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Review of Tau Tournament List

As discussed, lots of posts to come from last weekend’s tournament, the first of which will be an in-depth look at how the actual list performed and the Tau units taken. For a reminder, the list is below.

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Building a list for 8th when you don’t know what you and everybody else is playing : a primer.

Lords2001 back again, this time with a list building article without an actual… list in it.

40k really is in unprecedented territory. After doing half an Age of Sigmar and blowing up every codex and rulebook they owned in the 40k universe, nothing is quite the same. Armies all received updated rules, effort was put in to make unplayable units almost playable, and a big emphasis was put on casual play. This is emphasised in the Index system – power ratings (a generalised power points cost divided by 20ish) are on every sheet and really easy to work out. They also kind of work, as long as you don’t completely abuse the situation by throwing every single free option onto the units and characters.

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Wintercon – First 8th Edition Tournament Down

I came 15th out of 53 people, going an effective 3-2. For those of you who did not follow along on Facebook, I was 3-0 Day 1 and failed miserably Day 2.

Not my best or usual showing but decent after not playing in a tournament for four+ years. Lots of information to take from the tournament though both relating to my own play and processing, 8th edition in general and the tournament itself. I’ll do a brief recap summary below but expect more in-depth posts over the coming weeks about some of these factors. I’ll make a note of where this is occurring but flag in the comments for anything else you’d like expanded on.

I will of course be doing battle reports for all of my games and included the army results at the bottom of this post.

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First 8th Edition Tournament – Tau 2000 points

So after however many years of not going to a tournament, jumping into one straight away for 8th. I feel Tau are lacking somewhat in 8th but I’m also waiting on an order for some of the models I want for my Marine armies and Tyranids (while Eldar haven’t really pricked me with the 8th edition bite yet) so what better way than to review that in a tournament setting. There will be 50+ people there using ITC format rules and missions so it will be very interesting to see how everything goes.

Exploring the list below.

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Kirby’s on his way to a tournament…

Yup. 40k too.

It’s a comped tournament 🙁 and is normally the one I run this year so nostalgia tickled my feet. Running Marines:

Khan w/Bike (150) – 3CP
5x Sternguard w/4x Combi-plasma + Drop Pod (195)
5x Bike Squad w/2x Plasma Guns (135)
5x Bike Squad w/2x Plasma Guns (135)
8x Bike Squad w/2x Meltaguns, AB w/MM (243) – 3CP for Bikes
10x Space marines w/meltagun, MM + Drop Pod (195)
10x Space marines w/meltagun, MM + Drop Pod (195) – 2CP for Drop Pods
3x Centurions w/Grav + Land Raider Crusader w/MM (510) – 1CP
Thunderfire Cannon (100) – 2 CP
Totals: 1848 points 11 CP

Queensland wins the 2015 40K Australian Team Challenge

Congratulations to Queensland, winners of this year’s 40K Australian Team Challenge! Several months of preparation and practice, thousands of man-hours of gaming and painting, tens of thousands of kilometres of travel all culminated last weekend in the ATC event, and the following score board:


That is another solid result from what has proven to be a strong team over the years, and from all reports Queensland deserve their place as top dog of the Team Tournament scene this year.
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Lessons for Competitive Players

There are lots of ways to play any game with different goals in mind; for example, some players play games purely for the social aspect, with the game itself being more or less a secondary concern. Some do it as a form of problem-solving, treating the game like a puzzle. Some take the game as an entertainment experience, with success and failure just being two different “plotlines.” None of them are right or wrong in any meaningful sense of the word, although not all games are equally suited to these methods of play (but, of course, if you’re having fun with it who cares?)

So here’s my list of lessons and strategies for players who want to enjoy 40K from a competitive play perspective. Hopefully you can take something away from them as well.
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What Happens in the Dark Future of Only War…

h W4 P4o X
Well, by the time you’re reading this I probably am on a plane and away to the fabulous desert land of Nevada to participate in the Las Vegas Open where I am hoping to repeat my successes from The Harvester of Souls and TSHFT to claim another trophy, or at least rank well enough not to embarrass myself. If you’re going to LVO as well, keep an eye out for me (I’ll have my 3++ dice!) and maybe say hi or something. I’m competing in the 40K Championships event on Fri/Sat and on Sunday I’ll either be playing in the finals (if I am rad and awesome) or silently crying to myself at the Highlander event (if it turns out my previous victories were only a fluke and I actually am King Chump Spectacular.) Either way, I’ll try and post updates as to the status of things through the day as best I can, although WordPress’s dislike for anything to do with mobile devices will not help much in that regard.

Lists and more below, for those that care.
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Rolling Sixes Podcast Episode 1: Talkin’ Tournaments

We’ve got something different for you this weekend, folks- it’s been in the works for a bit now, but I am proud to present the first ever episode of the non-official 3++ podcast Rolling Sixes. Myself and several other gentlemen from the Northwest USA tournament scene have come together to bring you discussion and digression on today’s Warhammer 40K tournament scene. This first episode is something of an overview of tournament armies as we see them, but going forward here we’ll be bringing in more folks- including some guest speakers- and be covering more topics.

My apologies for the somewhat-amateurish format and post here; I’m trying to get this episode out as quickly as possible, as we’ll have another one coming up quite soon, with the ambition being to make episodes weekly and appearing on Monday mornings or thereabouts.

(Click the small “library” icon on the right for options, including a link to the direct download page in various formats.)

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After-Action Report: Eldau at the TSHFT Open 2015

This past weekend a bunch of folks from Corvallis and I drove up to Seattle for TSHFT (The Seattle Heart of Fire Tournament), one of the northwest’s largest 40K events. I’ve been to quite a few of them in the past and most always had a good time, so I was looking forward to it. Since TSHFT recently switched over to the ITC format, it was also good practice for LVO and I had been preparing for them both for a while now. Apparently all of that practice paid off, as I came away from things with first place in the tournament and a ticket to the Cruisehammer even happening next year.

Details on my list, the format, opponents, etc, after the break.
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