Review: Eldar Night Spinner

So the stats are finally out on this ‘new’ Eldar tank. We discussed the rumors before here but now thanks to Heresy-Online, the stats have been published courtesy of a White Dwarf c&v. Here it is reproduced from H-O:

“The recently released Night Spinner stats are in the new White Dwarf.

Night Spinner…….. 115pts

Night Spinner 12 12 10 3

Fast, Skimmer, Tank

Linked Shuriken Catapult and Night Spinner

Range: 72″ S:6 AP:- Large Blast, Rending, Twin-Linked

Standard Eldar vehicle upgrades apply.

Any units hit moves as in difficult and dangerous terrain during their next turn.

– Nice!”

So pretty much what we expected. No Ord status. No barrage. No AP. No multiple shots. A 5″ S6 template which is twin-linked, takes up a Heavy slot and has the lovely abilities of Rending and moving through dangerous terrain. Woohoo. It screws hordes a new one, news flash: hordes aren’t good! You do have to account for hordes in your army but Prisms do this nearly as well with more anti-tank to boot. Add in Eldar’s ability to simply destroy hordes thanks to their mobility and high amount of S6 firepower…ya not really needed.

For upgrades, same as Prism: chin shuriken cannon and nothing else thanks. Everything else is just a waste of points (see Eldar articles on Eldar vehicle upgrades) and doesn’t add to the tank. So 125 pts for S6 AP- 5″ blast, AV12 chassis & 3 S6 shots…no thanks.

So potential fixes. Again give it an AP, just 6 and Ord Barrage status and make it under 100pts. Now at least it’s competing with the Prism in theory. Make it D3 shots or 2 shots and again, it’s competing. Move it into the Fast Attack slot (or more likely the Faclon), now we’re talking. The above changes actually make you consider it as you can keep your Prisms and/or Falcons, add more AV12 chassis to your army and not lose out significantly in scoring (DAVU Falcons) or anti-tank (because the Night Spinner is useless against mech or static armies).

Do I think these will happen? Unlikely, we’ll see when the new codex comes out whenever. Do I think GW was using this just to release two tanks at once? Pretty much and I’m disappointed in them. They could of made it competitive with the Fire Prism/Falcon without making it an auto-pick and then changed the rules when the new codex rolled around. As it is, this will simply be a fun tool in fun games or another indication to Orks they should stop fielding hordes.

Email in: 500 pt Dark Eldar army advice

Hey, me here again.

I was able to get my job back for the summer (poor college student, YEAH!) and therefore can waste money on 40K (ordered my first Eldar models today).

However, to get some practice in before they come in I figured I would mess around with the DE that my friend owns that he never plays. The second I saw that he swore by using 3 Talos instead of Ravagers confirmed my thoughts on as to why he quit playing DE.

Anyway, I played a quick 500 pt game today against Space Wolves (also a new player with not so many good models) and unfortunately couldn’t record it. Hilarious things to note however are:

1. It took 5 Dark Lance shots to down his 1 Land Speeder (his only vehicle)
2. I failed my Shadowfield save on the first roll for it…
3. If the game would of ended on turn 5, I would of won. I would of tied on turn 6. It went to turn 7….. Yeah.
4. I actually would of tied turn 7 but I had to flat-out a Raider in order to contest. He needed 6’s to hit and rolled 6 sixes out of like 8 attacks. Yeesh.
5. 5 total objectives, a little much lol.

Here is the list for reference:

Dracon (Shadowfield)
5 Warriors (x2 Splinter Cannons)
Raider (Nightshield)

5 Wyches (x1 Blaster)
Raider (Nightshield)

5 Warriors (x2 Splinter Cannon)
Raider (Nightshield)

x5 Warriors (x2 Splinter Cannon)

500 right on.

My opponent’s list was basically 3-4 grey knight squads with plasma and or flamers, an assault squad, and one Land Speeder

As far as my tactics went, I won the roll, deployed second, then stole the initiative like a boss. I placed 1 objective right near the corner on my left hand side and placed the foot Warrior squad in the cover right next to it (where they stayed all game until they went to ground and were assaulted/killed). The 3 Raiders first focused on killing his Land Speeder (the one unit he had that I feared) with the Wych Raider and Warrior Raider gave the HQ Raider cover saves. Once the Speeder was down I sent the Wych Raider to tie up combat with the assault squad he was using to go after an objective and tie them down, while the HQ Raider and Warrior Raider dodged fire, parked near my board edge near an objective and sniped. However, I made a poor gamble as I aimed for the game to end on turn 5 (I disembarked my HQ to claim the objective while giving them cover with the Raider FTW) but the game went on after his turn and my Dracon and co were ran off the table. The Wyches died, as did the Warriors in cover, and the game was tied on turn 6 with him only having one objective while my Warriors disembarked and claimed one, and the Wych Raider contested another. The game went on again to turn 7 and he, well, you know….

Considering games to follow, I have the following other models at my disposal:

2 Haemunculi (one with Destructor one with Stinger)
A bunch of Jetbikes
3 Talos
A shit-ton of Wyches
(sucks I know)

Maybe make the Haem an HQ and put it with the Wyches for Destructor fun? Give one (or more) Raiders Disintegrators?

Any advice for this low-point learning extravaganza would be awesome.

Well I was thinking, lance spam from point 1…that’s the best DE advice until the bottom. No more Ravagers or Raiders!? What!? Well to modify your list I can’t really see much to do. I’d drop the nightshields which are generally your last upgrade as more weapons are better and maybe put some combat upgrades on the Dracon/Wyches and maybe Sybrates (I misspelled that, go not having my codex). Really all you’re going to do with this list is outshoot people at range with your Lances then if they get close move forward to assault them. Shadowfield is lol but it either wins games or makes you cry. I remember one game back in the US and I simply couldn’t kill my opponent’s Archon (they rolled 1 die for their Shadowfield…rigged!). He saved about 30 2+ invuls and I pretty much got tabled.

Again since we can’t add Ravagers or Raiders…really not much. You could drop the Nightshields for Bikes w/Blasters potentially. Or bump the Wyches to 10 wo/men. You could indeed do the Haemmy w/Destructor, though 3 of them is fun for lols 1 might just be upsetting. I wouldn’t really drop a Lance for Disen; whilst you’re not going to see much Mech at 500pts, you’ve only got 3 + a Blaster and the Splinter Cannons + combat should be okay for anti-infantry.

If you start DE as well though, awesome. Love DE but waiting for their new codex to start collecting again :).

