Hordes Devastation – Leak Summary

Pictures taken from ChainAttackTrev

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Star Wars Armada Wave 2 – Unboxing preview of new ships and cards

SDFFG’s brilliant large-scale Star Wars strategy game, ARMADA, gets its second wave of ships over the next few weeks. This includes the new Star Destroyer, which frankly dwarfs the Victory-class Star Destroyer that was released with the game, as well as Home One rebel capital ship and a host of new fighter and bomber squadrons.

The new ships won’t be available to purchase for a few more weeks (and possibly longer), but a few sets will be won by the winners of the soon coming Mustering at Sullust tournaments. Fortunately a Bothan by the name of Lyraeus was able to get some photos of an unboxed set in advance, so the rest of us can have a look at the goodies that are in the pipe line.

After the fold; photos of the new ships, comparisons with the old, and a lot of the new cards and upgrades (I’ve edited some of the images for easier reading, so while imperfect these are the best quality currently available).

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Hand of Judgement, Electromancers, Death Wolves & Baratharum

Yes I still exist and while wandering around the Internets tonight I found these for any of the WMH guys out there. Will definitely pick up HoJ :). Rumored release for December 2015.

As an aside, I’ve been doing some modelling and painting across WMH and 40k so will likely start to post more soon. Heading to 40k Masters at the end of November so at least something in the lead-up to that…!


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The Ways of Waaagh! Tactics Post Double Feature: Lootas and Battle Wagons


Hello again, everyone! I am back with my first tactics post, and this one will be a heavy support double feature! Two great units that go great together, it’s Lootas and the Battle Wagon! But first, a little insight as to how I am going to go about tactic reviews:

One of the things I want to stay away from in these posts is looking at units strictly in a vacuum setting, using math hammers and ideal conditions to measure units against each other. The thing is, some things get overlooked or are just not thought about until you actually put the models on the table and see how they work in the real world. So, to that end, all my tactic post will only involve units that I actually use, and have used for a good number of games. I will look at the units first in a vacuum setting, and maybe even do some minor math hammering, but then I will take a look at the units using my real world experience, showing how effective they can truly be, how my opponents usually react to them, and how they have fared in my battles.

So without further ado, let’s get this waaagh started with the guys with the big gunz: Lootas!

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Innocence Proves Nothing

Justicar_terminatorHey there guys! My name is Alex and I’m one of the new contributors to 3++. If you couldn’t tell by the title I’m a big fan of the Inquisition, particularly the Grey Knights who are my main army. So I figured I’d start off with a little information about myself:

I started playing about 10 years ago as a wee lad with Warhammer Fantasy. I was living in Europe at the time and was introduced by a friend and fell in love with the game playing Tomb Kings in small narrative campaigns. After a few months I decided to try and enter a local tournament where I did pretty decently. However after about a year of starting Fantasy my family moved back to the US and I was left without any place to play. I picked up a few Tyranid models and generally just built and painted them. I then happened to meet my current Warhammer partner who came over one day and noticed the Carnifex on my shelf. He informed me he was a an avid 40k player and we’ve gamed together ever since. Besides my Grey Knights I also have a large collection of Tyranids though they don’t see much play as I rather detest the 6th edition codex. But enough of that little intro how about what you guys can expect?

I’m a competitive player, but I aim for fun lists that can still hold their own against some of the more cutthroat lists out there nowadays (I do play Grey Knights after all, not the best codex out there).

So I thought for my first post besides the little introduction I’d showcase the list that I have used for awhile now that’s gotten me very good results. It is as follows:

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The List

Just to show that I do actually practice what I preach, here is the list I rolled into my first tournament with.  It should be noted, though, that I use 1850 points as my base level for any list, simply because that is the standard for most tournaments and it is easy to scale up or down from there if I need to.

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So You Want To Play Competitive 40K? Three Observations For New Players

Americans thrive on being the best at any- and everything that we endeavor towards achieving, whether that is a high-minded pursuit like landing on the moon, or something a little more lowbrow (i.e. the Big Mac or fried butter).  Our shared hobby is not immune to this competitive itch, in fact it is experiencing a Renaissance, if the number of GTs that are being run are any indication.  If you are a casual player, don’t write this off; I still consider myself a casual player, even though I actively search and participate in more competitive play.  They are not mutually exclusive play styles, and there is room for you to be both simultaneously.  Don’t believe me? Read below, where I have compiled 3 things that I have learned if you are just now starting out in competitive play. Read more »

There Are No Wolves On Fenris


Hello fellow wargamers!  I am very excited about the opportunity I have to post content on 3++ is the New Black on one of my favorite topics: Warhammer 40,000!  But you’re probably wondering who I am and why you should read what I write.  Well, let me try to address this. Read more »

A New Waaagh Approaches

Hello my fellow nerds!

I am excited to announce that I will be posting new Warhammer 40k content for 3++ is the New Black! But first, a little about myself.
I started playing 40k when I was nine (fifteen years ago). One of my brothers and I got the rule book, a codex or three, and some green army men and fought to the bitter end many times. Nowadays, I play at the local game store here in town. Read more »

More EPIC:ARMAGEDDON – Tau vs the Dead Emperor’s Dead Planet

IPB Image


This game was a rare opportunity to kill two birds with one stone – test the latest revision of the Death Korps list, and the current Developmental Vior’la Tau simultaneously. I posted a battle report recently where I played Tau against my opponent’s Death Korps, while this turns the tables and switches the generals around.

There were a few compromises made to fill in gaps in models, mainly using death korps infantry tilted upside down as Death Riders, and traitorous hammerheads filling in as Macharius tanks that I didn’t have models available for (see the pic below on the right for the models I’ve since finished for use as Death Riders).

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