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Codex: Space Marines Review Part 6 – Librarius Psychic Powers

Greetings, fellow gits! In today’s installment of our Codex: Space Marines review, we will look at the Psychic Powers available from the Librarius discipline.

Space Marine Librarians were for a good long while my (and a lot of poeple’s) go-to Character to fill the mandatory HQ slot in ye olde Force Org chart. In 7th, they became even more popular with the advent of the Librarian Conclave Formation, which made them just absolutely bonkers when added as part of a Deathstar list (raise your hand if you’re glad Invisibility has been taken behind the woodshed). In 8th, libbies have been dialled back quite a bit, and other Characters (notably Captains) have received considerable boosts that to me has made Librarians much less desirable. That is not to say they are useless or anything, but unfortunately, the Librarius discipline is perhaps not the strongest of all the psychic disciplines in 40k… Anywho… let’s dig in, shall we?

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Codex: Space Marines Review Part 5 – Relics

Greetings, fellow paragons of virility! And welcome to this latest installment of our review of the new Space Marines Codex! Today, we look at the Relics, both generic and Chapter-specific ones. Much like the Chapter Tactics and Warlord Traits, the quality of the Relics varies greatly, unfortunately. I reiterate that a bit more attention being paid to their design would have largely avoided this issue. But looks like New GW is still somewhat Old GW…

It’s worth mentioning as well that when I say something is bad, it’s not always an issue of the item in question being objectively bad. Rather, it is oftentimes a question of opportunity cost. Indeed, the Relic (or whatever else I’m talking about) might be perfectly fine if you compare it to nothing else, but when your analysis begins to take into account the fact that selecting one Relic prevents you from taking another one, you really need to start comparing your options to get a more complete idea of the real value of your pick. It would have been useful to state this in one of my earlier articles, I now realise, but I just didn’t think of it at the time. Hindsight is 20/20, as they say…

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Codex: Space Marines Review Part 4 – Warlord Traits

Good day, fellow carbon-based sentient lifeforms! Today we continue our review of the new Space Marines Codex with a look at their Warlord traits.

One change from 7th that I particularly like in 8th is that you get to pick your Trait. This is a huge game-changer as you can tailor your Trait to maximise the effectiveness of your force rather than picking a table and hoping for the best.

Much like the Stratagems we looked at in my last article, the new Warlord Traits are a bit hit-and-miss. This can be a bit of a problem if you are using named Characters as they HAVE to use their Chapter-specific Traits, and unfortunately some of these are real stinkers… Anywho, let’s dive in, shall we?

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Codex: Space Marines Review Part 3 – Stratagems

Good day, honoured guest! Today, we continue our review of the new Space Marine Codex with a look at their brand-spanking new Stratagems!

As I’ll detail below, these vary in quality from extremely useful to good-but-situational to meh to lolbad. In many cases, just a bit of tweaking would have avoided this all-over-the-placeness. Read more »

Codex: Space Marines Review Part 2 – Chapter Tactics

Good day, dear friends! Today, we continue our review of the new Space Marines codex with a look at their updated Chapter Tactics.

As I mentioned in the previous article, to gain the benefits of Chapter Tactics (or CTs, for short), you must only use units with the ADEPTUS ASTARTES keyword and with the same Chapter keyword in a Detachment; that means no “Imperial Soup” mix and match of Imperial units. This is admittedly a bit of an inconvenience, but not one that is insurmountable by any means. Given that Defenders of Humanity has almost the same requirements, the incentive to work your list around those limitations is fairly strong.

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Next Tournament – Marines

As much as I would like to have all my Tyranids ready, I know I will not be able to paint that much in that timeframe (early September). So while I am going to be practicing with Tyranids my next tournament preparation will be for Space Marines since very little painting will be required (while I am keen to continue giving Tau a go, that also requires painting and / or borrowing minis again).

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Codex: Space Marines Review Part 1 – Defenders of Humanity

Good day all! It’s been a bit since I last wrote something but I’m back with a look at the new Codex: Space Marines. The first thing I wanted to cover was the new massively powerful rule Marines are getting called Defenders of Humanity.

For those of you who have played through 7th edition, this is the good ol’ Objective Secured rule, slightly altered. As I had pointed out in a previous article I wrote, Marines are at an inate disadvantage when it comes to scoring objectives under the 8th edition rules as our armies will frequently be outnumbered by our opponents. Well, Defenders of Humanity (which I’ll refer to as DoH from this point on for brevity’s sake) takes that worry and throws it out the window. You could have 150 conscripts piled on to an objective, but if there’s a single Tactical Marine at the center of the pile, you OWN that objective, baby!

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Space Marines Codex Leak – Updated

Taken from Blood of Kittens and Reddit.

Warlord Traits: 

  • Angel of Death: -1 Leadership for enemies within 6″ of Warlord
  • The Imperium’s Sword: +1 Attack and Re-roll Charges for the Warlord
  • Iron Resolve: +1 Wound and 6s Ignore wounds
  • Storm of Fire: Characters within 6″ of the Warlord add -1 to all other characters wounds of 6s in the shooting phase.
  • Rites of War: Units within 6″ of the Warlord auto pass Morale.
  • Champion of Humanity: +1 to hit and wound when Warlord of targets another character in the Fight phase.

Chapter Specific Warlord Traits

  • Ultramarines: Each time you spend a CP it is refunded on 5+ while your Warlord is alive.
  • White Scars: Warlord’s charge moves cause 1 mortal wound of on 4+
  • Imperial Fists: Units within 6″ of Warlord give cover to weapons with -1 AP
  • Crimson Fists: D3 bonus attacks if Warlord more than 10 enemy models within 6″
  • Oathkeeper: 6″ Heroic Intervention for Warlord
  • Salamanders: +1 Str to Warlord
  • Raven Guard: Enemy Units cannot fire Overwatch again Warlord
  • Iron Hands: 6+ hits cause an additional attack for Warlord

Point Changes

  • Speeders 10 points cheaper
  • Whirlwind 15 points cheaper

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Iron Hands Chapter Tactic

Iron Hands – we know the 6+ FNP but we actually get some specific rules with regards to what their specific stratagem (move and shooting heavy weapon without penalty).

Chapter Focus: Iron Hands

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Salamanders Chapter Tactic

These pieces are getting less on information and more on emotive words telling us nothing…

Chapter Focus: Salamanders

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