8th Edition 40k – Dark Eldar / Drukhari mini-preview

Dark Eldar (or their new named Drukarhi – what is with the name changes!?); Changes summarsied below.

  • Dark Eldar vehicles have a 5++ (no more paying for Flickerfields);
  • Dark Eldar vehicles do not experience the -1 to hit when moving with heavy weapons (potentially something we will see on all fast options?);
  • Dark Eldar vehicles are still open-topped and allows you to shoot out of them with weapons, including pistols in combat;
  • Dark Lances are S8, AP-4 and D6 damage;
  • Disintegrators are three shots at AP-3 and do two straight damage;
  • Incubi get +1S and AP-3 melee weapons;
  • The leader of the unit does a further two damage if he wounds on a 6;
  • Wyches still have a 4++ and their combat weapon is AP-1;
  • Wyches have No Escape which is essentially a reverse Hit and Run but each player rolls off against each other;

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8th Edition 40k – Reserves

Today’s rules drop is all about Reserves – a key component in often managing differing armies, holding units away from firepower and bringing in tactical support from unusual directions. While 6th edition moved away from the ability to completely deny an opponent potentially two shooting phases, it was still a very important option for savvy battlefield generals. Let’s see what changes are in store.

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Space Marines in 8th Edition – Weapons Part 2

Ladies and gentlemen, good day! In this instalment, we will look at the effect the new weapons rules revealed by GW will have on Space Marine armies.

First off, twin-linked weapons have been completely reworked, and in a way that is more beneficial for Marines (and other high BS armies) than for those not endowed with high marksmanship. This is simple math: the old rule to twin-linked resulted in 33% more hits for a weapon fired by a BS4 model, whereas a BS2 model (like say, an Ork) would see a whopping 66% increase in hits with a twin-linked weapon. Now, both will get twice as many hits, which is a boost to both low and high BS armies, but more so for the latter than the former.

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8th Edition – Primaris Space Marines

Primaris Space Marines are the new Marines on the block called Intercessors. Apologies for the delay in talking about this but I was told it would be a fluff post last night! Jeez GW doing GW things.

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8th Edition T’au – mini-preview

Lot’s of really nice information in this one – most yet I think so well done Frankie! There’s also been a release on the newest Space Marines which we will talk about later today most likely. For now though, let us drool over the stupid Fish Faces!

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Space Marines in 8th Edition – Large Models, Infantry and Characters

Greetings, citizens! In this article, we will look at how Space Marines are affected by the changes to large models, infantry and characters.

So there’s not a lot of info for us to talk about in the Large Models reveal. We already knew Damage tables were going to be a thing. The question is: which of our models will get them, and which won’t. Smart money is that Land Raiders will, but the rest is up for debate. Dreadnoughts and Guilliman didn’t seem to have them (though this may have been simple subterfuge on GW’s part), so it makes me wonder whether Rhino-hulled vehicles will or won’t. I’m guessing that Rhinos and Razorbacks (and Whirlwinds?) may not, and Preds + Vindis may. Read more »

Space Marines in 8th Edition – Battle-forged Armies

How do you do, fellow kids? In this article, we will look at how Marines will interact with Battle-forged armies in 8th edition.

So… Formations are gone. Ouch. While I am personally happy to see them go, it is undeniable that losing one of the most powerful Formations in the game – the Battle Demi-Company – is going to hurt our competitiveness. Granted, the thing was just broken when fielded as part of a Gladius Strike Force-enabled full Battle Company, so we shouldn’t complain too much. Nevertheless, those of us who could steamroll through the less competitive armies/builds of 7th are likely going to have to adjust to being scared of Orks, Tyranids and Imperial Guard again (assuming the playtesters and the design team did a good job of balancing things). Read more »

8th Edition 40k – Stratagems

Ooooo something new.

All battle-forged armies start with a minimum of three command points and there are models / units which give you extras (i.e. Bjorn). One would imagine extreme tacticians such as Eldrad, Yarrick, Calagar, Farsight, etc. might also be candidates here but I would be very curious to see if normal units get it (i.e. Company Command Squads, Autarchs, etc.).

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8th Edition Chaos Daemons – mini-preview

Frankie has given us a bit more information this time around thankfully. Let’s take a look.

  • Khorne daemons get +1 attack and strength on the charge and when charged;
  • Tzeentch daemons get +1 to their invulnerable saves;
  • Lord of Change has a 4++ and 16 wounds;
  • Some non-specific stuff about Horrors and reinforcement points;
  • Slaanesh daemons almost always strike first in combat;
  • Daemonettes in units of greater than 20 get a bonus attack;
  • Daemonettes have Rending which equates to AP -4 on a 6+ to wound;
  • Nurglings can deploy near enemy models and ignore to wounds on a roll of 5+ (old FNP).

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Amusing Things we said in the Comments

Rumors of change are always an interesting time – there are things you both like and dislike and it can be hard to see the forest through the trees with only bits of information and then there’s the unique smell of spraying love from fanbois and salt of those that never see anything positive. The worst part for me is none of this but the time we spend twiddling our thumbs when you just want to dive in and figure stuff out. Since we cannot do that, I got bored and was reading through old comment sections and I have to say, I came across some amusing gems. For shits and giggles, let’s look at them.

Also, as we head into 8th edition please make sure to like the 3++ social media pages as we build ourselves back up again. What made 3++ so good IMO was the great community we had and discussion going in the comments section.

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