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Battle Report – Scyrah vs Legion (65 points)

So a month ago went to a local club Siege of the Hills for the first time where they are wrapping up a Journeyman League (hence the weird points total). Will hopefully be going many times again!

The scenario was a simple one – no Killbox and each player had a 30 hit box ARM 20 objective (no special rules) which if destroyed, won the game. Relatively easy thing to kill but it was placed very far back in both deployments so hard to get to. Anyway, took a Helynna list and played against pThags – hopefully remembered the lists correctly below.

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WM/H ETC Report #2 (Trollbloods vs Cygnar)

Alright, so my round five. We’re up against the EU dream team Martin’s Manhoes ft. Rickard Nilson (Minions), Daniel Knauss (Cygnar) and Robin Maukisch (Legion). The only matchup I desperately want to avoid here is Hornacek because he’s got Fist of Halaak and it’s probably a little in his favour. So we use our team feat on Martin to stop him for being an eligible player for the tiebreak table and put me on it. As a result I end up in a game against Daniel Knauss, a player who’s name I recognised from somewhere. Turns out he was a player who’s name I recognised from the EU masters tournament, top 8 in multiple european tournaments including the Iron Gauntlet. He’s also an upstanding gentleman and a fantastic opponent.

So he’s playing his Swans into my Trolls. Daniel has a super interesting Stryker3 list which I was eager to test my meaty mettle against:

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WM/H ETC Report – #1 (Trollblods vs Legion of Everblight)

Hey there guys. I recently attended the European Team Championship tournament in Stockport as a part of Team Scotland, playing Trollbloods. I was originally going to do reports for all my games, but my memory sucks. So to that end I’m going to do my round four and five, as my day one games aren’t very interesting (2 bad matchups and one game where every dice roll I had to make that was important failed) and if you guys really want I’ll write up other games. Not to take any credit away from my Day 1 opponents, it’s just when you’re playing 2 lists that can’t crack meat mountain against meat mountain it doesn’t make for very interesting reading. The other game is Grim Angus missing 3 snare gun shots in a row against DJ and DJ walking my entire army.

So, lets start with Day 2, Round 4. A little bit of scene setting, my team is currently 3-0, I’m personally 2-1 having lost a game to some exceptionally bad dice which led to tilt in the first round. I’m not locked into either of my lists, speaking of which these are my lists:

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Steamroller Battle Report

Nice and short, last week I went to one of the local stores in the area where we competed in a Divide and Conquer variant of the Steamroller rules.  Instead of the usual two-list format, we have to bring three lists and must use each one once.  It actually caused a bit of an issue where by the third round the last undefeated person was in round 3 at 3-0, but with only two of the lists being played, it was agreed to continue on to round 4.  Apologies in advance for round 2’s angle, as we were tight on space.

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Warmachine Battle Report – Legion vs Trollbloods

By Wild

Wild here again, and I’ve got us another battle report in preparation for Crucible. For this tournament Rhyas’ full Rearguard theme list was in, as was Thagrosh the Messiah with the Archangel. The tournament was also notable for us as being the final event before we go to Crucible, and several of us were preparing, including two of my opponents. Once again, I forgot to take pictures, but luckily for my 2nd round, Anthony from Frozen Kommander was my opponent and took pictures of the end of each turn starting from his 1st turn. Check out his youtube channel here. That out of the way, time to go over the two lists I’m running.

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Guest Article – Warmachine Tournament Report; Legion of Everblight

By Wild

            Part of my coverage in preparing for Crucible is going to involve a number of Battle Reports.  For this will be my report over the weekend at our local steamroller in Miami using SR 2014.  At 35 points with casual limits, using 50 point timed turns, I pared down my Rhyas list to Tier 3, taking out a full unit of Warspears and the two War Chiefs.  My other list was her sister Saeryn, running with a Succubus, Angelius, Shredder, Ravagore, and Scythean.  The Spawning Vessel rode behind for additional lessers.  We went for four rounds, sadly I don’t have any pictures, but I’ll be going over it as best I can.  The faction listed first is who went first that round. Read more

Warmachine Battle Report – Menoth vs Scyrah 25 points


I stopped playing Warmahordes for most of this year – I think it was about April or so that I realised I just don’t have the time or inclination to play enough to get solidly good at the game to produce articles at a consistently high level. I still don’t have the time to do that! however; I’m feeling the urge again to play in light of the recent “throw out the baby with the bathwater” policy of Games Workshop. Don’t worry one bit, I’ll still be playing lots of 40k and posting about it though I had a pretty big 2013 with probably a tournament a month so something to go hand in hand with that would be nice. We’ll see if I can sustain it…

Anyway, expect to see more Warmachine/Hordes content on 3++, probably through the Forum section, with a focus initially on battle reports where I hope those of you who are better at the game will assist us to improve at a rapid pace. Also, as always, to any of you who wish to write consistently for 3++ or throw in some guest articles for Warmahordes, please let us know :).

