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Fight night 3 – Fight of the Phoenix Lords


We have on Fight Night two of the more formidable opponents for this series – the Phoenix Lords of the Eldar – Jain Zar vs Karandras.

This will be a great fight, and could really go either way.

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Fight Night pt 2 – Huron Blackheart vs Kharn the Betrayer

Fight Night 2 : Chaos Edition

Tonight we are moving to the Chaos Codex, where we get to have probably the most combat oriented character ever created in Kharn the Betrayer vs one of the craftiest commanders of the Chaos Realms in Lugft Huron, the Tyrant of Badab.

While I’m sure Khorne will be smiling on his most single minded champion, he does not care from whom the blood flows, and anything could happen on Fight Night.

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Fight Night – meeting and fighting the characters of 40k.

Fight night Round 1 – Codex Adeptus Astartes – Chaplain Grimaldus vs Chaplain Cassius

This is the first of what I hope to be an awesome series looking at the characters of 40k, having a quick look at their background and rules, and then having them fight for our amusement on the battlefield.

For this series I have co-opted long term player and longer term brother RedLetterDay to be one half of the team and control one of the two characters investigated each week.
To begin with we will be matching up each codex internally so that 2 characters make it through to the ‘finals’ of the codecies, at which point we will also introduce the biggest and nastiest characters and Lords of War of 40k into the mix – the Primarchs along with some of the biggest and best from the Forge World catalogue.

The formats of the review is simple – a brief background and overview of the rules for each character and then the fight : best of 3, with the players starting 7” apart and a rolloff for who goes first the initial time around (and a +1 to that roll for the character with the lowest points total). Charges can be failed, overwatch and keywords are in effect, but no stratagems etc.

We will then do a quick post mortem and discuss the losing character in a bit more detail.

To start us off, we will be having a pretty even matchup – two of the hardiest  chaplains in 40k from Codex Adeptus Astartes – Chaplain Cassius and Chaplain Grimaldus.

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The 25 Astra Militarum Strategems Reviewed

This is a quick-fire review of the 25 Stratagems that the Imperial Guard / Astra Militarum gained with their new 8th Edition Codex. It might also be the first chance some players have to see them, so take a look and find out what cunning trickery, explosive bombardments and off-table firepower those wily guardsmen have ready to activate at the punch of a button.

I’m going to grade them quickly from 1 to 5 stars based on a simple scale: to be 5 stars, it has to be as good as the amazing Reroll a Dice per phase that all armies and races have access to. That one is often under-rated, and frequently squandered, but used right it is $Money$.

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5 Reasons You can Master 8th Faster with Vassal 40K

Looking for a way to speed up how fast you master the new edition of 40K? You might want to consider trying Vassal.

For those who haven’t heard of it, Vassal is a program that allows users to play turn based games online. It’s very basic, and rule-system agnostic (a fancy way of saying it doesn’t know what you’re playing and what the rules are, but just lets you get on with whatever it is). Despite looking like a 1990s Amiga game at best, it has grown to be a huge hit with competitive gamers -especially for FFG’s X-Wing and Star Wars Armada.

In X-Wing in particular, tournament gamers from around the world have credited Vassal as a key contributor to honing their skills and improving their game, for reasons I’ll briefly cover below. I must have logged hundreds of hours worth of games on Vassal back while I was an avid X-Wing player, including participating in several Leagues and international tournaments.
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Star Wars Armada Wave 2 – Unboxing preview of new ships and cards

SDFFG’s brilliant large-scale Star Wars strategy game, ARMADA, gets its second wave of ships over the next few weeks. This includes the new Star Destroyer, which frankly dwarfs the Victory-class Star Destroyer that was released with the game, as well as Home One rebel capital ship and a host of new fighter and bomber squadrons.

The new ships won’t be available to purchase for a few more weeks (and possibly longer), but a few sets will be won by the winners of the soon coming Mustering at Sullust tournaments. Fortunately a Bothan by the name of Lyraeus was able to get some photos of an unboxed set in advance, so the rest of us can have a look at the goodies that are in the pipe line.

After the fold; photos of the new ships, comparisons with the old, and a lot of the new cards and upgrades (I’ve edited some of the images for easier reading, so while imperfect these are the best quality currently available).

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Innocence Proves Nothing

Justicar_terminatorHey there guys! My name is Alex and I’m one of the new contributors to 3++. If you couldn’t tell by the title I’m a big fan of the Inquisition, particularly the Grey Knights who are my main army. So I figured I’d start off with a little information about myself:

I started playing about 10 years ago as a wee lad with Warhammer Fantasy. I was living in Europe at the time and was introduced by a friend and fell in love with the game playing Tomb Kings in small narrative campaigns. After a few months I decided to try and enter a local tournament where I did pretty decently. However after about a year of starting Fantasy my family moved back to the US and I was left without any place to play. I picked up a few Tyranid models and generally just built and painted them. I then happened to meet my current Warhammer partner who came over one day and noticed the Carnifex on my shelf. He informed me he was a an avid 40k player and we’ve gamed together ever since. Besides my Grey Knights I also have a large collection of Tyranids though they don’t see much play as I rather detest the 6th edition codex. But enough of that little intro how about what you guys can expect?

I’m a competitive player, but I aim for fun lists that can still hold their own against some of the more cutthroat lists out there nowadays (I do play Grey Knights after all, not the best codex out there).

So I thought for my first post besides the little introduction I’d showcase the list that I have used for awhile now that’s gotten me very good results. It is as follows:

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So you think you know 40K? Guest Articles on 3++

With Kirby current unavailability, AbusePuppy’s absence and my own enthusiasm for other games systems, there is now an opportunity for aspiring 40K players and generals to write articles here on 3++.

This site is for the thinking-gamer, tournament player and people interested in fun, competitive tabletop games of all sorts, but has always primarily been about 40K. We get thousands of visitors, but let’s face it: 40K has been a minority topic in the actual posts recently.

If you believe you may have something to add to the body of knowledge about the game, please get in touch.

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GW Trolls Fans ahead of Age of Sigmar

The Master-Pranksters at Gamesworkshop have struck again, this time realising that releasing their japes on unsuspecting fans several months after April 1st would make them far more effective.

Some long-term Fantasy players have taken to the internet to vent their fury at what the believe to be leaked rules from ‘The Age of Sigmar’ and the impact it could have on any attempt to play the game in a balanced, competitive manner. I’ve compiled all the leaks, previews and rumoured releases in one place to make it easier for readers to assess which are genuine and which are GW’s staff hilariously trolling their own fan-base.

Use your own judgement.
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