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Vassal Battle: New Tau vs Guard


Here's a battle I have been looking forward to – trying the new Tau against the might of the Imperial Guard, in a contest of the game's two armies with the most shooting ability. We've had enough messing around with races that bring knives to a gun fight!

I will be playing Imperial Guard against Canadian tau-enthusiast LordDrakon. This is another Vassal battlereport, so again it is worth noting we have gone to some effort to agree on and label the terrain in advance, to make up for the fact it will never be quite as good as playing on a tabletop.

On the other hand, it scores for allowing new models to be used in games with people far outside one's usual meta-game, and for the purposes of a battlereport also allow good overview shots. For this battle I will be experimenting with animating some of the frames to see if it gives a clearer view of combat. See what you think.

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Reader Response – Tau & Avoiding the Assault Phase

Morg was kind enough to send through an email and agree to me posting it along with some snowmobiling! What a lovely way for me to put an article together in about the two seconds I have spare whilst I save, close and open client files :)!

Hey Kirby, Hi.

I'm a big fan of the blog  Who isn't? *takes bets for a Meme chime in* and wondering if it was possible to submit the odd mail in article? Have a read and let me know what you think, the first point is fairly blaze blasé? (with the accented e) but I felt it was a core idea that is always in my mind when list building. I was inspired to try my hand at writing after reading the post that asked for 3 items of audience participation, I include a sample list and tried to keep it all as succinct as possible. Read more »

Fishknights – Tau & GK

I worked. I worked and I worked and I worked for this list and couldn't come up with something I liked. There were too many points in the GK. Not enough shooting. No way to get cross field. Too little defenses. Vehicles which stuck out like sore thumbs, etc. etc. etc. Every list I liked – was some crazy high points value like 2200-2300. So after chopping and changing, changing and chopping I finally got somewhere I was quite happy with…

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It’s a real word. Look it up.

Definition of Cronsidesis

a : The affliction of Necrons, Broadsides and Crisis Suits in the same army on a Warhammer 40,000 tabletop

b : The stoopid name Kirby gave this combination of units and thusly the army

c : Distinctively cheddar in nature and sure to piss off fluff bunnies and casual players alike

d : New Tau technology which looks mysteriously like Necron allies but isn’t because it’s experimental and you know it to be true

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Vassal Battle Report – Tau vs Daemons (Part 1)

My Tau go Pew Pew

Matt and I decided to do some vassaling fun with the two latest books – Tau and Daemons at 2000 points. I'm writing this as we go :). Matt won the first game automatically because of the poor mission design of 6th edition and got to place two objectives (Hammer & Anvil) and I got to place one. It was certainly possible for the game to still be won by the Tau but it was a significant uphill battle and Matt being the ultimate gentlemen allowed the game to be four objectives instead (we did want an enjoyable game after all…) – and this is why Tau a) like allies and b) 6th edition missions need even the slightest of tweaks to be made competitive worthy.

I'll split this into two posts as we took a break midway through Turn 3… Read more »

The old vs the new – Tau

tau2One of my favorite things to do when a new book drops is look at the old 'standard' army compared to the new as it gives us a good idea of what concepts of ours need to change. This is particularly true for older books who had mono-like builds prior to their release. Tau are no exception here and with only a few new units being included, such a direct comparison is quite easy. So let's take a look at an old 2000 point list from the 4th edition book (used in 5th/6th) and how it equates points wise to the new 6th edition book.

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Battle Report – GK/Tau versus Imperial Guard

Okay, so first action with some Tau. I'm starting off with them as Allies as I get everything re-painted (not that everything is painted here…) but also want to keep showing off the awesome work Jared has done on touching up my Grey Knights so they are awesome. If only they weren't missing customer shoulder pads Vince said he'd help me out with in August of last year…

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Ze Tau Missile Spam

Since I've seen this all over with people screaming for joy… pg68 Tau Codex – “All Gun Drones, Marker Drones and Sniper Drones in the same unit…” No Missile Drones kids. Edit: Not to mention, the Day 1 FAQ just released restricts Missile Drones to Broadside armor only. Fail.  Read more »

Oh, Hello there, New Tau!

So for those not aware, the Tau book is largely available to us (and will soon be fully available as it makes its release to stores starting Friday.) As is standard, I'll be doing my not-a-review first look at things and inital impressions of the book, but to give the short version:


The new Tau codex is almost inarguably the best-written of the 6e books; it has strong options in essentially every slot and has multiple good choices available to what appears to be a majority of units. Moreover, it has a varieryof solutions available to many different problems, running contrary to the common internet mantra of “you can't build balanced lists in 6e.” Read more »

Tau Codex Rules/Points starting to drop


From From the Fang: and further tidbids from Natfka. My comments in pink.

So some of you may have already seen the Spanish version of the Tau codex that has been leaked onto the interwebs. Whilst I don't have the first clue about Spanish I've been attempting to piece together some information on the various units based on the pictures and some educated guesswork. Granted the book is out in like 4 day so I don't know quite why I took the time to do this but whatever…

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