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Warmachine 35 point Battle Report – pKreoss vs Strakhov

So played some Warmachine this past week rather than 40k – didn’t want to muddy the waters too much with the ATC this weekend. Here’s a game of my Menoth versus a friend’s (not Vince’s) Khador. He used Strakhov and I had brought…well an odd pKreoss list honestly. We played a DKFJDKJF mission and the Khador player went first after winning the roll. Here are lists:

Khador –

Beast 09
Full Iron Fangs + UA
2x2x Kayzay Eliminators
Great Bears
Duramuv (dude on horse…)

Menoth –

Full Errants + UA
Min TFG + UA
Full Choir

As I said, odd.


With there being two control areas off to the sides, Khador deploys his fast units (Eliminators + Solo Cavalry model) on the flanks with the IFP, Bears, Beast & Strakhov in the centre. I deploy off to the right essentially giving the Khador player the left control zone but also ignoring the Cavalry solo and Eliminators on that side. Without any shooting Kreoss is going to be pretty safe as long as I deny charges on him and I have excess choir boys… TFG deploy the most centrally to delay the Eliminators/Cavalry if they flank with the Reckoner + Redeemer up front and all the support behind them. Errants Advance Deploy on right where the other control zone is.

Khador Turn 1

Everything runs up with Occulation cast on the Great Bears and Superiority on Beast. Eliminators + Cavalry solo make the control zone on the left whilst the Eliminators on the right hang back a little bit.

Menoth Turn 1

The IFP didn’t shieldwall so that’s the order of the day against them. I’m very aware of Strakhov’s feat and how fast…well everything can suddenly become – especially since a lot of the opposing army has Reach. I therefore give two focus to the Redeemer but none to the Reckoner. The TFG advance and shieldwall up the middle and behind the linear obstacle. The Errants run just into the zone on the right to be out of the Eliminators charge range and everything else advances behind the two Warjacks with the choir casting Battle Hymm. The Redeemer lobs three shells + Vassal and takes out four of the Iron Fangs. pKreoss casts Defender’s Ward on the Errants & Lamentation on himself.

Khador Turn 2

Strakhov maintains both upkeeps but doesn’t allocate any focus leaving himself on four (out of range of Kreoss). The Eliminators on the right move up to jam my Errants on the edge of the control zone whilst the Eliminators + Cavalry model on the left move out of the control zone to harass my flank with large run moves. The IFP advance further and Shieldwall with Strakhov moving behind them and a fence. Great Bears & Beast  move up into the middle of the table.

Menoth Turn 2

I thought about popping Kreoss’ feat but since he’s immune to fire, the Reckoner isn’t going to be able to add two POW15s to the game and Strakhov was camping four focus – too much for me to drop him with the Redeemer and the few Errants in range I think. So I move onto normal movement…having forgot to allocate despite upkeeping. Doh! Oh well, means Kreoss can camp & cast spells I guess…

TFG charge/jam Eliminators & Cavalry on the left killing one Eliminator. The Choir cast Battle again (no need for anything else!) and half of them move up in front of where the Jacks will be placed to protect them from charges. The Reckoner moves up and blasts the Beast with a shell doing three damage – it promptly moves forward. The Redeemer stands still and lobs a couple (one + Vassal) shells at the IFP again but only manages to scrap one this time. Support moves behind the Jacks with Covenant casting no-KD aura, Rhupert Tough on Errants and Kreoss Purification to get rid of Superiority. The Errants then go and start charging stuff with four getting into contact with Beast, one with the IFP (and in the control zone) and five on the Eliminators on the right (and in the control zone). Beast takes some moderate damage, one Eliminator dies but everything else whiffs.

Khador Turn 3

Strakhov doesn’t upkeep Occulation and gives three focus to Beast. He pops feat and moves towards the lone Errant engaging the IFP and tries to smack him silly with that rapid firing gun of his. He gets two shots but kills an IFP instead unfortunately. He’s now centrally placed for extended charges on everyone basically. The Great Bears then activate and charge the Errants around the Beast to clear some of them out – two survive thanks to Tough but get trampled down anyway by Beast as he closes in on control zone on the right. There he threshers to kill some more Errants (no tough rolls here) and smacks another in the face before he runs out of focus. The IFP then activiate to try and finish off the Errants but only kill one near the Eliminators – they use their mini-feat to reform into Shieldwall. The Eliminator on the right fails to kill any more Errants leaving the Officer + two left alive.

