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Tau Codex Review: HQs

The Tau HQ slot, while possessing many good choices, is arguably one of the more restrictive spots in the codex. Several of the codex’s weakest choices are in the HQ slot as well as several of its strongest, making the disparity between them particularly obvious. Now, this isn’t to contradict my earlier statement that there are no truly “bad” choices in the Tau codex, but certainly not every unit is created equal, and probably nowhere is this more obvious than with the HQ units. However, there are still more than a few options for HQs, so you’ll won’t just be seeing the exact same models over and over in every list.

We’ll start talking about specific units in the article to follow this one, so try to sit tight until then; this time, I’m going to be looking at the role that HQ units play in the codex and the reasons why you’ll want to consider different types of HQs in different lists.
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Genius Factory Games – Tau (aka Space Federation) Counters Review

So Genius Factory Games has sent through another set of counters with the recent release of Tau. There are five general sets available – one for wound counters, one for markerlights, one for the PENchip, one for NOVA charging and one for Ethereal attunements. GFG has also put together a couple packages if you wanted more than just one particular set (which actually saves you money – also a bonus). They come in three colors – transparent orange, red or blue with white etching. I find the blue and red are easiest to see the appropriate image on each counter on any surface whilst the orange sometimes struggle against lighter colors (they are fine though against a darker backdrop).

Let’s look at each bundle then… Pictures from GFG’s website as they look a bit more professional :).

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Good Games Sydney June One Dayer

IMG_0330So we had another one day tournament at the GG Town Hall store today; 1850 points three rounds, 16 players – undefeated player at the end = winner. Trying some more whacky Tau combinations in tournament play to see what else they can bring to the table so was running pure Tau with a bit of unit spread (though still taking those staple units :P) that you probably don’t see often with my lists. Anyway, went well despite several major mistakes which we will discuss in the battle reports (how many do I have pending now :)?) and ended up winning all three games. I’ll put up the quick fire summary I do normally tomorrow to whet your tastebuds but for now, the list is below:

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Leviathan Battle Report – Round 4: GK/Tau vs Eldar

IMG_0285No game 3 report – it was over at the end of Turn 2 as everything I looked at turned to a red mist (or twisted metal mist…). Coteaz + Interceptor = bad news for just a couple of pods. So onto Game 4! Vs Eldar (old Eldar, not new) with a Wraithseer/Lord/Guard units in a KP game. So, not many KP for the Eldar army and a fair amount for me but many of the Eldar KP are relatively easy to get through to – the Wraithguard are going to be the tough unit and they of course hold the Farseer as well to protect another KP. Other units like the Reapers, Rangers, Guardians, etc. are a lot easier to drop so it’ll be about getting ahead and then either tarpitting the Wraithguard or playing keep away as much as possible.

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Tau Codex Review: Supporting Fire

Supporting Fire is the one genuinely new rule to the Tau codex and is universal across all of their non-vehicle units. While it may not be critical to the army’s function like some of the other features, it does provide an important layer of defense against assault armies, though by no means an impenetrable one. Some Tau armies will be able to make better use of the rule than others, but very few of them will find themselves incapable of using it at all.
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Tau Codex Review: Markerlights

Markerlights are- and, realistically, have been- one of the most important parts of the Tau army. Without them, Tau are just an extra-fragile version of the Imperial Guard; with them, they are an army that redefines a lot of assumptions about how shooting affects the game. Thus, when you are building a Tau army, one of the most important factors to consider is how many Markerlights you will bring and where they will be available.
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Tau Codex Review: Overview, Format, Etc

The Tau codex is arguably the best codex GW has printed to date. A-yup. That’s a hell of a statement, and one I intend to try and back up as I go through my review. I say this not because Tau are one of my favorite races in 40K but because I think that the book does so many things right and so very few things wrong that it’s hard to argue otherwise. Its model release was, in some ways, a bit underwhelming- we didn’t get the much-hoped for new Crisis kit nor all that many actual new units (two middling flyers and the Riptide.) The new fluff is good but hardly groundbreaking, as it still tells us next to nothing about the other Tau castes, Tau society, etc.

But where the book does succeed is in its rules, providing one of the most balanced and useable books to this day; there are essentially no true “dud” units, save maybe for a single named HQ, and almost everything in the book can reasonably be included in a competitive list in some way or another. This speaks very well to the internal balance of the book and although it’s hard to say with certainty, it doesn’t look like it will sit in any kind of overwhelming position compared to other published codices, either.
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Leviathan Battle Report – Round 2: GK/Tau vs Necrons/CSM


This is a really good game of identifying a game plan for a mission and then forgetting it. Anyway, game is a modification of Total Domination with Vanguard Strike in place of Pitched Battle deployment. The objectives here are spread out in a box and Jared has Necron flyers plus a Heldrake. That’s a lot of points off the table (490) at 1500 points but also gives Jared a lot of mobility on those objectives which aren’t close. Jared’s army isn’t great in combat nor is mine but Strike Knights, Coteaz and a Riptide are generally better than some Marines and Immortals. So the idea here is to put a lot of pressure on Jared early game whilst he has a lot of points off the table and then take over a table half to control two objectives and either whittle down the rest of what Jared has available (i.e. the flyers) or win on secondary if Jared gets the perfect drop.

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Leviathan Battle Report – Round 1: GK/Tau vs Orks

IMG_0243First game was up against Tim and his Orks. Tim requested the game against me which was nice as we haven’t played before. This is a modified version of Get the Precious! using Hammer and Anvil instead of Vanguard Strike as the deployment so three objectives, one being the Relic and worth 5VP placed in the centre of the board. Tim is running two big Boyz squads, three Trukk squads, a Nob Biker squad with double Warboss and three Loota squads so a lot of bodies and some speed with the Trukkz + Bikers.

I cannot remmeber who won roll-off unfortunately but Tim went first and there was Night Fight abound. I got Prescience plus some useless power on Coteaz and neither of us got a useful Warlord trait.

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Hammer House One-Dayer

Yesterday we had a local club one-day tournament, 14/16 of us or so. Took my Grey Knights + Tau – expansion on my 1500 list, which can be seen after the break using ever so slightly modified BYB missions. Three games on day with a final game for the top two finishers to get one undefeated player at the end. My opponent and I did not get to play our game three which needs to be resolved ASAP unfortunately but hopefully we can do that this week…

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