Email in: thanks and another request

“Hey Kirby just wanted to say thanks for helping me with that blood rodeo ard boy list. It did great massacring a dual lash and calgar codex horde in the first two missions but got massacred in the third by a foot slogging wolves list with only 15 kill points. I have a more challenging request for you now. I have an 1850 tournament coming up that I want to take my blood angels successor chapter the knights of blood and to be honest I don’t play 1850 too much and don’t really know what kind of balance between scoring units and hammers are different from 2000. My pride and joy of my 2k list are my 2 terminator units in storm ravens and I want to include them.

So basically an 1850 Blood Angel list that must include

1 Grey knight hero (Brother Captain or Grandmaster) with psychic hood and Grey knight Terminator Retinue
5x Assault Terminators any combination of hammers and claws
2x sanguinary priests
2x Storm Ravens with extra armor.

I know that is a lot of points and this may be a tall order but I was just wondering what you could throw together.”

Well first off, congratulations on the wins (Zachary placed 2nd in his ‘ard Boyz but isn’t going to the semis)! I think we can improve on the Blood Rodeo @ 2500 now we’ve got some more input from individuals so I’ll look at that later. I’ve asked Zachary if he can provide us with pics and/or battle reports which would be nice but okay if not! So let’s get onto his next request, Stormravens. I did a couple posts on them here and here and the general consensus is it’s not that great a balanced force and it’s really hard to fit everything in at 2000. We’ve got even less points here so let’s see what we can do.

So with what I’ve been given to work with we have 954 points already gone assuming BC + Retinue don’t have any goodies and we still need Troops and HQ. Let’s add in 2 Dreads first for those Ravens & a Libby w/Lance & Shield and we’ve got 586 points left. Not much is it. I originally said we only really want Speeders to go with our Fast Skimmer Ravens but let’s take a look at what Eddie suggested in the 2nd Stormraven link with small ASM in RBacks.

These babies w/TL-HF, meltagun & infernous pistol are 145 points meaning we can just squeeze in 4. Let’s see what we have then.

HQ –
Libby w/Blood lance & Shield of Sanguine
Brother Captain w/3x GKTs

Elites –
5x TH/SS Terminators
2x Sanguinary Priests

Troops –
4x 5x ASM w/meltagun, infernous pistol, Razorback w/TL-Heavy Flamer

Heavy Support –
Stormraven x2 w/EA
Dreadnought x2

Well go me being a duffer, we’ve got too many Heavy Supports. We’ll drop two infernous pistols from the ASM squads then and swap a Dreadnought for a Furioso w/magna grapple and I think that’s essentially what we are going to get at 1850. We could drop an ASM for some Speeders or beefing up the GKT but I think overall the list is a bit lacking and there isn’t that huge a need for Sanguinary Priests. I think going back to Eddie’s list if you want Terminators in Storm Ravens is your best bet. You’d need to drop the Furioso Libby upgrades & some pistols here and there to get it to 1850 (2 pistols actually) and I still might change around Mephiston for HG + Libby for a FNP/FC bubble, but I think that’s your best bet. You don’t get the 2x Terminators but I just can’t see a balanced BA list w/2x raven/termie combo. If you still want it I’d use the list given here as your basis for trial otherwise if you wanted to use Stormravens in a more ‘balanced’ army I’d go for trimming Eddie’s list.

Armies in 5th: Psychic Powers: Space Marines

The first book of 5th edition was the Space Marines and they really brought about the “beginning” of everyone realising psychic powers were back. Whilst everyone complained about Libbies dropping to 2 wounds and less attacks and thus not being combat beasts…oh well, they never were meant to be that. Whilst I think SC’s w/2 wounds is silly (I.e. Tiggy and Njal) it’s part of life we have to deal with. This was also the introduction of ranged limited psychic defences, thanks 24” hoods. It’ll be interesting to see if Eldar get this with their Runes of Warding as well… So let’s look at the Libby spells. As before we’ll do in order of what I think are the best to the worst.

Null Zone – Did anyone really have anything else here? You can stick a Null Zone libby in any army and you’ve got your HQ sold yet Warseer still complains about Marine HQs. So your Captain isn’t a beast, wahwah. What this spell does is make every unit which relies on an invul save (I.e. Nobs in combat, Seer Council, TH/SS termies, Daemons, etc.) less effective. TH/SS termies are less survivable than something in cover when now hit with an AP2/1 weapon. This means all your low AP weapons, armouring ignoring close combat units, etc. are suddenly more effective and against units like Councils and Daemons, it will win you games. Don’t. Leave. Home. Without. It.

Now these next few spells are all really dependent on what type of list you’re running and so are down to personal preference as secondary powers (I.e. Vortex on a walking Libby is silly but not on a bike/termie libby).

Gate of Infinity – When the codex came out, everyone latched onto this power. The ability to essentially move 24” but not assault had a lot of awesome tactics when combined with locator beacons but the problem was the unit is generally left on it’s own and without locator beacons…has minimal impact. However, when locator beacons are around or you’re quite happy to simply have your Libby used as a utility guy w/Null Zone & GoI, GoI can be very useful, especially for late objective grabbing (though it’s uses here are limited). The ability to bring certain units to bear (I.e. sternguard) within their optimum range is classic of Space Marine tactics (fluff-wise). Would I use it without locator beacons? Most likely not but it does have its uses when there aren’t any around.

Avenger – AP3 templates are always nice but the obvious problem is range. If you’re in a transport or on bike this might be a good option as it can make clearing objectives a lot easier. The S5 also means you’re insta-killing most objective holders on a 2+. Follow up with a nice charge… I find though with this spell the Libby seems geared for “combat” or getting up close and personal which isn’t really the case. I find Avenger is best used if you think of it like a combi-flamer, you’re really only ever going to get one shot with it unless you’re lucky.

Vortex of Doom – S10 AP1, blast? Oh it’s heavy and ranged 12” so really it’s best use is going to be on a bike where the Libby can move and shoot and also get within range (though you can at least be screened with Vortex). Problems though lie in the short ranged, much like Avenger and the impressive statline may have you moving closer when you shouldn’t. When you consider bike armies have a lot of meltaguns/suppression fire you’re not that fussed about the anti-tank ability and whilst it is a blast, TL-bolters and templates are generally better anti-infantry platforms. The real advantage of this is the S10 meaning you can ID T5 characters or models and against AV14 you’ve got another gun which is always nice.

For a biker Libby I’d say it comes down between these last 2. They are both close ranged and if you want the extra cover busting, go for Avenger. What the S10, go for Vortex but remember you’re unlikely to shoot them much either way and Null Zone is the primary power. So back to the order of powers. We’re getting into the powers I think are pretty much ignorable and unfortunately there are a lot more in this book than other books.

