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Tyranids and Grey Knights FAQ / Dark Angels Chapter Focus

GK and Tyranid FAQs dropped. Grey Knights is very basic with just a slight change to Psychic Channelling while the Tyranid FAQ has a few more tidbits. Most importantly, they did not answer the Overrun / Adrenaline Surge question. Otherwise, a few clarifications such as adding Hive Fleet to Spores and confirming multiple movements in a phase. Oddly, they say Onslaught does not overrule Metabolic Overdrive but also do not mention Opportunistic Advance. Frustrating. Lictor Pheromone Trail ends up being obsolete as they clarify that wherever you set up the unit that is where the unit must come in. Likely an oversight (particularly given to actually put anything in as reinforcements, they have to be put in a locale!?) but standard rules looping conundrums for GW. If this remains that way, Lictors are largely useless though the Deathleaper still has interesting qualities…

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Tyranid Codex Review – Part 1: Hive Fleets

One of the most convoluted parts of 8th edition army building with new books so far has been keeping in mind specific stratagems, trait bonuses and warlord traits for each <insert special collection of war dollies organisational description>. What I have found quite beneficial is to list them with each other and then take a look.

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Tyranid leaks – 8th Edition 40k Codex

Take with a grain of salt. Translated from the facebook group.

Hive Fleets

  • Behemoth: reroll failed charges
  • Kraken: can charge after falling back
  • Gorgon: reroll 1s to hit for fight phase
  • jormungandr: always have cover bonus (I’m not sure if i read this right)
  • hydra: reroll misses against units with less models during fight phase
  • kronos: reroll 1s to hit for shooting, IF the unit doesn’t move
  • Leviathan: looks to be the same as Salamander tactic but I’m not 100% sure

Neurothrope is now HQ, a character and no longer part of a zoanthrope unit. zoanthropes within 6″ of a neurothrope reroll 1s for psychic tests. the spirit leech thing now only heals 1 wound for a zoanthrope unit within 6″

Here’s are the bit lots and lots of people will go nuts about:
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40k Codex Releases and Necromunda

If you have been hiding under a rock lately, Necromunda is getting a revamp which is going to excite everyone and the next five codex releases have been annouced. You can see the direct linked information below but let’s look at what books are being released next:

  • Death Guard
  • Adeptus Mechanicus
  • Eldar / Aeldari
  • Tyranids
  • Astra Militarum

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8th Edition 40k – mini-preview Tyranids


  • Synapse allows you to ignore the Morale phase;
  • Swarmlord is base 9″ move, T6, W12, S8, A7, Sv3+/5++ (4++ in melee) with 2+/3+ to hit in melee / shooting;
  • Swarmlord has three levels, losing 2″ move, 1S, 1A at 4-6 wounds and a further at 1-3 wounds;
  • Swarmlord attacks are Ap-3 and D6 damage;
  • Catalyst still provides FNP (ignores wounds on a 5+);
  • Hive Commander (which the Swarmlord has) allows one unit to move again during the shooting phase;
  • Genestealers still have Rending (-4AP on a to wound of 6) and have a 5++;
  • Genestealers gain +1 attack if they are in a unit of 10+;
  • Broodlord gives Genestealers +1 to hit and they are 3+ to hit base;
  • Genestealers can charge after advancing;
  • Hormagaunts and Genestealers have an 8″ move;
  • Tyranid Warriors remain T4, W3.

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Tyranid Dataslates (Rising Leviathan) – Digging through them all

Games Workshop identified (let’s give them the benefit of the doubt, come on…) Tyranids needed something to make up for their complete lack of Ally options. So they gave them 15, read 15, 15 Dataslates. That’s a lot and we can hope one of them would actually be good and naturally some of them would just be bad.

Shockingly, this is the case. Let’s have a look at each one and how they might be applied for the good ones. You can see all the details here on the forums.

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