Scyrah – Initial Mk3 Thoughts (Warcasters)



So, some initial thoughts time. Keep in mind the information we have is not the whole picture. We don’t know all the rules of Mk3 yet and the information we have is clearly not everything. Whether the cards are early playtest versions, second to last versions, etc. so the below is based on that information. That information may change very quickly once the official rules drop so take the below with a grain of salt and for discussion purposes only.

I’ll start with the Warcasters.

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Warmachine / Hordes New Edition Mk3 – Spoilers Summary (updated 1/06/2016)



Battlebox casters and contents spoiled here.

Mk3 comes out with rules available June 12 with official release date June 29.

Anything that comes from a card, I will just have the cards uploaded rather than quoting them (click the card to go to bigger picture). Breaks it up nicely too… Let me know if there’s anything missed or you’ve seen (please add a source) and will add :).

First of all, let us look at what the spoilers are to date (I will update this as they come along in pink for easy access):

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Warmachine / Hordes – Full Card Spoilers / Leaks

Hey guys,

Working on compiling all the full card spoilers here. I will keep this separate from the officially confirmed statistics just for easy reference in case these are not real or older versions or something in between.

Edit: for now, I’ll link the IMGURs and then I’ll roll through for some summaries :).

3++ Video Battle Reports

Hey guys,

We did some filming on the weekend and cannot find the video editor that I was using before – does anyone have a good free video editor that they could recommend? Just doing something really basic in terms of compressing, adding stills and editing the audio (adding music and voiceovers).

Also, I’m not the most graphics savvy so is anyone keen to be immortalised for all eternity at the beginning of 3++ videos to do a 15-20 sec introduction graphic / video? For extra bonus points, adding graphics to screen (i.e. damage tracking, turn counter, etc.).

Cheers guys :).

Death From the Skies Pictures

Posted kindly in our forums because we are lazy and don’t want to make a whole post ;).

Warmachine / Hordes – Battlebox Spoilers

Hey all,

Just going through all the photos now and will be listing a summary and photos for reference.

The other spoilers, I’m not going to post as there are some obvious inconsistencies with them (i.e. POW of Ravagore being not what PP have directly spoiled). I’ve got them saved if they turn out to be true but likely they are early playtest versions (I believe).

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Warhammer Fest – 2016

News and leaks from Warhammer Fest 2016. From Bloodbowl, the Hobbit and possible new epic beginning to the latest of our beloved Horus Heresy and current 40k. Everything was compiled thanks to the contribution of many blogs and forums – link posted to the forums with summary of pictures.

40k FAQ – Complete listing

Here is a complete text format of the updated FAQs – discuss in comments below.


Page 27 – The Psychic Phase, Witchfire
Add the following sentence after the fourth sentence of the first paragraph:
‘However, some witchfire powers do not have a weapon profile (such as the Telepathy power, Psychic Shriek); where this is the case, no To Hit roll is required – the attack hits automatically.’

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Star Wars: Armada: The Galactic Civil War International Tournament

This is for those 3++ readers who have recently become interested in Star Wars: Armada, the fleet level strategy game from FFG.

I am currently organising an international Tournament for 30 players, half Imperial and half of them Rebel, to decide the future of the Galaxy. Games will be played on Vassal (or live on tabletop, where available)

This is WAR

not a small skirmish or some luxury training exercise. Men and Materiel are stretched to the absolute limit as the factions scramble to prepare for massive sector-wide battles. Great heroes like Major Rhymer, Howlrunner, Wedge Antilles and even scoundrels like Han Solo can’t be everywhere at once, and admirals must make do with whatever ships and supplies they can beg from their HQs.

Massive ships like Home 1, the Avenger, Demolisher and Yavaris can only be in one sector under one admiral at a time, and planning around these restrictions may prove to be as much a key to victory as the efforts of the individual admirals and pilots. Read more »

Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game

There have been rumours swirling around for a while regarding the future of one of Games Workshops most popular, but recently neglected, games – The Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit Strategy Battle Game.

This was in fact the game that got me into tabletop gaming in the first place, eventually leading down the rabbit hole to 40K and Epic:Armageddon, and to other expensive habits like X-Wing and Star Wars Armada, so it has a lot to answer for!

Take everything with a grain of salt, but since there is still an active tournament and campaign scene in many areas, I am sure I am not alone in hoping the rumours are true.

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