’m not poor, just don’t like the viper/raider chop shop).

This particular tournament is what is typically referred to as battlepoints, those points being awarded for controlling objectives and as such there is a heavy emphasis on scoring units, as such my 4 TWC lord, 2 troop choice wolves are out of the window, the current list options are:

Grey Knights list
HQ (100)
Coteaz 100

TROOPS (840)
5 Terminators, 5 Halberds 200
10 strikes, Psyback 250
5 strikes, Psyback 150
5 strikes, Psyback 150
5 warriors, Psyback 70
5 warriors, 20

Land Raider, Psybolt, Multi-Melta 270
Land Raider, Psybolt, Multi-Melta 270
Land Raider, Psybolt, Multi-Melta 270


Basically idea is scoring land raiders and the strikes spread throughout the 4 psybacks, solid shooting, decent melee ability and 7 scoring units. You will note similarities with a list Stelek posted on his blog a few days back, that is indeed where the conept for this list came (I am a big fan of Godhammers and have 3 of these painted in the original Grey Knight colour scheme from my old BT/Daemonhunters army).

Death Wing List

HQ (130)
Belial, TH/SS 130

TROOPS (1230)
5 Deathwing, Apothecary, Standard, 5 TH/SS, Cyclone 290
5 Deathwing, 5 TH/SS, Cyclone 235
5 Deathwing, 5 TH/SS, Cyclone 235
5 Deathwing, 5 TH/SS, Cyclone 235
5 Deathwing, 5 TH/SS, Cyclone 235

Auto/Las Pred 130
Auto/Las Pred 130
Auto/Las Pred 130


25 thundershields in midfield is going to be a pain to remove, BUT there is an inherent weakness to AV14 and anti-horde is limited. I can drop a cyclone to put in 4 chainfists but I love thundershields (Ork Choppashields!)

Space Wolves List
HQ (100)
Rune Priest (2 powers) 100

ELITES (343)
6 Wolf Guard, 6 fist, 6 combi-melta 258
5 Wolf Scouts, Meltagun 85

TROOPS (850)
8 Grey Hunters, Meltagun, Banner, Rhino 170
8 Grey Hunters, Meltagun, Banner, Rhino 170
8 Grey Hunters, Meltagun, Banner, Rhino 170
8 Grey Hunters, Meltagun, Banner, Rhino 170
8 Grey Hunters, Meltagun, Banner, Rhino 170

5 Long Fangs, 4 Missile Launchers 115
5 Long Fangs, 4 Missile Launchers 115
5 Long Fangs, 4 Missile Launchers 115

A fair amount of this list I already have painted (when I say fair amount, I mean the long fangs and a few greys!). It is similar to the list Tony Kopach took to Adpeticon and placed 1st with recently but I first saw a lit of this kind used by a good mate Ash Homewood at Mayhem last May at Warhammer World where he placed joint first with my close friend Richard Fielder who was also using a fairly similar list! The pedigree of this kind of list is unquestionable but it’s nice to do things a bit differently!

Dark Eldar List
HQ (170)
The Baron 105
Haemonculus, Shattershard 65

ELITES (262)
5 Incubi, Venom /w 2 Splinter Cannons 131
5 Incubi, Venom /w 2 Splinter Cannons 131

TROOPS (985)
20 Hellions, Helliarch 330
3 Wracks, Venom /w 2 Splinter Cannons 95
3 Wracks, Venom /w 2 Splinter Cannons 95
5 Wyches, Haywire, Hekatrix /w Agoniser, Venom /w 2 Splinter Cannons 155
5 Wyches, Haywire, Hekatrix /w Agoniser, Venom /w 2 Splinter Cannons 155
5 Wyches, Haywire, Hekatrix /w Agoniser, Venom /w 2 Splinter Cannons 155

Ravager 105
Ravager 105
Ravager 105

So this is a list I’m sure you’ve all seen before, I first saw (lies) something similar to it at the 40k Masters being run by Stu Robertson and a close friend of mine Michael Marlow runs the list I’ve posted here (from memory).

The big scoring hellion unit is a big deal and this is the list I would most like to do (entire army object light sourced would look cool!) but I’m struggling to find a method of making venoms which I like.

Sorry, I don’t have any dark eldar painted! These Vipers from 2006 will have to do!

Well, that was a lot of waffle!

So what are your opinions on the posted lists? Any changes or suggestions to be made or perhaps you have another list in mind which is heavy on scoring units that you wish to share?

Much love and Happy Easter, Rupert xx

Video Tutorial: Painting a Grey Knight (DRAIGO!) in 2 hours

Well hello there people, I have been absent for a while but the sleeper has awakened!

Seeing as Grey Knights are all the rage I thought I’d try to make a video
tutorial showing how they can be painted quickly and effectively.

What follows is a video of myself painting High Grand Master of the Grey Knights Lord Kaldor Draigo in two hours, narrated by yours truly explaining colour usage and painting technique.

Hopefully there’s value in watching it for anyone, from the painting novice, to someone with years of experience.

I bought Draigo from a new local hobby store called Heroes and Legends Games, which is in Surbiton/Tolworth which is South London/Surrey, they have a wide variety of different games including Flames of War, Mantic, Warlord, Malifaux to name the ones I rememeber! I would strongly reccomend giving them a bell and checking them out if you’re from this part of the world!

Here’s a picture of the finished article:

Please feel free to ask questions and I will endeavour to answer them! I am
still getting used to filming myself paint and Sony Vegas so the next video
should be better!

Stay frosty, Rupert xx

Collecting an army (part 4): Expanding the force!

Hello again, it has been a while! Since I last posted I messed my knee up quite spectacularly and hence thought a lot of hobby activities would take place but alas they have not, until now!

I have the 40k Open hosted at Maelstrom Games coming up in January which is a 6 game tournament, 3 games at 1500 and 3 at 1750. I’ve decided to take Space Wolves but after my last outing I felt the Loganwing was not particularly great, it certainly won’t work properly at 1500 and as such it is time to revise my list and in doing so add more models to my collection.

I am a wee bit upset to be playing in the Open as I missed out on the Masters (top 16 uk players on ranking HQ) by one place. Still, 2010 was my first year playing competitively in a long time and I used 4 different codexes over the year so I ought to be very happy overall!

I’ve decided on the following list for 1500:

Runepriest (Lightning and Jaws)

Riflemen Dread
Riflemen Dread
3 Wolfguard /w combi-melta

5 Grey Hunters, meltagun, Rhino
5 Grey Hunters, meltagun, Las/Plas back
5 Grey Hunters, meltagun, Las/Plas back

5 Thunderwolves, powerfist, stormshield, boltgun, meltabomb

5 Long fangs /w 4 missile launchers
5 Long fangs /w 4 missile launchers
5 Long fangs /w 4 missile launchers

For 1750 I plan to add a wolf lord on thunderwolf but am as yet unconfirmed with either list!

So from what I currently have painted I need to paint:
1 Runepriest
2 Riflemen dreads
1 rhino
2 razorbacks
5 thunderwolves

Some of these models I already have, some I am purchasing as we speak!

The rhino and the two riflemen dreads I have stolen from my “lol sprayed plastic grey” codex SM army, I’ve just spent 30 minutes or so whacking on random space wolf bits, I still need to do some greenstuff work, particularly to “space wolfify” the rhino. Here’s the WIP!

I hope everyone has had a super Christmas and I wish you all an excellent New Year,

Ru xx