The Eliminator + Cavalry on the left take down two TFG as well.

Menoth Turn 3

I only upkeep Defender’s Ward here though it’s probably not needed anyway. Three focus goes to both Warjacks. With Strakhov only on one focus it’s all about feat time now – I don’t pop it immediately though as I want to make sure if it fails, Kreoss is safe. The Choir activates to engage the Great Bears (doing no damage) and then the Reckoner smacks into the Beast where he kills it easily thanks to the Errant damage before. Kreoss moves up then and pops feat, getting all the IFP, Eliminator on the right & Strakhov. Redeemer moves up and drops all three Rockets on him with one boosted damage and overkills by a couple points with the extra Vassal shot to spare and game ends.


I felt the Khador player was trying too hard to get the scenario win Turn 2 which was going to be hard when there were seven Errants in one control zone with Defender’s Ward, Tough and no-KD aura up. This put him in a position to be hit by the classic pop&drop when he could have defended against it with focus camping and/or trying to drop the Redeemer with extended charges from Beast/Great Bears. Even doing what he did but keeping focus on Strakhov would have proved a better idea IMO though he was losing the Beast without getting to any of my Warjacks.

Otherwise pretty basic from me – Errants on a control zone, TFG jamming and Menoth fire shooting away! The list was pretty blah – particularly given I only had Reckoner + Redeemer to utilise on pop & drop… and Strakhov is Immune to Fire. Chuck in the Full Choir…? And ya, thrown together list though I did like having both TFG & Errants with pKreoss – something I haven’t done before.

Kirby vs Archnomad – List Selection in WM/H

Hi everybody. Kirby and I are going to have a game of WM/H on Vassal in the near future, and I’m using this as an example to talk about list selection in steamroller format games for WM/H. So, without wasting any more time let’s get a look in at these army lists. They’re 35pts, Menoth for Kirby and Legion for me. 

So, I’m running these two beauties:

pVayl +6
Typhon 12
Scythean 9
Seraph 8
Shredder 2
3 Raptors 6
Forsaken 2
Forsaken 2

eVayl +6 (Tier 4)
Ravagore 9
Angelius 8
Angelius 8
Scythean 8
Harrier 2
Max Pot 3
Shepherd 1
Shepherd 1
Spell Martyr 1

That pVayl list has been serving me very well at 50pts lately (I add a Ravagore and the Blackfrost Shard), and, whilst I haven’t played either of these lists at 35pts before it’s got the same essentials and I imagine it will be fine. My pVayl list is the one I’m most comfortable with, as she’s my most practiced and probably favourite Legion warlock. eVayl is my 2nd most practiced though, and, unsurprisingly, second favourite (out of the like 11 games I’ve had with Legion, but anyway). pVayl looks to hit (stupidly) hard  and accurately first, and then set up a piece trade that’s already in her favour, but she doesn’t like excessive shooting or enemies that can control or deny her positioning. eVayl on the other hand is a lot more passive. Or possibly passive aggressive. She looks to set up position favourably before the enemy (faster beasts turn 1 and +1 to your roll help with this) and then continually hit and run and grind the enemy down, with the ever present threat of a really potent assassination. In addition to this, pVayl is really strong against Hordes, and quite likes scenarios that are easy to clear pieces off of (with small control points) or scenarios that are hard to score (so she can play hide and go seek). eVayl looooves radial deployment because she can play super safe all game and she’s a fan of scenarios with big zones / areas to control because it gives her lots of leeway to run away without giving up control points.

So, with all that said, I randomly rolled scenario and got Radial – Command and Control (if you want to question that Kirby, ask Jamie Perkins, who happened to be in the Vassal lobby when I rolled it ^^).