Force Dome – Unlike SW/BA this is a 5+ invul, not cover. This is good against most armies as there are a lot less invul ignoring weapons compared to cover ignoring weapons. However, unlike BA and like SW, this is a full turn power and cannot be used in your opponent’s turn which drops this down the list. Furthermore, it’s just him and his unit (no 6” radius) so it’s basically only usable for a Podding unit which is out in the open and not usable in mech armies where BA/SW find their primary uses.

Machine Curse – This is a funny one. Basically a 3+ chance (minus psychic stuff) to glance a vehicle. Not bad but 24” range and Rhinos only having 2 Firepoints generally means this isn’t what you want shooting out of Rhinos. Furthermore, Scouts don’t have the same range limitations and don’t really enjoy shooting vehicles anyway.

Quickening/Might of the Ancients – These 2 powers are essentially combat carry-overs from the previous codex and best left to someone like Mephiston. Whilst I10 from Quickening is funny to “assassinate” enemy characters, this also means you need the 50 point Epistolary upgrade to be able to use the Force Weapon and only S4 w/4A on the charge isn’t always going to get it done. Add in the weak defences (2W, no invul) and they aren’t really combat characters anymore. Same with Might of the Ancients. Mini-MC is nice but not really needed. If you need the Libby kicking butt for you in combat, you’re doing something wrong.

Smite – Short ranged AP2 shooting power? Avenger is going to be better more often than not thanks to its template nature. There are much better shooting attacks in Vortex or Avenger and this should just not be used.

Libbies should nearly always be taken in SM armies (dual Command bikers = exception) as your primary HQ. The ability to provide psy defense is worth the 100pts + the ability of Null Zone to just screw over certain armies. Therefore I really think it comes down to Null Zone + GoI/Vortex/Avenger but there are some uses for Machine Curse/Force Dome. Briefly on the libby as well it’s generally best to leave him bare. No real need to spend the points on any upgrades (particularly Epistolary) other than Terminator armor and/or combi-weapons to fit your model or whatever he’s riding with (I.e. Termiantors). Storm shield isn’t really needed for his cost either.

Will be doing Space Wolves powers next and will be writing up a Rune Priest ‘tactica’ on request but this will be posted on Space Wolves blog and linked back here (the power analysis will go here though). I also have a really cool modelling idea for my Libby on a bike (1) but haven’t worked on him lately because of university work. We’ll see if I can do him before my Tyranids but unlikely…

The Force Org & You – HQs

The Force Org Series Part 2: The HQ Slot

One of the “must takes” in your army, you might as well consider them a lil’ more than with one blind eye. So, here we go.

[Category A – The Tank/Anvil]:

Example 1: Tau Commander Shas’o – Weapons of choice, Stimulant Injector, Shield Generator,
Iridium Armour.

Example 2: Avatar & Farseer with Fortune (Or for ease of reference if you’re talking to me about this combo – “Fluffing Bozo the Clown”)

Example 3: Hive Tyrant + Tyrant Guard (At least 2 at most 3.)

This category gets its name from MMO slang for the guy who takes the hits, ‘cuz that’s what these guys do – They take hits on behalf of the rest of their army or squad and take it.

This is particularly useful when you are facing down a big unit that is tough for the rest of the army to deal with, but don’t want to sacrifice too much into slowing them down.
The Tau Commander in particular is of note because he is all defense with a 2+ Armour Save, 4+ Invulnerable Save, Feel No Pain, Toughness 4 and 4 Wounds. If he kills something in assault,
which it must be granted he SUCKS at, it’s a bonus.The next example is lumped into one example because truly is a example of a one-sided tag team. The Farseer usually sits at the edge of a squad while he babysits the Avatar with Fortune (Who in turn is covering the squad’s (and in reality army’s) ass, of course.) and makes the Avatar all a sudden a credible damage absorber with a re-rollable 3+/4+. Decent eh?
And finally we get to the classic one, a Hive Tyrant and his buddies, which are can be as much as 10 Toughness 6 Wounds. Sure, they lack a Invulnerable Save, but since when was taking down 10 Toughness 6 Wounds considered easy? Especially in a Assault?

So instances this category comes into play, from experience –

Situation: Imperial Guard have a good mob of 30 Guardsmen in a massed combined Squad stock with a Commissar to hold them with a Stubborn Ld 9, re-rollable because of the Commissar as well.
Protip: They’re likely not budging, so your Meltas aren’t getting the 2d6 Armour pen they need vs. the Leman Russes in the back AND they’re not gonna be letting your forces move freely in thier terrority.

What do you do? Well, I have my Avatar roided up on Fortune by the Farseer, he waltzes into the middle of the formation, and the whole blob that was denying access is now a lil’ cluster.
Providing he lives through a round or 2 of combats with that durability, you now have access to the area the Guardsmen held up, and you can take advantage of the gap now.
– Potentially draws in far more attention than they’re worth.
– A well placed sacrifice can turn a loss into a win.
– Builds the imagery of that “mighty stand” the hero took.

– Usually the HQ’s life is put into the bill.
– “I spent points…to TRY to die?”

[Category B – The Steamroller]:

Example 1: Ork Warboss – Power Klaw, Attack Squig, Slugga, Cybork Body, Warbike

Example 2: Wolf Lord – Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield, Wolf Tooth Necklace,
Saga of Warrior Born

Picture your army flattened into the ground to polish the dirt, that’s what happens when these guys hit. They hit hard and take no prisoners, and they can care less what you got coming for them, because they are usually safe in a big meatbag (bodyguard) unit to
help them do even more damage and survive more hits on the way in. Fun! So try to find a way to slow these guys
down or kill them quick, lest they will change the game in a very direct, face-to-face way.

The Ork Warboss is the basis for all of this. With a awesome 6 Attacks, Toughness of 5(6), and Strength 10,
he’s a monster! Lately he’s started to shine less poor dawg, the Invul Saves and amount of Wounds on new Tyranid Monstrous Creatures really are making him a sad panda. But still in terms of mobility and damage out, he’s ranking near the top with sheer awesome.

Now we move to the Wolf Lord, which is simply a evolution of the Warboss’s madness. Same Strength, 1 lower Toughness,
always hits on 3+ unless you’re a Vehicle, and *starts* at 5 attacks. Only things that made this git more suped up in the “You’re dead boy” department is 1) He has a superior Invulnerable Save (3+) and 2) He gets more attacks as he romps through your force. My advice? Kill him quick and focus fire him down if you can.

And for hilarity’s sake, note both of these beasts were created by the mind of GW Author Phil Kelly, thank him!

Instances: “I want to kill that unit” Simple? If you see a good amount of models get flattened by a particular enemy model, I’d look his way and give him some due attention too!

