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Living Ruleset

Games Workshop has released two, TWO, FAQ / Errata documents since 8th has released (about one month).

NB. All costs are AUD in this discussion.

Like or hate the massive amount of errors and rules conundrums their proof readers / rules writers give us. Like or hate the company. Like or hate their changes. This is a good thing but raises several points of discussion.

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Epic Journeyman Warcasters

Hey guys, sorry for my absence. New job has started and likely moving soon so been caught up! I will get to all of your email requests shortly.

In other news, the journeyman warcasters have gone epic! See below. All of them look pretty solid though again my knowledge of Cryx / Khador / Cygnar is not what it is for Menoth / Circle / Scyrah but I’ve seen mostly positive things about them. Loving both Tristan and Elara though… will go into more detail this weekend :).

Until then, enjoy!


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The Biscuit Maneuvers: 3 Easy Ways to Find a Back Strike in Warmachine Mk.III

I’ve been playing some of the new edition of Warmachine/Hordes, and I’ve really been enjoying it so far. One of the more interesting changes is to back strikes- you now gain the back strike bonus as long as you are completely within the opponent’s back arc even if you did not start the turn within their back arc. This is changed from last edition, where you had to start your turn in the opponent’s back arc.

By default, a back strike grants a +2 bonus to strike in Warmachine/Hordes. Let’s take a look at a chart to see how much that’s worth.

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Mk3 – Initial Thoughts / Rules Change Summary


Oh my. Goat Cav.

Played two games with the full rules over the weekend with Helynna (battle reports coming).

All in all Mk3 feels like… well Mk2. There are a lot of subtle changes, the vast majority we knew about prior to release, but the game from a mechanic perspective feels the same. If you understood Mk2, you’ll understand Mk3. There are lists of changes running around (linked and copied below for the lazy; thank you to PP forum user Dybbuk). Where the newness of the game comes in is from the vast changes in units. From my armies I’m finding a lot of the Menoth units which never saw use, I’m considering. I’m considering a lot more Warcasters from the Menoth and Circle pools, etc. Hopefully this means there will be more variety of warcasters / warlocks and actual army builds on the tabletop.

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Scyrah – Initial Mk3 Thoughts (Warjacks)

Following on from the Scyrah musings on Warcasters we now have Warjacks (aka Myrmidons). Remember, this is based upon the spoilers we currently have and without the full Mk3 rules. We are all impatient so must talk about this n

Hyperion – The silly rules around colossals and their secondary weapons have streamlined a bit but the main gun of the Hyperion is unchanged. It’s still a short ranged, large AOE, high POW, critical consume gun of death. Ravyn and Issyria still love this guy in being able to extend range or get a second shot and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in Helynna lists where she can really help out all Warjacks (and particularly Shyeel with her Feat) and try for some Crit Fishing, Ossyan with his Crit Fishing / gunline of death or Garryth with Sentry giving another shot opportunity. Pairs well with AFG for a +2″ RNG in a pinch as well. I’m honestly more excited to see what Helios brings but Hyperion will probably see a little bit more play just from an increased number of warcasters who could benefit his weapon directly.

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Scyrah – Initial Mk3 Thoughts (Warcasters)



So, some initial thoughts time. Keep in mind the information we have is not the whole picture. We don’t know all the rules of Mk3 yet and the information we have is clearly not everything. Whether the cards are early playtest versions, second to last versions, etc. so the below is based on that information. That information may change very quickly once the official rules drop so take the below with a grain of salt and for discussion purposes only.

I’ll start with the Warcasters.

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Warmachine / Hordes New Edition Mk3 – Spoilers Summary (updated 1/06/2016)



Battlebox casters and contents spoiled here.

Mk3 comes out with rules available June 12 with official release date June 29.

Anything that comes from a card, I will just have the cards uploaded rather than quoting them (click the card to go to bigger picture). Breaks it up nicely too… Let me know if there’s anything missed or you’ve seen (please add a source) and will add :).

First of all, let us look at what the spoilers are to date (I will update this as they come along in pink for easy access):

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Warmachine / Hordes – Full Card Spoilers / Leaks

Hey guys,

Working on compiling all the full card spoilers here. I will keep this separate from the officially confirmed statistics just for easy reference in case these are not real or older versions or something in between.

Edit: for now, I’ll link the IMGURs and then I’ll roll through for some summaries :).

Warmachine / Hordes – Battlebox Spoilers

Hey all,

Just going through all the photos now and will be listing a summary and photos for reference.

The other spoilers, I’m not going to post as there are some obvious inconsistencies with them (i.e. POW of Ravagore being not what PP have directly spoiled). I’ve got them saved if they turn out to be true but likely they are early playtest versions (I believe).

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Kirby played some War Dollies :O

I know… shocking. Unfortunately for many past readers it wasn’t 40k. Even with the Tau models dropping (and…no codex changes outside of new models / rules for 7th??) my enthusiasm for 40k is pretty much at an all-time low (even more so than during 4th edition). I’ve got a tournament in a month (comped though) so that may reinvigorate me but for now… I’ve been getting back into Warmachine / Hordes.

So yesterday played two games with eMorv vs Runes of War and eVyros vs Runes of War. We took top-down videos of the games so will be starting up with some battle reports again but my question to all of you is – what are you looking for in the video battle reports? We obviously have a strong track history of good written battle reports but are still getting our heads around video battle reports. So – questions for you, particularly for smaller games like Warmachine, what do you prefer? We have down top down only in the past with some interspaced pictures but I’m not sure if that’s the most engaging so hit us with some opinions.

Otherwise, except some more soon from us (well at least me) from a WMH perspective and maybe a 40k tournament soon :)!