So, lets see Kirby’s lists. I basically know that I’m playing eVayl at this point anyway (because she loves big zones, she loves radial, and pVayl hates this scenario because she has to sit back, but I can talk about what I’m worried about in each matchup).

eFeora (+6)
 – Redeemer (6)
 – Reckoner (8)
 – Templar (8)
Full TFG + UA (8)
Daughters (5)
Choir (2)
Covenant (2)
Vassal (2)

pSevvy (+6)
– Blessing of Vengeance (7)
– Reckoner (8)
Avatar (11)
Choir (2)
Full Errants + UA (10)
Vassal (2)
                                                    Wracks (1)

Ok, so, two fairly standard Menoth lists here. We’ll start with eFeora. I can tell straight away that that redeemer will probably be bonded, and dropping fire all over my stuff. Which is annoying but it’s fairly standard eFeora and I’ll just have to deal with it. I’m not too worried about the infantry with either of my casters, because Chiller + Typhon + Incite deals with pretty much everything short of a Cryx Horde, and eVayl has shooting and the combo of Icy Grip/Overtake at her disposal. The two heavies are harsh but definitely not unmanageable for my 4. Really quite standard eFeora, the only thing is it does pretty much entirely remove my ability to Assassinate in this matchup (eFeora is immune to my shooting and pSevvy is immune to my spells, although he’s fragile enough I probably wont need the spells if he’s ever in the open).

The pSevvy list is similar (ugh). I hate Menoth, I just don’t like how often they tell my I can’t do things. But anyway, BoV is standard with pSevvy, the Reckoner is a reckoner, can’t really comment, it’d be like kirby commenting on the fact I had a Scythean. The Avatar with Defender’s Ward can suck a bag of ***** though. I can’t really engage it head on and I certainly can’t let it get to one of my heavies without me being able to kill it in return. The angels are almost certainly going to have to put in a shift against this guy. Hopefully I’ll be able to Purify off Defender’s Ward and just one round it. And there are errants in there too, who I’d probably rather deal with with pVayl than eVayl, but at least eVayl has purification and some shooting to whittle them down. Due to the expensive avatar + full errant unit there’s not as much in this list.

If I’m entirely honest, I’m probably more afraid of pSevvy in this matchup, and due to the scenario I feel he’s “probably” a stronger choice (what with this scenario forcing your caster back), especially considering how much eFeora dislikes Purification. But I’ll let Kirby decide that.


Ok, so, we had the game. Here’s my report:

The board:

The board.

So after deployment I failed to seize ^^.


Avatar gets 4. 1 To the Reckoner and 1 to BoV. Errants run. Sevvy goes, casts Eye of Menoth and Defender’s Ward on the errants.  Choir advance and cast passage. BoV runs. Avatar runs. Reckoner runs. Vassal runs.

eVayl’s pot handlers die mysteriously, a Shredder spawns and then legion takes some potshots and kills some errants. Refuge and Occultation go up on the angels, and the Scythean gets Admonition. Stuff advances.

Ok, so this was a fairly standard first turn for each of us. I personally expected Defender’s Ward on the Avatar because the shooting that would be going at the errants is easily boostable by me, but whatever, I guess the Avatar has Passage for now. I made a Shredder to throw Tenacity out with and put my upkeeps up in fairly standard places.

After we had both had turn 1. 

Here we agreed that the forest was probably a bit stupid, so it got moved to a little bit less of an offensive position. Sevvy upkeeps both, Avatar gets 2. Errants run to jam. Choir cast passage. Reckoner assaults my Scythean and does 5 damage. Avatar casts Gaze of Menoth and runs, keeping a toe in the zone. BoV runs over to threaten my support next turn with ashes to ashes / immolation. Vassal advances over to the Avatar, and gives the Reckoner Enliven. Severius casts Vision on the Reckoner and calls turn.

Certain factions have a hell of a time dealing with terrain, and I always hate games where I feel I lost to the crappy map. Another fairly standard turn here by Kirby, just establishing dominance in the zone. 

There’s Menoth in my grill.

Angelius charges in and kills a pair of errants, then refuges in front of the reckoner. My spell martyr runs. Angel gets admonition. Ravagore advances and kills the errant banner and sets the Vassal on fire and reduces it to 2 boxes. My shredder activates, casts Tenacity on an angel and kills an errants. My angel charges the reckoner and rolls 1,1,2 to hit. ballocks. Buys on the errant officer to get refuge to trigger. Ballocks. That was important. Otherwise it’s just damage control. I can’t finagle away with Refuge because of Gaze of Menoth, and I didn’t half kill the Reckoner, as was my intention. My only hope now is that I have something left at the end of the turn that can kill the Avatar.