– Great centerpieces
– Potential damage output is undeniable
– Heroic

– Stands out like sore thumb most of the time to experienced players.
– Potentially tar-pitted into oblivion (no use zone).
– Most of the time very point heavy.

[Category c – The Cheerleader]:

Example 1: Sisters of Battle Palatine with Book of St. Lucius

Example 2: Tau Commanders

Example 3: Black Templar Marshals

The Cheerleaders are very easily recognizable – They do little more than say “I’m here, you’re staying with me.” They keep morale up and flowing in aspects of the army that needs to make up the slack. If you think Leadership is unimportant, you better be Fearless because many-a time that game changing roll is a Ld test that made a key unit inactive that one turn.

Some to note that aren’t listed above are Independendent Characters (ICs) and this is a big influence on their “pom pomming” of their Ld as they can go wherever they’re needed most. (Funnily not a HQ choice but in regards to not Ld but a great bonus – the fabled Blood Angels Sanguinary Priests. These lil’ nutters give their buddies within a certain radius Feel No Pain and Furious Charge…ya..ouch. Luckily IC is a weakness as well as a benefit.)

The Palatine is one to note to all players as long as Witch Hunters Allies exist. This little girl costs less than a Terminator and provides essentially a Stubborn Ld 9 bubble for a portion of your army. This is really good for IG lists with Heavy Weapons Teams, as I’ve tried her myself and she gets her worth done this way. What’s worse is she can turn off this bubble if you don’t want to be a solid group of ants, and believe me
sometimes you want this!.Really no way to get rid of her outside Eldar’s Mind War, Witch Hunters/Daemon Hunters Vindicare Assassins, or Space Marines Sergeant Telion as she’s a IC probably attached to a good sized IG Infantry Squad to boot.

In some playing circles, Tau Commanders are found in odd places. With Kroot? With Broadsides? With Fire Warriors? Why? To keep their fellows around on the board. A Broadside unit usually suffers from this, losing one casualty and running off the board thanks to being so close to the edge trying to keep at maximum range. The Tau Commander joining the unit is a hopeful move that should the unit lose enough casualties from shooting, his Ld 10 will help the pivotal unit in the Tau army hold in place.

Black Templar Marshals are seemingly the last of the breed of the true commanders, these guys extend their glorious Ld 10 to all infantry units in their army, which is certainly a nice factor to consider since the army sometimes has trouble controlling Righteous Zeal.

So overall, your Ld sucks? Take one of these duders.

– Ld boost is a underrated benefit many people will overlook.
– Generally cheap in points cost.
– “It’s what a commander’s supposed to do.”

– Arguably underutilizing many such commander’s strengths.
– Like I said earlier, sometimes you want your lines to break.

[Category D – The Rock Star]:

Example 1: Eldar Farseers / Space Marine Librarians

Example 2: Ork HQs

Example 3: Many special characters

Generally a new class of HQ, Rock Stars generally steal the show on the battlefield, changing the game in a very noticeable way. Be it Psychic Powers that make it harder to damage their allies or, a trend lately, Force Org Warping. (Force Org Warping example – Ork Warbosses allow a unit of Nobs to be taken as Troops rather than Elites.)

Farseers have been near/at the top of the pyramid in this category for a long time, for the mere prescence
of one is enough to justify taking Psychic Defense. Entire Eldar army builds are sometimes built around the
army bonusses his psychic powers can confer. So of course a repeated tenant to taking down a Eldar army is taking down its
Farseer, providing you think that can be what they call “easy”.

Ork HQs are notable because all of them change the way that army is organized or overall style in some way.
(Same could be said of any of HQ regarding the rather, but it’s more noticable in the Orks.)

And of course, this is the reason Special Characters are so coveted by many people. Each one brings a new spark to a army in their effectiveness, contributions, and game-changing potential.

– Great overall buffers
– Changing your force organization chart helps meet the list you wanna play, more than likely.
– Generally found in awesome models.

– Generally point heavy.
– Pass out the toys generally, but have none themselves generally.

[Category E – Swiss Army Knives]

Example 1: Logan Grimnar

Example 2: Vulkan He’Stan

This one is pretty simple to explain – Take 2 or more of the above characteristics and put it into one “super” HQ. She-bang.
Unfortunately, in my eyes at least, this category is only Special Characters right now, but Psykers like Librarians, Rune Priests, and Farseers can
easily fit into this category with the right combination of tactics/powers/equipment.

Updates II

Well a quick update post, sorry I didn’t do anything yesterday but the guest authors came through brilliantly! I’ve also been offerred a Guest author spot on Space Wolves blog so might be linking articles back and forth or expanding on my Space Wolves articles there (i.e. the upcoming Psy Powers post for Space Wolves). Smurfy has also reared his head as a new author here (yay) so hopefully we’ll see some more from him. Vinsanity has posted his potential lists for his Lords of Terra assualt and I’m sure he’d appreciate some votes. We also got over 1200 hits yesterday so good work. Apparently me spending money is a hot topic. Still need to order my bases which will garner another post (1300?). Btw my order is in “processing” atm :(, not sent yet!

Working extensively on thesis today but will hopefully get a few posts up, may even paint some Termagants for fun. Puppy has finished his Tyranid review and I’m sure he’d appreciate some feedback on his posts! I will be adding my thoughts ASAP (in blue writing) but for now, let’s revel in the time and effort he has put into those articles.

Also a note to guest authors: try not to make too many new labels please. We don’t want to end up like TKE’s blog do we? And try and keep swearing in posts to a minimum. As I said in Smurfy’s post we are linked to family related blogs and whilst a good swear word or two can help vent some steam and expression, let’s be creative with our words! Don’t make me use electrical shock therapy…

Oh and a further note to all. My ethics is going through atm so we should be up and running for my thesis soon (titled Your Time Online). I will be posting information about that up here but would love for you all to take part as the more results = better for me. I’m not sure if there will be potential monetary rewards (like a raffle) yet as it depends if Ethics goes yay or nay.


Lords of Terra – Vinsanity’s 4 Army Lists!

Hey all, Vinsanity here!

So I’ve started to work on a few final assignments for uni and I though, frigate that, I will make some LoT lists instead (what a rebel)!

So my options are from 4 different armies – Imperial Fists, Black Templars, Sisters of Battle and Imperial Guard. Each has units which I still need to buy and paint…

Each will be with different levels of hardness and fluff, eg the Fists and Templars lists are fluffier but aren’t as strong as the Sisters or Guard lists, imo… I wanted to test my might with less than optimum lists and include a few units I like so as not to get 0/5 for comp like I predict someone Will…(/clever pun).

