Necrons – 8th edition Full leak

Necrons with everything! Last page blurry sorry.

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Orks – Full 8th Edition Leak

Full Orks drop.

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Imperium Adeptus, Inquisition and Custodes – Full 8th edition Leaks

This includes your Adeptus, Inqusition, Assassins, Custodes, etc. No Sisters of Battle as we spoiled that already.

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Eldar Craftworlds, Harlequins and Ynnari – 8th edition Full leak

Will be uploading pictures as I get them – have full list for Eldar and co.

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AM IMPERIAL GUARD LEAKS – The Hammer of the Emperor Finally Descends on 8th Edition

Now updated with handy points costs and comparisons.

The well-disciplined Imperial Guard (Astra Militarum) may have kept their plans and organisation under better wraps than the vast majority of 40K armies, but the time has now come for the foes of the Emperor to quake at the first signs of the many billion-strong forces preparing to array against them.

The first look at the IG in 8th edition shows an army that is familiar yet different from the past. Many of the best loved features remain (veterans, heavy and special weapon squads, officers, Orders and the relentless tread of heavy tanks), but the army has clearly been adapted to the new edition. The devil is in the details with the new codex.

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Grey Knights – 8th edition Leaks

Grey Knights! The weapons page is really blurry but looks like statlines have ported across as expected (salvo turning to heavy for psycannon) and psilancer doing D3D. Purifiers lose an attack as well and Storm Bolters are much improved with Rapid Fire 2 in terms of raw damage.

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Dark Eldar / Drukhari – 8th edition leaks

All the Dark Eldar I think! A couple of missing units.

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Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Daemons – 8th edition Leaks

More leaks of the CSM and Chaos Daemons. A lot of the CSM we’ve seen before so some may be reposts but there are Khorne units!

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Imperial Knights, Space Wolves and Tyranids – 8th Edition Leaks

They just keep rolling in. I wish someone would learn to camscan.

From Warhammer 40000 FB group:

Gallant: 389.
Errant: 430
Paladin: 463
Warden: 471
(+5 for Gauntlet upgrade)
Crusader: 508 for Thermal, 540 for Battlecannon

And that’s without Carapace weapons.

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Bits of 8th: The Wound Chart

So it’s been a while, hasn’t it Pinkers? But I’m back again and will be writing off and on again for 3++, so you’ll probably see more of me around here in the coming months.

But that’s not really what I’m here to talk about- I want to talk about some of the facets of 8th edition that haven’t been discussed a whole lot. Obviously everyone is pretty excited by the previews and the rules changes we know about, but not everything has gotten equal attention, so over the next three-ish weeks I’ll be talking about parts of the new edition that I think deserve more attention than they’re currently getting. So, let’s dive in.

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