I don’t have a clue what I was thinking here. My initial plan was to get the angel with refuge to charge in, kill some errants and then fly b2b with the Reckoner, so that when Angel #2 came in he wouldn’t be stopped by Gaze of Menoth. Thing is I can’t eyeball distance on vassal for shit, and as you can see I’m about an inch out. Then, in addition the that the Angel’s attack on the Redeemer rolled 1,1,2 to hit (I missed a lot of attacks I needed 6s or less for this game) and I was basically stuck. The correct play after I didn’t get in b2b with the Reckoner would probably have been to chill, hang back, and make him start a piece trade. He only had 2 heavies to my 4, with spell support that would have been a much smarter play. But being just out put me on tilt. 

Archnomad throws away his angels.

pSevvy gives 3 to the Reckoner, the Avatar rolls 3, and he upkeeps Eye of Menoth. BoV gets one. Avatar walks up to my Angel and kills it. I don’t reave. Reckoner kills my other angel, errants kill the harrier. Scythean took an Ashes to Ashes and it didn’t kill a shepherd. The avatar got enlivened. (forgot a photo here, sorry)

Paying for my stupidity here. Basically gave Kirby both Angels for free. Still, I’m annoyed one rolled 1,1,2 to hit, seeing as he would have been on boosted dice +4, which could basically have half healthed the Reckoner, which would have made my late game much easier. 

eVayl didn’t have anything to upkeep. A mix of shredders and pot killed the errants. eVayl went and made a node of the shredder, and put Refuge on the Scythean, Occultation on herself, Admo on the Ravagore. The ravagore walked up and headbutted the avatar, and then boosted a bought attack on him. The scythean went in, almost boxed it and then I learned that BoV had a repulsor shield. I got pushed away, leaving the avatar on 1 box. Ballocks, again. That basically just cost me the game. Shepherd goes for a last ditch and charges the KD’d avatar, needing 11s to kill it, and I roll 10. Bah.

Still on tilt here, forgetting rules and such, in an important situation like this can easily cost games. As this did, seeing as my Scythean “would” have killed the Avatar and would also have taken a fairly serious chunk out of the BoV had I remembered the rule and positioned accordingly (I could have ran the Shepherd/positioned the ravagore so that I couldn’t be pushed back at all and could have wailed on both jacks till they die). Two game throwing moves, two turns in a row. 

“Whaddya mean, Repulsor shield?”

PSevvy gives 3 to BoV and the Reckoner. Upkeeping EoM. Choir sung battle. Avatar went and mauled the ravagore, after casting Gaze. BoM killed both my shredders and the shepherd. The reckoner got admonitioned away from by the ravagore, and then assault shotted anyway and took the ravagore to 8 boxes. Then an Ancillary attack at dice +3 took the ravagore to 1 box, and he’s on fire.

Once more Kirby making me pay for stupid mistakes, he’s basically on clean up here with those 2 jacks. 

My poor Ravagore.

This is the beginning of the end. Things got a lil hectic here and I forgot to take some pictures. 😛 I’m sure you can see where the game is going but I think I did a damn fine job clawing it back.

Fire runs out. eVayl goes and heals stuff, the ravagore kills the avatar. The pot spawns a shredder which dents the BoV. The scythean whiffs tremendously (crappy to hits and crap damage rolls) and does absolutely nothing, running away with refuge.

Seriously, looking back, I feel that my dice were probably a little under average this game, but not to the extent that it makes up for my misplay with the Angels or forgetting Repulsor Shield on the BoV. I also feel that rather than Refuge the Scythean here I should have Admonitioned, but I had basically lost hope here anyway. 

The reckoner kills the Scythean, and then I move in the ravagore to counter and kill the reckoner, and die to defensive strike on BoV. Can you tell I don’t play against Menoth very much? So, that was basically the end for me. However, I managed to claw my way back (almost) by killing the BoV and almost all the choir with a never ending horde of shredders (protip: Make sure stuff dies near the pot). It came down to last turn I needed to kill a shredder and a choir with an obliteration to get 3 corpses in the pot to spawn a shredder who could go rabid and charge Sevvy (hitting on 9s, killing on 6,6,6), but I left one choir boy alive which pSevvy fired an Ashes to Ashes at, and killed eVayl.

Yeah, Kirby totally deserved the win, especially considering I played like it was my 1st ever game with Legion where charging 2 Angels into the middle of a Menoth army makes sense in my head. I feel I did really well to claw it back as much as I did, but considering I was basically playing 2 Angels down the whole game I didn’t really see a way for Kirby to lose if he played it out correctly after that. 

The board towards the end of the game, not much left for either player.

The board at the end of the game.

So, in summary, I need to practice against Menoth. My group has no menoth players and they’re very uncommon locally. Forgetting the repulsor shield and also defensive strike (twice! >.<) literally cost me the game here. Well, throwing away my two angels probably did (I could totally have waited a turn, no reason I couldn't, and just positioned) but that's what lost me my attempt at clawing myself back into the game.

