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Tau Vehicles – Secondary Weapons

This has been asked a few times but many all over the place – what to do with Tau vehicles and their secondary weapons? Several things are impacting this. First, three of the best upgrades for Tau vehicles no longer exist or operate the way they used to. Disruption Pods now only add +1 to cover (though with Jink this is effectively the same but more expensive) but Target Locks (splitting fire from a vehicle) and Multi-trackers (counts-as fast vehicle for shooting purposes) no longer exist.

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Grey Knight photos (& Tau)

Jared has been hard at work painting my GK and you can see lots of them in the upcoming battle reports for both Leviathan (1500 pts) and BAV (2000 pts, this weekend). However, I haven’t set them up for photos yet so here’s what I’m (mostly) taking to BAV – the Riptide is missing as I haven’t painted him fully and Jared’s Tau are being used instead of my own currently.

I think he’s done a fantastic job…


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Tau List Ponderings – Foot & Hybrid

Yes the Dark Angel codex review is still getting completed but I’ve been busy so you have to deal with more Tau stuff as it flys off our fingertips in the passing moments I have spare. So what I’m working with is trying to identify a way a semi-Mech list so the Hammerhead(s) don’t stick out like sore thumbs and scrapping that concept and running full foot. Here are two list spitballs so far…

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Which Markerlight Do You Take?

Tau have always had a number of pretty decent shooting platforms, but at the end of the much of what their codex brought was often only middling-good in terms of comparisons to other codices… at least on its own. Where the Tau shine is in the ability to upgrade the shooting of any given one of their units as they please with Markerlights, effectively customizing their firepower turn-by-turn in order to deal with the most dangerous targets. This is the true strength of the Tau book: being able to make your guns kill essentially anything that you need to.

However, this is dependent on actually having those Markerlight hits, and that means two things: one, being able to get the requisite number of tokens and two, keeping your sources of Markerlights alive over the course of the game. The new Tau codex has opened these options up for us a lot more than the previous one, but there’s still a lot of tricky choices to be made in figuring out where you are going to get your laser pointers from.
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Missilesides vs Deathrains

With the new FAQ sortakindaokyesitidid confirm one can take multiple single weapons for Tau, the Deathrain of super efficiency is improved. Screw twin-linking, double your firepower (and bring Markerlights). Which makes everyone’s new favorite toy – the Missilefisting Broadside, perhaps not as effective as one thought. Let’s take a look at what each does and how and what the impact is for both units moving forward.

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Tau Talking Points

So with the Tau codex out for a while, there’s some stuff that I think has come to the front and is worth talking about above and beyond my last article. I’m still figuring out a lot of stuff about the book, but broad trends are becoming evident and I think it’s pretty clear that the Tau book is easily the most balanced of the 6E codices and also the most interesting to explore in a broad sense. None of the choices stand out as absolutely superior to the others and at least three major builds are evident, even from a fairly competitive standpoint, not to even mention the finer points of such armies or specialty builds using the various named characters and the like.

So! Let’s get to talking about this stuff. These are my thoughts so far; feel free to contradict or support as you see fit or add in anything important you’ve found of your own in the comments section. Things are still wide open with Tau.
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Leviathan Wrap-up and Analysis

Okay, so let’s do the usual looking back on the weekend, a brief overview of each game and how the list performed overall (the list can be seen below). Again, the missions were taken from the published works of 3++ so were good missions overall (if I don’t say so myself :P) though Julian went for a fun secondary in Game 5 (get your Warlord dead; don’t kill your opponent’s).

So list was:

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Vassal Battle: New Tau vs Guard


Here’s a battle I have been looking forward to – trying the new Tau against the might of the Imperial Guard, in a contest of the game’s two armies with the most shooting ability. We’ve had enough messing around with races that bring knives to a gun fight!

I will be playing Imperial Guard against Canadian tau-enthusiast LordDrakon. This is another Vassal battlereport, so again it is worth noting we have gone to some effort to agree on and label the terrain in advance, to make up for the fact it will never be quite as good as playing on a tabletop.

On the other hand, it scores for allowing new models to be used in games with people far outside one’s usual meta-game, and for the purposes of a battlereport also allow good overview shots. For this battle I will be experimenting with animating some of the frames to see if it gives a clearer view of combat. See what you think.

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Reader Response – Tau & Avoiding the Assault Phase

Morg was kind enough to send through an email and agree to me posting it along with some snowmobiling! What a lovely way for me to put an article together in about the two seconds I have spare whilst I save, close and open client files :)!

Hey Kirby, Hi.

I’m a big fan of the blog  Who isn’t? *takes bets for a Meme chime in* and wondering if it was possible to submit the odd mail in article? Have a read and let me know what you think, the first point is fairly blaze blasé? (with the accented e) but I felt it was a core idea that is always in my mind when list building. I was inspired to try my hand at writing after reading the post that asked for 3 items of audience participation, I include a sample list and tried to keep it all as succinct as possible. Read more »

Fishknights – Tau & GK

I worked. I worked and I worked and I worked for this list and couldn’t come up with something I liked. There were too many points in the GK. Not enough shooting. No way to get cross field. Too little defenses. Vehicles which stuck out like sore thumbs, etc. etc. etc. Every list I liked – was some crazy high points value like 2200-2300. So after chopping and changing, changing and chopping I finally got somewhere I was quite happy with…

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