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The Biscuit Maneuvers: 3 Easy Ways to Find a Back Strike in Warmachine Mk.III

I’ve been playing some of the new edition of Warmachine/Hordes, and I’ve really been enjoying it so far. One of the more interesting changes is to back strikes- you now gain the back strike bonus as long as you are completely within the opponent’s back arc even if you did not start the turn within their back arc. This is changed from last edition, where you had to start your turn in the opponent’s back arc.

By default, a back strike grants a +2 bonus to strike in Warmachine/Hordes. Let’s take a look at a chart to see how much that’s worth.

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The Ways of Waaagh! Tactics Post Double Feature: Lootas and Battle Wagons


Hello again, everyone! I am back with my first tactics post, and this one will be a heavy support double feature! Two great units that go great together, it’s Lootas and the Battle Wagon! But first, a little insight as to how I am going to go about tactic reviews:

One of the things I want to stay away from in these posts is looking at units strictly in a vacuum setting, using math hammers and ideal conditions to measure units against each other. The thing is, some things get overlooked or are just not thought about until you actually put the models on the table and see how they work in the real world. So, to that end, all my tactic post will only involve units that I actually use, and have used for a good number of games. I will look at the units first in a vacuum setting, and maybe even do some minor math hammering, but then I will take a look at the units using my real world experience, showing how effective they can truly be, how my opponents usually react to them, and how they have fared in my battles.

So without further ado, let’s get this waaagh started with the guys with the big gunz: Lootas!

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Lessons for Competitive Players

There are lots of ways to play any game with different goals in mind; for example, some players play games purely for the social aspect, with the game itself being more or less a secondary concern. Some do it as a form of problem-solving, treating the game like a puzzle. Some take the game as an entertainment experience, with success and failure just being two different “plotlines.” None of them are right or wrong in any meaningful sense of the word, although not all games are equally suited to these methods of play (but, of course, if you’re having fun with it who cares?)

So here’s my list of lessons and strategies for players who want to enjoy 40K from a competitive play perspective. Hopefully you can take something away from them as well.
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Epic Battle Report: Tau vs the Mighty Ork Gargants

As part of our ongoing coverage of Epic Armageddon, read on for a photo-battle report from a tournament where two polar-opposite armies have met on the ashen surface of a mineral rich planet.

The long-ranged Tau must battle an invasion of mighty Ork Gargants and SupaStompas.

United, our will is greater than any other force. We shall inherit the stars, even if we must first cleanse them in blood.” – Commander Farsight

“The best means of Attack is Defence, an’ the best means of Attack is a really really Big One, right, with lots of Boyz an’ dead-big shooty things, an’ what have ya.” – Smartboy Derek Zog

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Why some people just win more…the real reason…

By Spaguatyrine



A great follow up to the article written by Sir Biscuit is my explanation of why some people just win more than others.  I am using my experience on the table top and from the business world……

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“How do I Optimize My List?”


I want you to take a look at the two following Necron lists and tell me which of the two is stronger. I’m going to guess that if you have any knowledge of Necrons and how their lists tend to be built, one will immediately jump out at you:


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Winning the Pregame

There are many phases of the game.  I want to concentrate on the pregame phase.  Alot of players don’t practice this phase……..

With 6th edition comes a new phase of 40K. I call this the pregame phase.  I wrote this article for Torrent of Fire in October and wanted to bring this to 3++.

There are often anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes of pregame warmups before turn one even starts. In my opinion, whether you win or lose will often be determined by the pregame phase and deployment. I will even be brash enough to say more than 50% of games are won in this critical first 15 to 30 minutes.

Let’s take it from the moment you get your pairing:  Your brain starts a data dump:

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Shooting – Why is it even better than in 5th?

samshootWe all know 40k has been shooting dominated for a long time now but it’s not always clear why. Particularly important are the changes from 5th to 6th which have not only reinforced this but hammered it into your face. A lot of people continue to be upset by armies which are billed as combat armies (i.e. Tyranids) which come out and don’t actually allow an effective combat army to be fielded where other armies quiver in fear. This isn’t an issue of the individual armies (they come elsewhere) but of the game mechanics. Unless an army gets around those mechanics, you’re not going to overcome the paradigm developed by the ruleset.

That’s not to say the ruleset doesn’t ignore combat – it’s still a very important part of the game but it’s generally always a very distant second fiddle to a competitive army’s shooting capacity. While combat has a lot of uses which will determine who wins games, it has become harder and harder to effectively do this and a lesser tool one usually has access to. It’s still a tool though and that means it can do things.

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Flying Circus – the Highs & Lows

I’ll be clear – I hate the flying circus (multiple winged daemon princes). Now that we have those rose colored glassed on…! With the 5th ed army it was lol funny with the 6th ed army its lol funny wait wtf is going on? It epitomises everything I dislike about 6th edition – it’s random and although there is a significant difference between a good player using it and a bad, it encourages play which relies on dice rolling rather than play which is enhanced by dice  rolling. You can get four princes all with 2+ armor, 2++ or 2+ cover. You can get zero princes with 2+ armor, 2++ or 2+ cover. You can get Iron Arm and Hallucinate and 2+ armor for all; you could  get zero Iron Arms and just Shriek over and over. You can take 20 grounding tests and roll one 2 – luckily you brought Fateweaver so you re-roll that one two and you’re Tzneetch so you’re re-rolling all the other 1’s (apparently people have been playing this incorrectly against me; woops!) You took four ground tests and rolled four twos. Sucks.

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Deployment 101 – Against Tau

Right – deployment. This is perhaps the single most difficult part of 40k to talk about yet along with movement, the most important to get right as they are the areas you have the most control over and thus how you can dictate games without relying on dice. I’m going to keep saying this but the more you remove dice from the game, the more you will win consistently. Now Matt has done an already excellent post about what to think about when deploying against Tau so I’m going to be looking at a few of the principles I look out for as a Tau player to help deploying against Tau (as they are one of the Internet bugaboos currently). This can be applied to any old army but is particularly important here – you just need to extrapolate what is happening and against what type of army you are playing against.

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