So on to the lists!

List 1 – Imperial Fists 1750


Lysander 200


5x Terminators – TH/SS 200
In Land Raider Crusader – Multi-Melta 260


10 x Tactical – flamer, Multi-melta 170
In Rhino 35

10 x Tactical – Meltagun, Lascannon 185
In Razorback with Plasma/Lascannon 75

5 x Scouts w/Sniper Rifles, Camo Cloaks, 1x Heavy Bolter 100

Fast Attack

Land Speeder Tornado – Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer 70

Land Speeder Tornado – Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer 70

Land Speeder Tornado – Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer 70

Heavy Support

Vindicator 115

Thunderfire 100

Thunderfire 100

Total 1750

So this list is quite fluffy methinks. Should go easier on Aussie comp due to the Thunderfires ^^ It combines some harder elements of a Fist style siege (LRC and Termis) with some fluffier choices (Thunderfires and Vindi) and finally some good old speeders.

For this list, I need to buy 2 Thunderfires, 1 Vindi, 3 LSTs, 5 Scouts and a few more marines.

To paint, I have all of the above, then the tactical marines. So quite a lot 🙁 However, this army would be the easiest to paint out of the four.

So list 2 is Black Templars 1750


Marshal – Terminator Honours, Twin Lightning Claws, Holy Orbs, CS 135

Emperors Champion – Accept Any Challenge, CS 140


5 Sword Brethren Terminators – 2 Assault Cannons, Tank Hunters Skill, CS 255


10 Initiates – bps, ccws, Meltagun, Powerfist
4 Neophytes – bps,ccws 225

7 Initiates – bps, ccws, Meltagun, Powerfist
2 Neophytes -bps, ccws 157
Mounted in Rhino – Extra Armour, Smoke Launchers 58

8 Initiates – bps, ccws, Meltagun, Powerfist
2 Neophytes -bps, ccws 173
Mounted in Rhino – Extra Armour, Smoke Launchers 58

5 Initiates – Plasmagun, Lascannon 101

Fast Attack

3 Initiate Bikers – 3 Flamers 105

Land Speeder Tornado – Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer 75

Heavy Support

Land Raider Crusader with Smoke Launchers 268

Total 1750

So think list is really my cool 1500 BT list with some mods. Quite fluffy too imo. Overall I like the balance of anti-tank to anti-infantry firepower, as well as close combat ability.

With this list, I would need to buy about 10 more Initiates, the 3 Bikers, the LST, and possibly the LRC but I could always just repaint my Grey Knights one…

However, this list is almost all unpainted, so would have to be painted by the tourney date should I take it… It is a lot of black though so it should be easy peasy…

Onto List 3 – Imperial Guard 1750


CCS – Autocannon, Officer of the Fleet 90
Mounted in Chimera – Heavy Bolter, Multi-Laser 55


Infantry Platoon
PCS – 4 Flamers 50
Mounted in Chimera – Multi-Laser, Heavy Flamer 55

Infantry Squad A – Autocannon, flamer 65

Infantry Squad B – Missile Launcher, flamer 70

Infantry Squad C – Missile Launcher, flamer 70

Infantry Squad D – Autocannon, flamer 65

1 Heavy Weapons Squad – 3 Autocannons 75

Veteran Squad – 3 Meltaguns 100
Mounted in Chimera – Multi-Laser, Heavy Flamer 55

Veteran Squad – 3 Meltaguns 100
Mounted in Chimera – Multi-Laser, Heavy Flamer 55

Veteran Squad – 3 Meltaguns 100
Mounted in Chimera – Multi-Laser, Heavy Flamer 55

Fast Attack

2 Vendettas – 3 Twin Linked Lascannons 260

1 Vendetta – 3 Twin Linked Lascannons 130

1 Valkyrie – Multiple Rocket Pods 130

Heavy Support

Leman Russ Battle Tank – Hull and Sponson Heavy Bolters 170

Total 1750

So this is really my general take on most guard lists, being a mix of foot and mech. This one I may have gone overboard with the Valk and Vendettas and thus, the infantry squads can be mounted ftw. Not sure how Aussie comp will respond to such an armoured guard list, probably not very friendlyly :(:(

I will need to purchase 4 Chims, 4 Valk boxes (to convert Vendettas I should have enough lascannons around) and also some autocannons and meltaguns to make some more of them… And possibly convert some Veterans too but I have a few cool ideas on how to do this…

My guard are mostly painted, but I may have to repaint some stuff since its been a while since I’ve brushed or touched them (wtflol?) Alas I would have to paint my newly acquired toys too… Overall though, I think it would be less painting than any of the other 4 armies…

And finally, the Sisters of Battle 1750


Palatine – Inferno Pistol, ccw, frag grenades, krak grenades 53
5 Celestians Bodyguard – 2 Meltaguns 85
Mounted in Immolator – Smoke Launchers, Extra Armour 68


5 Celestians – 2 Meltaguns 85
Mounted in Immolator – Smoke Launchers, Extra Armour 68

5 Celestians – 2 Meltaguns 85
Mounted in Immolator – Smoke Launchers, Extra Armour 68


10 Sisters – Meltagun, Heavy Flamer, Veteran Sister Superior with Book of St Lucius, Brazier of Holy Fire
Mounted in Rhino – Smokes, Extra Armour 219

10 Sisters – Meltagun, Heavy Flamer, Veteran Sister Superior with Book of St Lucius, Brazier of Holy Fire
Mounted in Rhino – Smokes, Extra Armour 219

5 Inquisitorial Storm Troopers – 2 Meltaguns 70

5 Inquisitorial Storm Troopers – 2 Meltaguns 70

Fast Attack

6 Dominions – 4 Flamers, Veteran Sister Superior – Brazier of Holy Fire 126
Mounted in Immolator – Smoke Launchers, Extra Armour 68

6 Dominions – 4 Flamers, Veteran Sister Superior – Brazier of Holy Fire 126
Mounted in Immolator – Smoke Launchers, Extra Armour 68

Heavy Support

Exorcist- Smoke Launchers 138

Immolator – Smoke Launchers, Extra Armour 68

Immolator – Smoke Launchers, Extra Armour 68

Total 1750

So this one is quite a competitive one too, lots of mech and lots of flamers and meltas is the winning formula for teh win. It isn’t a huge amount of immos, but enough for most opponents to uncontrollably dump ass when they see it. Theres 12 meltas, 1 inferno pistol (yay!), 9 heavy flamers and 12 flamers including braziers as well as 8 faith points.

With this list, I will need to purchase 6 immos, 2 rhinos, some meltagun sisters (or convert some), some meltagun ISTs (or convert some) and then some VSS (or convert some).

