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8th Edition T’au – mini-preview

Lot’s of really nice information in this one – most yet I think so well done Frankie! There’s also been a release on the newest Space Marines which we will talk about later today most likely. For now though, let us drool over the stupid Fish Faces!

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What Happens in the Dark Future of Only War…

h W4 P4o X
Well, by the time you’re reading this I probably am on a plane and away to the fabulous desert land of Nevada to participate in the Las Vegas Open where I am hoping to repeat my successes from The Harvester of Souls and TSHFT to claim another trophy, or at least rank well enough not to embarrass myself. If you’re going to LVO as well, keep an eye out for me (I’ll have my 3++ dice!) and maybe say hi or something. I’m competing in the 40K Championships event on Fri/Sat and on Sunday I’ll either be playing in the finals (if I am rad and awesome) or silently crying to myself at the Highlander event (if it turns out my previous victories were only a fluke and I actually am King Chump Spectacular.) Either way, I’ll try and post updates as to the status of things through the day as best I can, although WordPress’s dislike for anything to do with mobile devices will not help much in that regard.

Lists and more below, for those that care.
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After-Action Report: Eldau at the TSHFT Open 2015

This past weekend a bunch of folks from Corvallis and I drove up to Seattle for TSHFT (The Seattle Heart of Fire Tournament), one of the northwest’s largest 40K events. I’ve been to quite a few of them in the past and most always had a good time, so I was looking forward to it. Since TSHFT recently switched over to the ITC format, it was also good practice for LVO and I had been preparing for them both for a while now. Apparently all of that practice paid off, as I came away from things with first place in the tournament and a ticket to the Cruisehammer even happening next year.

Details on my list, the format, opponents, etc, after the break.
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3++ Video Battle Report: Eld/Tau vs. Eld/SM


Hello, gents and ladies and gents. It’s been a while, as I’ve been rather busy with the holiday season and tournaments and whatnot; however, there is an upside to this: some of my practice partners and I have been working on putting together some battle reports in a somewhat more animated form than the usual. So, without further ado, the first of (hopefully numerous) video batreps for your enjoyment.
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XV109 Y’vahra Review and Rules Discussion

For those who aren’t in the know, Forge World has released another variant of the Riptide suit (available for download here). Given the fiasco that the last one, the R’varna, was, we can hope that they at least learned some kind of lesson with the whole thing in making the Y’vahra. At first glance, one might assume that they had not- it seems to feature all the worst qualities of its predecessor and then some, but having read through the rules I think that’s very deceptive. The Y’vahra, while possessing many strengths, also has some very significant weaknesses that make it more than a “duh of course you would” choice over the R’varna and Riptide, which is a good sign. While I’m not sure I would call it well-balanced overall- all the more because I don’t really have any experience with it yet- it’s not clearly and obviously broken, at least.

Of course, it does have some little faults, most notably a pretty major rules interaction that isn’t clear. So we’ll open up talking about that and then transition into a review of the battlesuit proper.
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7th Edition Summary Changes – Tau

Will we see less?

Alright we’ll kick it off with Tau as I’ve still been playing them a lot. What I’m going to try and do in these series is look at significant impacts the rules had on previously run builds and what the rule changes mean for units that may not have been used too much previously. And roll from there…

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Battle Report: Astra Militarum vs Tau Empire

fwweToday’s post features a battle report by Frost89, who has been trying out the new Astra Militarum codex and put this up for discussion in the 3++ Chatbox. Witness the Might of the Imperial Guard as it attempts to wrest back control of a ruined city from the Greater Good of Tau technological wizardry.

The report is worth a read because the it gives a good indication of the direction many new Imperial Guard lists are likely to start moving towards: a much higher portion of the points spent on HQs, a good chunk in Troops and Heavy Support, little to none in Elites (goodbye Psyker Battle Squads, you will be missed) and the previously maxed-out fast attack slot now a lot slimmer.

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Leviathan Wrap-up

IMG_1577So I was at a tournament this weekend – surprise! It was comped. SURPRISE! (first comp system described in this post). Five games, 1500 points and I ran Tau. I ran Tau with the advent of “breaking the system” – i.e. taking a very good list with a perfect comp score. The gambit succeeded and I had one of only two 10/10 comp lists yet still had what most would consider a strong (but not perfect) list. In terms of what the designer meant for this system to do, that probably worked however; we continued to see Deathstar and other lists considered “too strong” at the tournament. Most people would probably point to the Tau I ran and whine as well.

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Tau Codex Review: Sunshark Bomber and Razorshark Fighter

9628 Mad Bomber Close
The Sunshark and Razorshark are a bit of an odd pair. Their weapon loadouts and roles are nominally very different, but when you get to looking more closely at what they actually do, they start looking very much the same, which is sort of the opposite of how most dual kits work. For that reason, I’ll be combining my review of them together into a single article, since their strengths and weaknesses are largely shared (and one of them, as we’ll get to, is pretty much just superior to the other.)
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Tau Codex Review: Vespid

vespid meme2

Vespid. For a long time, no unit was a better byword for worthless, overpriced garbage options than the much-benighted Vespid; once Pyrovores made their way into the game they slowly snuck the title away, but for many older players Vespid still represent the sort of colossal fuck-ups that GW is capable. But when I said that there was probably not a single truly “bad” unit outside of the HQ slot in the Tau codex, I meant it- Vespid, as they stand, are something of a niche unit, but not in any way a bad one.

Yes, I am defending Vespid.
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