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Chapter Approved – Rumors

The CA rumors have been swirling for a while now and we finally have some confirmation as Warhammer Community has released some tidbits. You can check the listed points changes and for the armies who not have a codex, their Warlord Trait, Relic and Stratagems on offer on the Facebook page (give it a like if you have not already; it’s a new one along with a new group page). Quickly running through the changes and their potential impact (I will consider each of these as factual currently but please take with salt until actually seen). There has also been some chatter on changing how detachments from other armies work – how though, we are not sure yet but this could drastically change army make up. Read more

Wintercon Battle Report 1 – Tau vs Dark Eldar / Drukhari (2000 pts)

Round 1 from the recent (June 2017) tournament I went to. Tau list is here. Mission 1 is here. Summary of mission – two objectives in each deployment zone, two maelstrom objectives in midfield. Maelstrom included holding the objectives, killing units, linebreaker and counter linebreaker (have units in your DZ but not the opponents) with Dawn of War deployment. Opponent was Dark Eldar / Drukhari with the below list:

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Wintercon – First 8th Edition Tournament Down

I came 15th out of 53 people, going an effective 3-2. For those of you who did not follow along on Facebook, I was 3-0 Day 1 and failed miserably Day 2.

Not my best or usual showing but decent after not playing in a tournament for four+ years. Lots of information to take from the tournament though both relating to my own play and processing, 8th edition in general and the tournament itself. I’ll do a brief recap summary below but expect more in-depth posts over the coming weeks about some of these factors. I’ll make a note of where this is occurring but flag in the comments for anything else you’d like expanded on.

I will of course be doing battle reports for all of my games and included the army results at the bottom of this post.

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Pieces of 8th: Markerlights

Markerlights- always an integral part of the Tau army, and always the first target of the enemy’s guns. (Or at least they ought to be.) Though their exact effects have varied from edition to edition, their general abilities (spend to increase BS or to reduce cover) have been more or less the same. 8th Edition brings a change to this, but while many regard it as being for the worse, it’s really just one more iteration of the way things have always been.

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First 8th Edition Tournament – Tau 2000 points

So after however many years of not going to a tournament, jumping into one straight away for 8th. I feel Tau are lacking somewhat in 8th but I’m also waiting on an order for some of the models I want for my Marine armies and Tyranids (while Eldar haven’t really pricked me with the 8th edition bite yet) so what better way than to review that in a tournament setting. There will be 50+ people there using ITC format rules and missions so it will be very interesting to see how everything goes.

Exploring the list below.

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Rapidfire Review Summary – Tau

So I’d like to start a quick series of rapid fire reviews. This is not a full, in-depth look at each unit. We don’t have enough tabletime for that yet but one of the hardest things to do with an edition reset is everything has changed at once. Many of you were likely around for the 2nd to 3rd edition changes – many of you were not and are used to what has happened in 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th where the main rules change but the army books remain valid and then get updated slowly throughout the edition.

Not so for 8th. Press reset on what you know and prepare to have that challenged.

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Tau Weapons in 8th Edition

I really wanted to delay this again just for Prom :).

So finally – we have Tau weapons. We are going to start at the entire reason everyone plays Tau – the Crisis suit (if you don’t play Tau for Crisis Suits, I am not talking to you).

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8th Edition Battle Report – 1500 pts, Tau vs Orks

How long has it been since once of these!?

We are still missing a few rules it looks like but what ever stopped us from doing things early!? We decided to give 8th a go just to try out some lists and get the feel of the game. I really wanted to see how the new Drone mechanics work and try out the Sunshark bomber and Vinsanity just did not want to play Tau. So I picked Tau.

Be prepared for mistakes but I’ll try and cover them off if I notice we did them. Lists after the break.

And sorry for some blurry pictures – Macro kept turning off…

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