In terms of painting, it will be everything (less an immo, a few ISTs and the palatine)… Omfg 🙁 Hehe. It will require more effort than the other 3 armies to paint but will be the best looking imo if I finish it which I should since its not a very difficult scheme (dheneb stone coloured bone) and there are shortcuts to take too…

So there we go! My 4 lists of pwnage for LoT! Some C&C is definitely required and I am open to changing some stuff around too… Maybe Kirby could put up a poll and tag this or something (<3 Kirbs) since I really desperately need some C&C and opinions on which list to take as I am undecided atm... Thanks everyone and post some C&C and tell me which list you like best!!

The Force Org & You – A Mini Series

Hiya, Smurfy here…I have floated various 40k online habitats so I hope that many of you will recognize me. I float,,,,, (lurk that one), and travel the 40k blogosphere (Including Fritz 40k, Yes The Truth Hurts, 3++ (here), Whiskey & 40k, and well, just about anything providing I have time.) for modelling inspiration/tactical inspiration/ hilarity at nerdrages.

But one thing I personally do, and avoid as much as possible, is Nerdraging. Unfortunately, I find it necessary to go back to basics like Kirby has in a few of his articles, so I will contribute my piece of the pie. I have a notorious bad habit to pull out a sailor’s mouth at times when I post tactica online, mostly to give the read a bit more of a thrill/laugh, but also probably because I get lazy. Kirby note: keep the swearing to a minimum please since we are on “family friendly” blog networkss <3.

Anyways, here’s the beginning of a series of Articles I’ll be working on:

The Force Org Slots & You

The Force Organization chart are categories for your army. Rulebook sez that each are important which is true, but you’ll find more often than not that many players favor their Heavy Support and Elites sections more than others.

Reason behind this is well-founded but still, is something we want to try to avoid. Why? We’ll get to that, but basically force balance.

So some tenants of the force org and a good army list –

1. Spread it out. 1 HQ, 3 Elites, 2 Troops is your army? Try again.
2. Do not let Kill Points affect your army composition.
3. It has expendables.
4. Redundancy.
5. “Wild Cards”

So let’s touch on each of those points now before we dive into the specific slots shall we?

What do you mean by spreading it out Smurfy

– Stelek @ Yes The Truth Hurts does this really well, and I have always followed this mantra when I have played. TRY TO MAX OUT YOUR FORCE ORG CHART! This seems silly obvious in learning the game, but once gamers get a few games under their belts, they fall for the slots they love so much. (Heavy Support, generally, unless you’re Orks, Chaos Space Marines, and etcetera miscellaneous likings.) Trying to spread the love around the Force Org slots ensures you have A: More units, and B: Army flexibility by design.
In this series of articles I’ll cover each Force Org Slot, roles for each,how I’ve seen people use them, and why each slot is important.

Why not worry about Kill Points?

This mostly applies to if you’re playing a mobile mechanized army with a ton of Kill Points to give up. Do not worry your Dedicated Transports give up tons of them “easy” For one, this isn’t exactly true (A easy vehicle kill outside Open-Topped? Puh-lease.) and secondly, the amount of benefit the mobility/controllable terrain gained by using Dedicated Transport is plentiful. If you’re not mech, if you have a 6 Kill Point army (6 Un-Combat Squadded Tactical Squads for example) vs. a 12 Kill Point army (6 Combat Squadded Tactical Squads) the 6 Kill Point army is considerably more unwieldy in using their squad’s effectivenesses than the 12 Kill Point one.

What are expendables?

Comes down to the mission at hand and your decision from seeing what your opponent’s army is. Most often, in Objective missions, ironically enough to me all my Troop units (other than my Biker army.) save one unit are expendable. This is to test people’s target priority, if they shoot at my eventual winners of the game and not the immediate threat that are my devastating other choices, I think I am pretty well off. On the flip side, your expendables could simply be those Dedicated Transports in a mechanized list. Dedicated Transports are a ideal example with their typically low point costs and vehicle status letting them be “controllable terrain” for their army’s general. Controlling terrain is a awesome gift to behold in pulling off more advanced strategies.

Redundancy? Like Attack of the Clones?

Um, sorry to burst your bubbles if you don’t believe in this, but it is completely necessary at times to have two or three or even more of the same unit role/composition to deal with threats. Don’t you just hate it when you lose your solo squad dedicated to dealing with Tanks vs that Armoured Company? Ya, not taking any duplicates or other units to pick up that unit’s slack is why you lost . This is quite clear in a good Eldar list, which needs as many Bright Lances/Fusion Guns(Melta) and Strength 6 as it can get to try to fit in the modern Codexes/rulebooks environment. Sorry, there aint no Craftworld devoted to Fire Dragons I know, but I still am gonna take 2/3 squads of them regardless.

What do you mean by “Wild Cards”

Wild Cards are something I develop a sixth sense for, and it’s most often in the subtle little package of, again, a Dedicated Transport, particularly the Rhino. We shall use this lil’ frigate as a example.

The Rhino isn’t simply a cardboard box on treads, it can be –

– A Multi-Melta pillbox.
– A newly erected “Frigate You” wall to your enemy’s world.
– A bunker with the help of a second Rhino. (Squad inside one of them piles out between them, sets up a firing lane between the two while the Rhinos guard their asses from being charged.)
– A poor man’s bomb. (Ya Orks with a Power Klaw Nob just made the thing explode? 30 Str 3 hits now please!)
– A annoying fly that is in my objective zone to contest it. (“I win, my Rhino contests” “Fuuuuu”)
– Cover to that tank behind it. (Famous Last Words: “…Hey…that’s a Predator turret behind that Rhino?”)

And much more. If you don’t get it yet, the “Wild Cards” are the units that even a seasoned general has trouble predicting accurately, simply because they are so versatile in their options. Basically, all the Space Marines units nowadays fit this bill, as they all have Frag & Krak Grenades automatically makes them above average against the standard units in opposing armies in CC (Cuz, frankly, anything not ready for CC is gonna suck balls if it can’t use that Cover bonus to it’s advantage against Space Marines.) and Krak Grenades have the potential to pop any Armour in the game outside AV 14 if you get lucky. (“Well, all my Melta somehow missed…Time to dive in with 50 Krak Grenades as well…Oh, it did something! Yay!”)

So that’s the start to the Force Org Tactica, hope you like my contributions and stay smurfy!

