Space Marines Codex Leak – Updated

Taken from Blood of Kittens and Reddit.

Warlord Traits: 

  • Angel of Death: -1 Leadership for enemies within 6″ of Warlord
  • The Imperium’s Sword: +1 Attack and Re-roll Charges for the Warlord
  • Iron Resolve: +1 Wound and 6s Ignore wounds
  • Storm of Fire: Characters within 6″ of the Warlord add -1 to all other characters wounds of 6s in the shooting phase.
  • Rites of War: Units within 6″ of the Warlord auto pass Morale.
  • Champion of Humanity: +1 to hit and wound when Warlord of targets another character in the Fight phase.

Chapter Specific Warlord Traits

  • Ultramarines: Each time you spend a CP it is refunded on 5+ while your Warlord is alive.
  • White Scars: Warlord’s charge moves cause 1 mortal wound of on 4+
  • Imperial Fists: Units within 6″ of Warlord give cover to weapons with -1 AP
  • Crimson Fists: D3 bonus attacks if Warlord more than 10 enemy models within 6″
  • Oathkeeper: 6″ Heroic Intervention for Warlord
  • Salamanders: +1 Str to Warlord
  • Raven Guard: Enemy Units cannot fire Overwatch again Warlord
  • Iron Hands: 6+ hits cause an additional attack for Warlord

Point Changes

  • Speeders 10 points cheaper
  • Whirlwind 15 points cheaper

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Review of Tau Tournament List

As discussed, lots of posts to come from last weekend’s tournament, the first of which will be an in-depth look at how the actual list performed and the Tau units taken. For a reminder, the list is below.

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Iron Hands Chapter Tactic

Iron Hands – we know the 6+ FNP but we actually get some specific rules with regards to what their specific stratagem (move and shooting heavy weapon without penalty).

Chapter Focus: Iron Hands

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Salamanders Chapter Tactic

These pieces are getting less on information and more on emotive words telling us nothing…

Chapter Focus: Salamanders

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White Scars Chapter Tactic… and the Rest!

Chapter Focus: White Scars

In today’s Chapter Focus we’re looking at the White Scars, peerless masters of the hunt. Similar in some respects to the Raven Guard (who we previewed yesterday), the White Scars exchange the stealth of their brethren for unparalleled speed.

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Building a list for 8th when you don’t know what you and everybody else is playing : a primer.

Lords2001 back again, this time with a list building article without an actual… list in it.

40k really is in unprecedented territory. After doing half an Age of Sigmar and blowing up every codex and rulebook they owned in the 40k universe, nothing is quite the same. Armies all received updated rules, effort was put in to make unplayable units almost playable, and a big emphasis was put on casual play. This is emphasised in the Index system – power ratings (a generalised power points cost divided by 20ish) are on every sheet and really easy to work out. They also kind of work, as long as you don’t completely abuse the situation by throwing every single free option onto the units and characters.

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Ravenguard Chapter Tactic

Chapter Focus: Raven Guard

The Raven Guard are a dark and mysterious Chapter, specialising in covert warfare. Using speed and stealth, the Raven Guard stalk their enemies before unleashing a lethal killing blow, before melting back into the shadows once more. In the new Codex: Space Marines, the Raven Guard are a diverse and flexible army, taking full advantage of stealth, shooting and melee to annihilate their foes.

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Wintercon – First 8th Edition Tournament Down

I came 15th out of 53 people, going an effective 3-2. For those of you who did not follow along on Facebook, I was 3-0 Day 1 and failed miserably Day 2.

Not my best or usual showing but decent after not playing in a tournament for four+ years. Lots of information to take from the tournament though both relating to my own play and processing, 8th edition in general and the tournament itself. I’ll do a brief recap summary below but expect more in-depth posts over the coming weeks about some of these factors. I’ll make a note of where this is occurring but flag in the comments for anything else you’d like expanded on.

I will of course be doing battle reports for all of my games and included the army results at the bottom of this post.

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Ultramarines Chapter Tactic

Ultramarines and the Redemptor Dreadnought: First Look

It’s not long now until the Space Marines codex is out, bringing new units and new tactics to the Adeptus Astartes. Today, we’re getting a chance to look at the colossal Redemptor Dreadnought, one of the most exciting units in the forthcoming codex, with a live demonstration onWarhammer TV. Studio Manager James Karch will be adding the might of this colossal war-engine to his Sons of Guilliman – you’ll get to witness first-hand just how destructive it can be. James will also be using the new Ultramarines Chapter Tactics – you’ll want to tune in and catch the action for a deep dive into what the new codex can bring to a Space Marines army. To give you an idea of what you can expect, here’s a quick overview of what the Redemptor Dreadnought and the Ultramarines can do in the game:
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Pieces of 8th: Markerlights

Markerlights- always an integral part of the Tau army, and always the first target of the enemy’s guns. (Or at least they ought to be.) Though their exact effects have varied from edition to edition, their general abilities (spend to increase BS or to reduce cover) have been more or less the same. 8th Edition brings a change to this, but while many regard it as being for the worse, it’s really just one more iteration of the way things have always been.

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