40k 8th Edition – Characters

Sorry this one is a bit late guys!

As an aside, the faction focuses that are being put up on Warhammer Community have offered no information other than random teasers so won’t be posting about them here unless we get concrete information. Nevermind, just read the Astra one and there are rule tidbits there so will post them up shortly.

So then. Characters. They are radically different from what we have come to be familiar with from 5th edition through to 7th where they could join squads, often multiple characters at once, transfer USRs, you could use allies or dataslates to get specific access to characters in a min/maxing hell, characters were used as bullet shields for units through Look Out Sir! and challenges, etc. The result was deathstars of unimaginable rules layering, durability and frustration. Read more »

Infantry and the Wound Chart – It’s a Brave New World.

Well…. damn. If that isn’t the simplest looking wound chart I ever saw.

The latest preview gives us a lot to deal with in a very short post:

  • The way everything can wound anything has been clarified
  • The fact infantry units can split fire has been confirmed – and it’s confirmed that they do so with a huge amount of targeting freedom
  • Most of our speculative maths have been proven wrong and need updating to how damage is really going to be done.

8th Edition 40k really is going to be a Brave New World.

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THE GIANTS ARE COMING! Previewing the 8th Edition Large Model Rules

Gamesworkshop have released a preview of how the rules for Large Models will work in the 8th Edition of 40k, and it is indeed a dramatic shift from the old approach.

The main change is that rather than being a stand-alone category of units with their own special rules, stat lines and profiles they will now use the same universal statistics as the rest of the models in the game (just with impressively higher numbers in many columns!).

The second major change is that they will degrade as the game goes on and they take damage. They will become less effective as their wounds decrease, losing combat aptitude, reducing their number of attacks and even slowing down.

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Space Marines in 8th Edition – Movement and Psychic Phases

Hi again! In this short installment, we will look at the Movement and Psychic phases together.

The Movement phase has mostly remained unchanged. You do Run (now called Advance) in this phase now, which will prove slightly detrimental at times in terms of tactical options (but given the huge time-saver this is, I am immensely happy it’s happening regardless). The big news about Movement is this: you can now move out of combat during your Movement phase! This carries some hefty penalties, but can (likely) be salutary for some armies. Space Marines – being a mostly shooty army – will likely benefit immensely from this change: no longer will your Tactical Squads be stuck flailing uselessly at vastly superior assault units for turns on end, preventing your other shooty units from blasting apart those same assault units that are devastating their brethren. Ergo, this is a pretty clear win for Marines in my book.

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Space Marines in 8th Edition – Weapons

Welcome back! In this post, we shall look at the new weapon profiles and how they affect our beloved Marines.

The first big – and most definitely welcome – change is the inclusion of Damage for certain weapons. Being able to cause more than one wound with high-powered weapons like Lascannons is going to drastically improve the effectiveness of Marine special and heavy weapons. Indeed, one of the main reasons you saw Grav in every Marine army during 7th is that all of our other weapons were so impotent against the bigbads of that edition (Wraithknights, Riptides and the like). Now that Lascannons, Missile Launchers and other heavy/special weapons can actually make a MC cry, a lot of units that had been relegated to the shelf can come out and play again without being a hindrance to the player. Predators, Devastator squads, Multi-melta Attack Bikes – all will have a chance to be useful again!

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40k 8th Edition – Battle Forged Armies

Okay battle forged. I really liked this concept initially. You had an opportunity cost to go for extra goodies with Allies or have troops which trumped all others (including their transports). This was a great army building decision IMO and then a lot of bloat came along and super units of maximum take one and a bit from here and there and over here and boom I have ever USR under the sun for this one unit and the opportunity cost is… well negligible. Let’s see what it is now.

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Space Marines in 8th Edition – Unit Profiles

Hello (again, to some of you)! It’s good to be back! With this post, I will be starting a series on Space Marines in 8th Edition. I played Marines competitively during all of 7th and had good success using the Gladius Strike Force, so I am definitely looking forward to knowing how my force will have to change as the game changes.

First off, let’s look at Unit Profiles.

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40k 8th Edition Rumors

From Faeit212 – let’s check some snowmobile fun! Remember, these are rumors and from Faeit so heavy grain of salt please. Some of them make sense and others just sound bizarre.

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40k 8th Edition – Morale

This model might have a use now...

Morale is now an end of all phases thing so no more multiple morale checks which again, works in the favour of streamlining the game. It also sounds like fearless will not be in the game or if it is, in some limited effect (“There will be very few units indeed that will not feel its effects.”). There are no also no falling back, no regroup, etc.

What it instead has been replaced with is a D6 + members that died that turn. Compare to leadership. Kill additional models to account for this difference.

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40k 8th Edition – Fight Phase

Okay the final general phase of the game, still lots of rules to look for but let’s see what we’ve got here.

We already know whoever charges gets to swing first. Cool. 3″ consolidate into combat moves standard. Wait. You can break the 1″ rule? Now we’re talking.

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