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The Biscuit Maneuvers: 3 Easy Ways to Find a Back Strike in Warmachine Mk.III

I’ve been playing some of the new edition of Warmachine/Hordes, and I’ve really been enjoying it so far. One of the more interesting changes is to back strikes- you now gain the back strike bonus as long as you are completely within the opponent’s back arc even if you did not start the turn within their back arc. This is changed from last edition, where you had to start your turn in the opponent’s back arc.

By default, a back strike grants a +2 bonus to strike in Warmachine/Hordes. Let’s take a look at a chart to see how much that’s worth.

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Warmachine / Hordes New Edition Mk3 – Spoilers Summary (updated 1/06/2016)



Battlebox casters and contents spoiled here.

Mk3 comes out with rules available June 12 with official release date June 29.

Anything that comes from a card, I will just have the cards uploaded rather than quoting them (click the card to go to bigger picture). Breaks it up nicely too… Let me know if there’s anything missed or you’ve seen (please add a source) and will add :).

First of all, let us look at what the spoilers are to date (I will update this as they come along in pink for easy access):

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Warmachine / Hordes – Full Card Spoilers / Leaks

Hey guys,

Working on compiling all the full card spoilers here. I will keep this separate from the officially confirmed statistics just for easy reference in case these are not real or older versions or something in between.

Edit: for now, I’ll link the IMGURs and then I’ll roll through for some summaries :).

Warmachine / Hordes – Battlebox Spoilers

Hey all,

Just going through all the photos now and will be listing a summary and photos for reference.

The other spoilers, I’m not going to post as there are some obvious inconsistencies with them (i.e. POW of Ravagore being not what PP have directly spoiled). I’ve got them saved if they turn out to be true but likely they are early playtest versions (I believe).

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Hand of Judgement, Electromancers, Death Wolves & Baratharum

Yes I still exist and while wandering around the Internets tonight I found these for any of the WMH guys out there. Will definitely pick up HoJ :). Rumored release for December 2015.

As an aside, I’ve been doing some modelling and painting across WMH and 40k so will likely start to post more soon. Heading to 40k Masters at the end of November so at least something in the lead-up to that…!


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Hello. Have you heard the good news about Warmachine??

Greetings One and All!

My name is Dawnlord Ed. I have spent much of my childhood and all of my adult life playing games (when I am not being a husband, a father, or killing terrorists). I will try damn near any game once. But, I have spent the last three years or so teaching and growing the Warmachine and Hordes community as part of the PP Press Gang and Kirby (in his infinite, pink wisdom) has brought me on board to post regularly about Warmahordes. (I also have a graduate degree in profanity so I am sure Kirby will have fun editing my posts and pictures!)

Now, before I get started, I know that this corner of the internet has always been pretty devoted to 40k. And, I know that Warmahordes is very polarizing in the gaming community. Especially in places where 40k is entrenched. In fact, after just mentioning the word “Warmachine,” I know several of you have pretty much made up your minds:

This Heretic

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Asymmetrical Advantages and Disadvantages

Tahbiasaaja_07he vast majority of 40k matches (matches in all wargames, really, this is just as applicable to Warmachine, Infinity, etc.) take place between asymmetrical forces. That’s a simple concept, and in a lot of ways, this will be a simple article. After all, the idea of asymmetry is so essential to the games we play that we hardly even think about it.

It’s worth exploring, though, and examining on a basic level, because that asymmetry forms the foundation for all the strategic and tactical thinking that you will do during the match.

Let’s start by taking a look at some of the factors we can compare across two armies. There is a difference in these factors between every non-identical list, though they can be slight. This is not a comprehensive listing, but simply something to get you started thinking: Read more

Feast of Blades is NOT just a 40k tournament. And you DON’T have to be invited.

infinity-2nd-ed-rulebookThere’s two things about Feast I’d like to get out there. One is some general information, the other is a big problem. I’ll cover the problem after the in-article break, if you already know the stuff in the first part.

We’ve been having a bit of trouble at Feast here, lately, in that the notion of our invitational tournament has becomes a bit TOO well-known. That makes sense, after all, it’s absolutely been the flagship event for us over the past three years. But we have a lot more going on. The current goal of the Feast staff is to transform Feast of Blades into a full celebration of gaming; to run events in an many systems as possible as well as possible.

That means that we have a ton of kickass Warmachine/Hordes events being run. We’re running the largest Infinity tournament, ever, and their lead rules dev and fluff mastermind is attending. We’re running Warhammer Fantasy, and Flames of War. We’ve got a Magic tournament. We’ve got A LOT. There’s a lot going on, and just walking the halls is a pretty good time. Actually, we don’t even charge for a floor pass, so if you just want to come down and hang out, support your buddies or just check it out, you’re welcome to for the low, low price of free.

In addition, we have MULTIPLE tournaments for many of our systems, including 40k. We have an open tournament that requires no qualification, you just sign up and play. We have a MASSIVE narrative event this year which will blow you away. (I’ll reveal more on that in a future article.) We have a 40k team tournament and single-elimination Friday tournament with a prize titan on the line. Read more

Forum Accounts & Warmachine Players

Hey guys – lots of spam bots trying to be forum users currently so if you’ve registered your account but haven’t been activated, please let me know and we’ll get straight on that. I know some of you have emailed me to make this happen but for those of you who haven’t, this is just a friendly reminder :). You can email me ( works fine) or just leave a comment below (with your username!) and this will be actioned ASAP.

Sorry for this guys, we’ll figure out a way to keep them out and not filter you out, too…

Also, we need some more Warmachine & Hordes authors as everyone has dried up again! If anyone is interested, let me know or put down your interest in the forums under the WM/H section and we can work something out!