Eldar 2000 point Tournament List

I did a complete 180 on my previous list after one real physical game and then a handful of games on Vassal – the weaknesses were too strong to overcome (most notably lack of ranged shooting). There were certainly lots of options such as running BA next to Imperial Guard or SoB + Imperial Guard, full on SoB with some Exorcists and Retributors, etc. I even considered doing an alteration of my Girlyman list (with Primaris – that list needs some thought as I think it has good potential but then Girlyman makes everything good). All of them had the issue of models or lack of playtime (sans Girlyman) so I went with an Eldar list I had been working with over several weeks and fiddled away.

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Sisters of Battle / Blood Angels Tournament List

I am off to a tournament again with very little prep work *sighs*. I will get better at this one day… So it came down to two armies for me, Blood Angels or Eldar. Tyranids were in the mix but I needed to do a lot of painting for them and in the end, I went with BA as I was missing some Swooping Hawks to take the Eldar list I wanted. The list then moulded to be primarily Sisters of Battle with a BA attachment.

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Desc440’s NEW 2000 pts Tournament List

Greetings, fellow future Soylent Green ingredients! Today, I’m going to discuss the new 2000 points tournament list I’m working on.

Indeed, after the rather… disappointing performance at the last tournament I attended, it became clear that something was not working (beyond my tactics, which I have to admit were partly at fault). One part of the problem became pretty obvious very quickly: the huge amount of Tacticals I had just weren’t pulling their weight (a point I’ve covered in depth already).

That said, other issues eventually became difficult to ignore…

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Happy New Years from 3++

A happy belated new years from 3++ everyone! Hope you all celebrated the new year in your own style.

So a quick post about what to expect from 3++ in 2018. We obviously had quite a while off and 2017 brought us back again with a passion and some slight differences. Gone are many authors of yesteryear and while our primary contributors are still around (Kirby, Matt and Puppy), you’ll notice we are still not posting as regularly as we were back in our heyday. I do not expect this to change unfortunately with life circumstances being the way they are but the content will hopefully be consistent. As always, our goal is to provide a competitive viewpoint and thereby start discussions and improve gameplay. This won’t change and includes the classics of codex reviews and battle reports.

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Craftworlds Codex Review: HQs: Autarch Skyrunner

This is the last article I’ll write about Autarchs, I swear.


The final member of the Autarch trio, the Autarch Skyrunner is the variant that gets to Easy Rider his way around the battlefield on an Eldar Jetbike- and rest assured, they haven’t gotten any worse since last edition, though they are a little bit more expensive. Still, you get some very reasonable bonuses for riding one- an extra toughness, an extra wound, and a 16″ move value, plus you always move a 6″ more when you advance, with no need to roll the die. Combined with the Autarch’s basic package (which includes 3+ armor anyways) the Skyrunner ends up being a very solid unit, but from there we’re only getting started.

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Faction Preview: Chaos Daemons

The trickling of information for 2018 begins with Chaos Daemons (expect Tau and Necrons to be next). Interestingly all units from Chaos Daemons get their full book bonuses (i.e. objective secured) and full access to traits and stratagems; however, need to specialise a detachment entirely on a particular God to get further benefits. This is an odd mix of what other multi-trait books such as Aeldari, Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines have but it is what it is. Looks like all units with get bonuses as well akin to everything but Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines.

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