Practice against Menoth needed, and a very good game, considering the only models left on the board when the final damage dice went down were pSevvy and eVayl.

Thoughts Kirby? You should post an opinion in this as well. 😛  

Warmachine Battle Reports – pSevvy v eHaley & pIrusk

Note: I haven’t added editted pictures (just uneditted ones) here sorry, hopefully the text covers what is happening but my computer is having a fun time being…well not working nicely :P. Worry not, future battle reports will indeed have the editted pictures!

Two seperate games in this battle report but since none of my opponent’s models were even undercoated, they get shoved into one post. We like pretty things (says the man with the half painted army). Both games we finally ran some scenarios (the one with the 8″ bar through the middle) – nothing major but another win condition is nice.

First was against Jason with eHaley and a Jack heavy force. Something like:

Jounrneyman Warcaster
Min Gunmag
Gunmage Solo

I was running my current pSevvy list:

Min Errants + UA
Min TFG + UA
Min Choir


Cygnar spreads out with eHaley & her kicking buddy (the squire) hiding behind a building in the back. Gunmages behind the forest on the left with Defender, Thorn and Charger spread out across the deployment line and the Journeyman behind the forest on the right. Hunter ADs on the right as well (attached to Journeyman).

Three tiered deployment for Menoth with Errants advanced deployed in the front and off to the right. Blessing, Reckoner & Vanquisher deploy on frontline with TFG between them. Support + pSevvy behind and the Wracks in their usual triangle.

Cygnar Turn 1

All the Warjacks run up except the Hunter (who only advances) with eHaley hiding behind her building and casting Deceleration (increased DEF in control area) and Temporal Acceleration on the Hunter (extra shots). The Hunter then blasts at the Errants but does minimal damage on the Leader. Journeyman fiddles around behind forest and casts Arcane Shield on Hunter with the Gun Mages slinking around in the woods on the left.

Menoth Turn 1

Blessing & Vanquisher run up with pSevvy casting Eye of Menoth & Defender’s Ward on the Errants. Reckoner charges the Defender in an attempt to slam it with some shells but is just out of range so the Vassal moves up and casts Enliven. The Choir follows up with Passage to stop the shooting from a force made up of nothing but shooting. The TFG run on the left and set up behind the linear obstacle there and pop their mini-feat for +4ARM. The Errants advance on the right, also behind the obstacle, and shoot some Blessed crossbows into the Hunter but fail to hit.

Cygnar Turn 2

Journeyman upkeeps Arcane Shield and the Jacks + Gun Mages advance a little bit (Jacks in centre all behind wall) with the Gun Mage solo hiding behind the Defender & Thorn. eHaley casts Deceleration again and TA on the Hunter who again cannot bring down any Errants. The Gun Mages + Defender are able to drop two of the TFG between them and stay out of charge range next turn.

Menoth Turn 2

Boring game isn’t it! pSevvy upkeeps both Eye & DW and gives a focus to BoV and two to Reckoner. The Reckoner moves laterally behind the fence and tries to blast the Hunter so the Errants have an easier time of it and critically hits – minimal damage despite boost. The Vanquisher advances up the middle and puts a big flaming AOE on Thorn, the Defender & Gun Mage solo but only does superficial damage (and lights them all on fire). The TFG run along the fence with their standard throwing himself forward to play tickles with the Gun Mages. BoV runs up behind him and pSevvy sucks a focus from a Wrack and launches an Ashes to Ashes onto the TFG and bounces it into the Gun Mages, killing three. The Errants try their luck again on the Hunter and do some damage but no systems disabled.

The Vassal casts Enliven on BoV (before it runs away) and Choir casts Passage again (before the Jacks move away).

Cgynar Turn 3

Scenario win is activated.

Arcane Shield is dropped and eHaley comes out to play (through Thorn). Fire goes out on the Defender and Thorn but only does minimal damage on Gun Mage solo + Hunter. Gun Mages plink at BoV who runs away with Enliven (out of shooting range) and they fail to damage TFG. Defender tries on the TFG as well but fails but moves into midfield. eHaley casts “I control your Warjack” and turns the Vanquisher around and swings at the Reckoner who takes a couple points of damage. Thorn then gets TK’d and charges the Vanquisher, takes down its cortex and does decent damage – other systems are all operational though. Thorn casts imprint.

