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Legion Warlock Initial Impressions MkIII – Part 2

Resuming from where we left off, we’re going to look at the second half of Legion where the power casters from the previous edition live, and they have changed in very different ways.  Of particular note a few of them lost their tiers that were incredibly popular during MkII: Rearguard, Machinations of Shadow, and Army of Annihilation.  It’s something to consider with how they used to be played, though FA changes have mitigated some of the loss.



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A New Look at Axis (Convergence Warcaster)


Heading back into Convergence, I did a reevaluation of Axis, the Harmonic Enforcer.  A lot of players rank him as the worst of the five, and it is easy to see why.  He’s a living model, so he’s exposed to Grievous Wounds and other effects that matter against living models.  This also means the Optifex Directive can’t grant him Magical Weapon, Pathfinder, or Repair him innately.  As a melee beatstick, he lacks Reach.  Even with two PS14 weapons, he does not have Reach, is slower at only SPD5, and a Focus of 6.  His Feat does bump him up an increase in +2 to SPD and STR, but Father Lucant is already there naturally with Positive Charge to hit harder, Iron Mother has her Exponent Servitors, Syntherion has Synergy, and finally Aurora has Flank with her Angels.  Translation: Every Warcaster except for him has a built-in ability to increase their damage output and accuracy.  Axis does not.  So the question becomes why run him when his output for damage can be exceeded by every Warcaster in the faction?  The reason: Board Control.

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Cephalyx Monstrosity Rules

Over the weekend, along with 7th edition being released Privateer Press released its latest issue of No Quarter and it held quite a few previews, including all the initial model releases for the latest Mercenary sub-faction, the Cephalyx.  Originally an ally entry in the Cryx book, it has finally entered the Mercenary book after a long wait.  And how unique they are, with their primary engines of destruction being called Monstrosities.  Much like last year’s Convergence Vectors, they have their own ruleset that makes them the most unique yet for Warmachine.  These Monstrosities are giant, fleshy, tough to kill humanoid monsters incapable of thinking for themselves and dominated by their Overlords.

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Crucible Return Report

Came back from the weekend in Orlando where Crucible was held for the third year in a row.  For this year Warmachine and Warhammer 40K repeated again, having grown from last year, and Warhammer Fantasy along with Bolt Action were added in as well.  All of the events  from what I saw ran rather smoothly, and there was no crazy late night 4am qualifier still running unlike last year.  With the original event starting at a hotel where there was no hot water, a night low 30 degree weather,  and a small fire on one part of hotel, (No, Really, ask any of the 1st year attendees, it happened) to the Allure Spa and Resort Hotel on International Drive, it has been great to see this tournament grow.  The addition of Fantasy as well this year really has brought a lot of gorgeous looking models and terrain.  Of the three systems, Fantasy was by far the most creative terrain on the field as well as some of the most beautiful armies on average.  Compared to Warhammer 40K and Warmachine/Hordes armies, there just wasn’t a question which was better overall as far as eye-candy goes.

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Warmachine Battle Report – Legion vs Trollbloods

By Wild

Wild here again, and I’ve got us another battle report in preparation for Crucible. For this tournament Rhyas’ full Rearguard theme list was in, as was Thagrosh the Messiah with the Archangel. The tournament was also notable for us as being the final event before we go to Crucible, and several of us were preparing, including two of my opponents. Once again, I forgot to take pictures, but luckily for my 2nd round, Anthony from Frozen Kommander was my opponent and took pictures of the end of each turn starting from his 1st turn. Check out his youtube channel here. That out of the way, time to go over the two lists I’m running.

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Guest Article – Warmmachine Primer

Warmachine Intro Primer

Wild here, and this time around we’ll have a new focus, stepping into the game. It could be the rules, the look, a friend showed you a demo, reading about it, whatever sparked your interest. This article is to look at the starter kits, and what to build from there for a 15 point army list as recommendations. Each faction will be covered, as well as several alternate starters available or what is considered a starter for the factions that have no in-production Battle Box. First up, Warmachine’s side of the fence.

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Guest Article – Warmachine Tournament Report; Legion of Everblight

By Wild

            Part of my coverage in preparing for Crucible is going to involve a number of Battle Reports.  For this will be my report over the weekend at our local steamroller in Miami using SR 2014.  At 35 points with casual limits, using 50 point timed turns, I pared down my Rhyas list to Tier 3, taking out a full unit of Warspears and the two War Chiefs.  My other list was her sister Saeryn, running with a Succubus, Angelius, Shredder, Ravagore, and Scythean.  The Spawning Vessel rode behind for additional lessers.  We went for four rounds, sadly I don’t have any pictures, but I’ll be going over it as best I can.  The faction listed first is who went first that round. Read more

Legion of Everblight – Warmachine Tournament Preparation

Guest article by Wild

            Wild here, and at the end of February myself and a number of guys at my area’s LGSs are going to head to Crucible to participate in WM/H, 40K, and Fantasy tournaments.  For this I’ll be going over my personal preparation for WM/H using Archnomad’s checklist of items in his previous article.  First off the faction, originally was going to cover this with Convergence, but with a previous trial run and how disastrous that went at a local Steamroller, I defaulted back to my Legion lists.  The format for the majority of the tournament is going to be dual lists at 50 points.  That said I decided in two months time if I can get some of Legion’s most hated pieces and deemed non-tournament friendly in the groove and ready to go for it.  If not, I’ll be defaulting back to several tried-and-true lists I’ve had previously.

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