AbusePuppy’s Tyranid Review Part the Last: Wrapup and List Building

So that’s it, that’s the whole shebang. The Tyranid codex has gotten very mixed press from the internet- people seem evenly split between “omg trygon and doom and tervigon SO BORKEN!!” and “wtf no EW no AP warriors 65 PTS?!?! cant win anything quittn this f%$#*^ing game”. Truthfully, I think that Tyranids are on par with all the other 5th Ed codices, although they are somewhat more limited in competitive builds than, say, the IG codex because of the necessity of taking anti-tank. (Also, until the whole mess with allies gets fixed the Imperium codices are always going to have an advantage over everyone else.)

So, having gone through the units individually, let’s give a brief talk about armies. This is only going to be brief, mind you- there is far more to discuss than even I could hope to post here, and to be honest I don’t think I’ve really gotten a good enough handle on Tyranids to do a lot of high-level theorizing about Ideal Builds and all of that. I can, however, safely talk about the most common mistakes I’ve seen in making a swarm and some general archetypes that the codex naturally lends itself to. So.

Big Mistake #1 is a mistake common to a lot of other armies: not enough anti-tank. With Tyranids, this problem is grossly exaggerated, however, because of the very specific availability of our AT options- you either take these units or you suffer. Elites and HS contain basically all of our options, and in just a couple unit selections. There’s no use in trying to avoid “being cookie-cutter” with a lack of options like that- it’s like a Marine player avoiding Tactical Squads because “everyone uses them.” Damn right they do- they’re the backbone of the codex. So man up, plop that wad of cash down, and get yourself some AT units, because this is 5th Edition and you’re gonna need them. Which ones you want will depend on your army, but the gross simplification is that foot armies use Hive Guard and Tyrannofexes and reserve armies prefer Zoanthropes and Venom Cannon Tyrants.

Big Mistake #2 is scoring units. Unlike other armies, Tyranid troops tend to actually be pretty good in a fight- good enough that you want to send them into the enemy’s face to do some damage. This is a problem because troops that are charging the foe are generally not troops that are taking an objective; melee range units tend to make poor defenders because the enemy can just sit back at Rapid Fire range and shoot you to death while you stand there like a dum-dum head. For this reason, it’s generally necessary for Tyranids to separate their troops into two categories: fake troops (things like Genestealers and Bonesword Warriors that you send to go chew up enemy units) and real troops (things that you use to take objectives). Tervigons and Termagants are pretty much universally the best choices for the latter, although unupgraded Warriors (except maybe for Deathspitter/heavy weapon) can make a pretty reasonable version of the latter. Genestealers can also do alright there.

Big Mistake #3 is target saturation. I harped on this a lot during the other articles, but here it comes again. One tank is a target for all the missiles and melta your opponent has. Six tanks are each gonna take a lot less punishment because they’ll have trouble aiming everything at one target. Likewise, one monstrous creature is gonna get roasted pretty quick, but six of them are going to take a lot longer to kill. Overload your opponent’s guns, give them more than they can deal with in the time before you arrive. This works better with monstrous creatures because armies are limited in the number of big guns they can take, but generally always have access to lots of small anti-troop guns no matter what else they buy. However, a swarm army can also be viable, although it’s hard to go completely without monstrous creatures due to the sheer awesomeness of the Tervigon for supporting a swarm. Still, filling the field with bodies can be workable in some cases, you’re simply going to have to make some compromises rather than just slapping two hundred Gaunts onto the table. Note that Tyranid Warriors and other high-wounds critters actually fall more into the monstrous creature category, since people tend to aim the same kind of guns at them as it takes to down the bigger creatures.

So what are some good ways to build a list? We’ll go over a couple archetypes here, but keep in mind there are endless ways to tweak them and variations based on your playstyle, your local group, etc. However, I’ll try to be general enough that you can take away something useful from each of these lists. This is nothing like an exhaustive library, just a sampling of some things that work. Some of these will scale to varying degrees, and thus may not be as viable at 1500 or 2500; most of them work reasonably well at 1750-2K, though.

Quick guide: The framework is going to be what the army is based off of- without this, you can’t even consider it. The basics are the meat and bones of the force, everything that makes it move. Some of them may be omissible, but many are not. Options are additional units that you may or may not find helpful. They don’t directly fit in with what you’re doing in most cases, or are one of the more narrow selections for doing a particular job.

The All-Reserves Army
The framework: Winged Hive Tyrant with Hive Commander; Heavy Venom Cannon strongly recommended

The basics:

The options:
-Ymgarl Genestealers
-Doom of Malan’tai

So the basic idea here is pretty obvious: you get two Tyrants so that your reserves are coming in on a 2+ on turn 2 and start everything off-board. The easy mistake to make here is trying to do it halfway- don’t start with anything on the board or else it’s going to be the focus of a lot of your opponent’s shooting. Also remember that when you land it’s going to be an absolute bloodbath for a turn, as man of your units will be clustered up and the opponent gets a turn to react to you. You MUST have enough shooting to put the hurt on them when you land or else the barrage of templates, blasts, and assaults will end your game before it begins. Try to cut off one part of his army and destroy it rather than wounding several different portions. Don’t confuse your flexibility for mobility- only your winged units actually have mobility, the rest of them are just as slow as anything else. You’re giving up a full turn and a half of the game, so you’re going to have to do your work quickly once you arrive.

Some of the units might seem like odd ducks, Tervigons and Tyrannofexes especially. The former are there because you have issues with actually capturing objectives and they provide a tremendous boost- you also have the option of outflanking them with Hive Commander, but this can be tricky because you aren’t sure of where you’ll arrive, and it can leave the Termagants stranded away from Synapse range. Tyrannofexes are fine because of their 48″ range, allowing them to walk on 6″ and hit most of the board. Your anti-tank shots tend to be rather vulnerable (Zoeys, Harpies, Lictors), so try and have units around to shield them. Equipping your Mycetic Spores with Venom Cannons (for suppressing vehicles) or Cluster Spines (for dealing with troops) is often a good idea. Termagants usually want to go with Devourers for the extra range combined with the fact that you are much more capable of picking a vulnerable target and wiping it out. The build suffers a lot at 1500 because of only being reasonably able to fit in one Tyrant, doubling up the number of units that will fail to arrive.

Sample 2K list:
2x Hive Tyrant (Wings, Hive Commander, LW/BS, HVC)

3x Zoanthrope (Mycetic Spore w/Cluster Spines)

2x Zoanthrope (Mycetic Spore w/Cluster Spines)

1x Deathleaper

20x Termagant (two groups)

2x Tervigon (Cluster Spines, Catalyst, Adrenal, Toxin)

2x Tyrannofex (Rupture, Cluster, Dessicator)

Big Men, Big Guns
Framework: Tervigons, generally with support upgrade (especially Toxin and the psychic powers)

The basics:
-Hive Guard
-Tyranid Prime

-Zoanthrope (no pod)
-Hive Tyrant (with Old Adversary)

Again, fairly simple concept. You build a big block of guys with good shooting and advance up the field 6″ at a time (or more with Onslaught). Termagants serve as your assault screen, keeping away nasty units for an extra turn or tying them up permanently, and smaller squads can split off to claim objectives on the way. The mass of MCs and secondary attacks from smaller critters can easily overwhelm any weakened foe that thinks you’re vulnerable to assault, and if the enemy doesn’t back away quickly enough they’ll find that you’re more than capable of starting and winning an assault yourself.