Charger & Hunter advance out from behind wall and peg Errants but again fail to kill any (gogo 16/18).

Menoth Turn 3

Because scenario win was activated, Jason moved all of his Warjacks into the middle of the field forcing me to kill them all if I wanted to have a chance at that win. Not going to happen so I need to pick my targets here and take advantage of his over-exposure and attrition him down.

Eye + DW are upkept, 3 focus to Reckoner. Choir moves up and casts Battle Hymm on the Warjacks. pSevvy moves away from the centre and casts Ashes through BoV into the Defender which bounces to kill the Gun Mage solo and two of the Gun Mages (leaving one alive) – no damage to Defender. Reckoner then walks over wall and smacks Thorn twice with his club (double boosted) to ensure his cortex stays alive. BoV wanders in and finishes Thorn off. The Errants charge both the light Cygnar Warjacks and thanks to weaponmaster obliterate the Hunter and leave the Charger with only a couple boxes left (and only his gun arm operational).

The Vassal moves to protect pSevvy and the TFG run to engage the lone Gun Mage and protect my Warjacks from the Defender. This was a big mistake and a hold-over from 40k – protect the majority of the army rather than the caster. I had a clear and obvious advantage at this point – my army had basically lost nothing whilst the Cygnar army consisted of barely anything and I wanted to protect that advantage rather than my caster. Instead, I should have moved my TFG to the point where the Defender either couldn’t shoot pSevvy at all (i.e. surround him) or couldn’t moved towards him (even with TK or trample).

Cygnar Turn 4

Pretty simple at this point. eHaley gives a nice amount of focus to the Defender and casts TA + TK on him to get him perfect positioning to shoot pSevvy twice in the face. Boost damage on both and one dead pSevvy.

Conclusion –

eHaley’s a chicken shit =D. I felt the Cygnar list brought was pretty lacklusture and that showed in how I readily dismantled it with my infantry and since it was all shooting, my Warjacks were impervious except up close. This was partly model restriction based so hopefully a better challenge next time. That being said, it taught me a lot, and it’s something I keep repeating in games these days – protect the caster. If the enemy puts me in a situation where it’s other stuff or the caster, pick the other stuff to get hit, regardless of what it is unless your caster is pButch on full focus camp, etc.

This wasn’t really a case of eHaley beating me through the unknown – I knew she had TK + TA and had seen her use them already, I was just more focused on the battlefield as a whole rather than the key piece. Simply a different move for the TFG would have prevented this and I would have won later in the game (more than likely) due to having a superior force on the tabletop.

Anyway, GG jason and lesson well learned!

Second game now against Vince – pSevvy v pIrusk

Same scenario, same pSevvy list. pIrusk was something along the lines of:

min WGI + UA. three rockets
Kovnik Joe
full Kazay + Underboss
Great Bears

Vince won roll-off and elected to go first.


Vince deployed in the top part of the board around the central building – Assassins + Spriggan on the right, WGI + Great Bears on the left with Irusk hiding behind the building and chilling with Gorman. eEyriss in the forest on the right.

I deployed mostly on the right flank behind the forest with the Errants AD’d in front of it. Reckoner on the left of the forest (middle of board), Vanquisher and BoV on the right with the TFG further out that way and the support + pSevvy behind the forest.

Khador Turn 1

Assassins run up like crazy people with the Underboss hanging back. WGI do the same on their side of the board but at a much slower rate and a bit more bunched up since I deployed diagonally from them. Great Bears & Spriggan run into the centre of the board whilst pIrusk chills at the back with Gorman. He gives Assassins Iron Flesh and Spriggan superiority. We both forget about eEyriss in the forest.

Menoth Turn 1

Each Warjack gets one focus to run up (the Reckoner tries an assault shot on the Spriggan but falls short) with the Errants advancing up behind the wall and getting Defender’s Ward. The TFG advance up the right in shield wall formation and the vassal forces the Vanquisher to lob a ball of fire which kills two assassins. Choir activiated poorly so only gets to cast Passage on the Reckoner and pSevvy sucks a focus to cast Eye of Menoth.

Khador Turn 2

Both spells are upkept and the Assassins run into combat with my front line – four engaged with the TFG on the right, three with the Errants on the left. eEyriss runs with them to get within 5″ of my Warjacks. The Winterguard move up and lob some rockets at the Errants but fail to kill anything. Spriggan walks into the middle of the table with the Great Bears running to join him. pIrusk advances and casts inhospitable ground with Gorman walking up and chucking a smoke bomb on top of them.

pIrusk feats.

