Competitive Circle Orboros for SR 2017 – List Building and General Thoughts

Hey all, Jaden here from Druid’s Dice. I’ve got a sweet new article up on the blog for you all to check

Proceed with caution: What follows is nearly 2500 words on how to make Circle work with the new SR 2017 rules, including advantages we have, obstacles we will need to get around, and a couple of sample lists tying it all together.
Comment, Critique, and Question away, this is (hopefully) the genesis for discussion, not the be all and end all.

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8th Edition 40k – Points and Power Levels

How sweet is that artwork?

Anyway. Power Levels are lazy points essentially. Experienced players can quite quickly throw together points based lists and I don’t see any massive changes in that regard and it didn’t seem that non-experienced players had that issue either.

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8th Edition Eldar – mini-Preview

The Eldar faction focus dropped earlier today as well and unfortunately, like the CSM one, it’s a bit light on information unlike the Astra Militarum goodies we got. Still, there’s a few tidbits so let’s summarise.

  • Phoenix Lords have 2+ armor and boost nearby units;
  • Asurmen provides nearby friendly units with an invulnerable save and his sword inflicts mortal wounds;
  • Spirits seers use Runes of Battle;
  • Striking Scorpions Mandiblasts deal mortal wounds;
  • Banshess are one of the fastest infantry units and “nearly always” get to go first in the Fight phase;
  • The Avatar has melta type melee and ranged weapons without the half distance restriction.

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8th Edition 40k – Datasheets and Rubric Marines

Like Warscrolls, everything is on one sheet. We see keywords and nearly every rule referenced in one convenient location. Although many experienced players were well able to remember the majority of the rules in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th, 7th became a crazy town with the amount of rules references you needed to recall. This simplification reduces that significantly and will hopefully get rid a lot of the silliness we saw with bringing multiple armies through allies, units / characters through dataslates and formations to make the most impossible min / maxed army spanning 13 different publications.

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Space Marines in 8th Edition – Charge, Fight and Morale Phases

Welcome back! In this instalment, we will look at how our Space Marine armies will be affected by the changes to the Charge, Fight and Morale phases.

So the basic mechanics for Charging remain pretty much the same. A minor but helpful (for us, at least) change is that you can fire Overwatch for as long as your unit is not locked in CC. This will punish armies that try multiple long charges against our primarily-shooty army. The fact that you only have to be within 1 inch of an enemy model to lock it in CC is mostly going to be a hindrance for Marines (again, primarily shooty army and all that), but the silver lining is that our slow foot assault units like Assault Terminators, Honour Guard, CC Scouts and Assault Centurions will have a bit of an easier time reaching combat (though in the case of the Termies (and also likely the Centurions), it’s a wash given they lost an inch of movement).

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8th Edition 40k – Shooting Profiles 2

So they put this up late last night, sorry about the delay.

In today’s instalment of new rules we get some expansion on weapon profiles; excellent. Specifically we get to see what twin-linking, melta, combi-weapons and blasts all do with reference to a specific profile. Count me in!

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Space Marines in 8th Edition – Shooting Phase

Good day! In this article, we look at how the Shooting phase and Marine armies will interact in 8th edition.So, right off the bat, a big difference from 7th ed is that every squad member will be able to shoot at a different target. This just makes sense: unless every single Marine in the 40k universe is an absolute moron, there is no reason why a Tactical Squad’s Lascannon-equiped heavy weapon trooper would shoot at a mob of Ork Boyz with the rest of his bolter-equip Battle Brothers instead of directing his fire at the Deff Dread bearing down on his unit. This change is going to make a lot of our squads a LOT more efficient: Tactical squads, Terminator squads  and Sternguard squads will be able to bring their firepower to bear A LOT more effectively.

8th Edition Astra Militarum – mini-Preview

Unlike the Chaos Space Marines mini-Preview, we’ve actually been given some rules for Astra Militarum in the tidbit from Reece; for that I thank you Reece.

They are straight forward so let’s look at them in bullet form.

  • Commissar limits losses of a bad Morale test;
  • Ratlings can pick out characters;
  • Leman Russes have Toughness 8, Wounds 12, Save 3+ and don’t start slowing down until they have lost 6 wounds;
  • Orders automatically pass and there are seven of them;
  • First Rank, Fire! Second Rank, Fire! treats lasguns as rapid fire 2 (so 2 shots at full range, 4 shots at half range).

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40k 8th Edition – Characters

Sorry this one is a bit late guys!

As an aside, the faction focuses that are being put up on Warhammer Community have offered no information other than random teasers so won’t be posting about them here unless we get concrete information. Nevermind, just read the Astra one and there are rule tidbits there so will post them up shortly.

So then. Characters. They are radically different from what we have come to be familiar with from 5th edition through to 7th where they could join squads, often multiple characters at once, transfer USRs, you could use allies or dataslates to get specific access to characters in a min/maxing hell, characters were used as bullet shields for units through Look Out Sir! and challenges, etc. The result was deathstars of unimaginable rules layering, durability and frustration. Read more »

Infantry and the Wound Chart – It’s a Brave New World.

Well…. damn. If that isn’t the simplest looking wound chart I ever saw.

The latest preview gives us a lot to deal with in a very short post:

  • The way everything can wound anything has been clarified
  • The fact infantry units can split fire has been confirmed – and it’s confirmed that they do so with a huge amount of targeting freedom
  • Most of our speculative maths have been proven wrong and need updating to how damage is really going to be done.

8th Edition 40k really is going to be a Brave New World.

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