Your Synapse count tends to be pretty low, and you’re highly reliant on your units working together, so you’re forced to stay clustered relatively near each other; this can leave you vulnerable to blast weapons, so make sure you’ve got that suppression fire working. Termagants are your only source of specialized anti-infantry fire, but basic troops shouldn’t be a problem for you with the guns your T-Fexes mount and your assault capabilities. Widely spread objectives can be inconvenient, although at higher point totals you can afford to split into two subgroups to claim sections of the board.

Zoanthropes, although short ranged, can supplement your other firepower if, for some reason, you’re averse to Hive Guard (or want some variety); they require Onslaught to get in range of most things, though. Other long-range shooting can be useful in various ways as well, and ‘Fexes can provide a good threat to distract them from your other guns- double BWL Devourers are bad times for many types of targets. A Tyrant with Old Adversary can make the swarm absolutely devastating in melee and generally replaces a Prime; as usual, you want a Guard to go with them. HVC and Devs are both options for such a unit, depending on your preferences.

Sample 2K list:
1x Tyranid Prime (LW/BS, Toxin, Regen)

1x Hive Tyrant (2x Dev, Tyrant Guard, Old Adversary)

9x Hive Guard

20x Termagant (two groups)

2x Tervigon (Toxin, Onslaught, Cluster)

1x Harpy (HVC)

2x Tyrannofex (Rupture, Cluster, Dessicator)

Assault Swarm
The framework: varies

The basics:
-Tyranid Prime
-Hive Tyrant
-Tyranid Warriors
-Hive Guard

-Ymgarl Genestealers

This one has a lot of options and potential builds, but the heart of it is the fundaments of a Tyranid force: get in close and tear them apart. To that end, it’s trying to close the distance as quickly as possible and knock guys out of their metal boxes so they can be assaulted. Always, always remember that you need to knock them out of their boxes first, which means you need AT shooting. You cannot afford to go chasing Rhinos around the field for a couple turns, then get bogged down in combat for a couple more turns and then realize the game is over and you just lost because he had a squad on an objective and you didn’t.

Assuming you have taken care of the above problem (which will mean Guard, T-Fexes, and possibly other things, but most likely Guard), you need both sufficient speed to get to them before you die and sufficient raw combat to win once you do. For the former you have units with increased movement- 12″ move or charge, Fleet, DS/Infiltrate to close the distance, etc. To the latter, you have linebreakers that simply cleave through anything that gets in front of them; a few rare units can do both. Be wary of an enemy Deathstar (TH/SS Termies, TWC, Jetseer Council, Biker Nobs) and make sure you have a way to handle it- escaping, tying it up, or straight-up killing. Know the relative strengths and weaknesses of various matchups- Warriors hate anything with a Power Fist, but Hormagaunts don’t mind.

You need to present your opponents with a clear and present danger with this army- that means not only suppression fire early on, but threatening charges on turn 2 and onward. Don’t give them room to recover, and don’t ever forget your mission objective; at a certain point, you have to give up on killing and start winning the game. Sometimes just getting a wipeout can work, but don’t rely on it. Tervigons can alleviate this to a degree, picking up backfield objectives while the rest of your army does the work.

The framework: Tyrant Guard + a buddy (Tyrant, Swarmlord) or Carnifexes + Tyranid Primes

The basics:
-More of the above
-Hive Guard

-Genestealers/Ymgarl Genestealers
-Doom of Malan’tai

Say it straight up: this is a gimmick army. Not even a terribly strong gimmick, either. However, it does plop a ridiculous threat on the table, and many players will forget everything they know and panic upon seeing it, playing right into your strategy. This is exactly what you want- the Deathstar (or Rock, or whatever) draws all of the attention and firepower, letting the rest of your forces move into position and do their jobs.

This army is particularly points-sensitive; too few and you can’t afford enough backup for your Deathstar and it becomes the whole army. Too many and the enemy can bring enough firepower to negate it, throwing away the advantage of the distraction. In my (admittedly limited) experience, the ‘Fex+Primes work best at the 1500 level and Tyrant+Guard works best at 1850 or so.

Optional components in the army should be there to capitalize on the threat posed by your Deathstar- otherwise-fragile units that have enough of a threat profile to wreak a lot of havoc, but that normally don’t get a chance to because they get shot first.

Thus ends my series of articles on the Tyranid codex; hope folks have found it helpful. Doubtless there are some who disagree with my assessments of things, or have noted flaws, or outright errors; I only expect that these are present, as I am far from perfect. Some things I’ve noted already (BWL Devourers are better than I initially assessed them, for example), and there will likely be more to come. Many thanks to Stelek, from whom much of the basis of this review was drawn, no matter what I may think of his opinions some of the time. Thanks also to Kirby for giving me a place to dump all this where someone might see it.

Lords of Terror…er Terra

Well, I’ve been asked a couple times now if I’m going to Lords of Terra which is in late July and without looking at my uni schedule atm, I’m going to say why not. From what I can tell there are no restrictions outside of 20% comp (ew) & 1750 points. So, what army should I take? I’ve got 3 armies that would pretty much just require a fair amount of painting and minimal buying and we’ll see what everyone else thinks. So these 3 armies are Eldar (mech), Vanilla Marines (mech) and Tyranids (foot).

I’ll be putting up the 3 lists I’d like to try and work with in relation to this today and link them back to the post (and “sticky” this post) and generate discussion in this thread for what I should take whilst using the other thread for changes to my lists.

And! if anyone in Sydney is up for some practice games, I’d be more than happy to get some games in assuming my uni workload allows it.

Edit: Okay I’ve added a poll to the left on what army I should take. It’ll stay up for a week (maybe 2 as then all my assignments are done). I’ve got about a months worth of holidays before the tournament so I’d like to go (as long as thesis work isn’t mind boggingly extensive at that point in time) and should have time to do the painting/modelling, all of which you can witness here! So get cracking peoples, what army should Kirby take? Debate!

1750 SM
1750 Eldar
1750 Tyranids

Edit 2: And Vinsanity is weighing in with his lists now. They can be seen here. Another poll is up on the left.