Menoth Turn 2

No damage dealt to me but there are a bunch of DEF19 evil boys in my lines currently – I need to clear them and prepare for the second wave of Spriggan + Great Bears. Both spells are upkept and the Reckoner gets two focus. The Choir moves up to cast Battle Hymm on the Warjacks.

The vanquisher backs away to allow for a little bit more deviation for his fire bomb and shoots at one of the Great Bears. It scatters to kill one assassin, the underboss (yessss!) and sets one of the Bears on fire. The TFG then wander around to get some CMA on eEyriss and on a assassin – they drop eEyriss but fail to break the high DEF of the assassin despite CMA + EoM advantages. With the BoV now free of eEyriss disruption effects, pSevvy arcs Ashes through him onto a TFG which bounces along several Assassins – most of which pass their tough save *mutter* – in the end only one dies.

The Errants then move around as much as possible so they can shoot with their Blessed crossbows – those in combat use their swords. The end result is three extra dead Assassins with a net result of four left. The Reckoner advances into combat range with a Great Bear and smacks him twice with the club – enough that he fails his Tough test. The Vassal then advances and casts Enliven on the Reckoner.

So, my lines had been cleared quite a bit though a few assassins existed to give me bother – silly Feat! There were also some Great Bears and a fully health Spriggan waiting…

Khador Turn 3

Scenario win activated.

Iron Flesh is dropped, Superiority maintained, Spriggan gets three focus. The Assassins move around as much as possible to try and get into my backfield and combined with the Great Bears, drop half the Errants, a TFG and two choir boys. The Winterguard move up to add their fire (they get bob & weave + boosted attack rolls) against the Errants but failed to kill any but drop the Vassal. One shoots at the the Reckoner as well to activate Enliven who runs away but the Spriggan with Superiority on manages to catch him and disables his melee weapon.

pIrusk and Gorman moved towards the middle of the field with Gorman chucking another smoke bomb and pIrusk casting inhospitable ground.

Menoth Turn 3

DW & EoM upkept, Reckoner gets three focus. The TFG + BoV on the right flank clear out the Assassins there and the Great Bears whilst the Errants get the remaining Assassins in my backfield whilst ensuring several of them are still in the scenario area. The Choir move up and cast Battle Hymm and the Vanquisher lobs a fiery shell at the WGI and takes down three but fails to catch pIrusk. The Reckoner then moves around Spriggan to assault shoot pIrsuk but despite boosting fails and his activation ends.

pSevvy then moves up just a wee bit to pop his Feat.

So here I really think I did the wrong thing – I felt like I needed to get into pIrusk’s grill somewhat with the Reckoner and Feat because with the Reckoner’s combat arm screwed, I felt I didn’t have the power to drop the Spriggan (I always seem to forget the Vanquisher does have a decent P+S). Rather I should have probably have pulled the Reckoner back to block further lanes to pSevvy and then smacked the Spriggan with the Vanquisher, limited Reckoner and the remaining Errants and then used the TFG + BoV later on to engage the WGI & pIrusk.

Khador Turn 4

All upkeeps fall as there is no focus to give out. Gorman moves up and throws a blind bomb thing hitting an Errant and the Vanquisher. pIrusk follows Gorman with a handcannon shot which does nothing. The WGI move up as well to launch as many sprays and rockets at the Errants & Choir boy in front of pSevvy and manage to drop them all. The Spriggan walks into pSevvy and pokes him with a big stick but fails to kill him.

Menoth Turn 4

With pSevvy clinging to life, it’s a now or nothing approach and since pIrusk moved forwards when he really didn’t need to, I need to jump all over him. The Reckoner gets just one focus with both upkeeps dropped. The Reckoner moves up and boosts to hit pIrusk which sets him on fire and lowers his DEF. Vanquisher drops a shell on the WGI which flies off hitting no one and then BoV advances up the right side to double Arc Ashes to Ashes. The Errants and TFG move to be pre-bounce targets and we see most of the WGI get fried but pIrusk stays alive with a handful of boxes.

Khador Turn 5

Fire doesn’t go out but pIrusk takes no damage. Spriggan kills pSevvy.


Vince did a very good job of jamming me early in the game with his insanely high DEF assassins and that caused me no end of grief – it kept me on the back foot for the scenario but since the majority of my force was far away from his WGI, I wasn’t really in too much danger of being pushed off it. It did limit my ability to get to the WGI though and by admitting to myself there was no real way I could deal with the Spriggan, I over-extended myself which ultimately cost me the game despite Vince giving me another bite at the apple.