Forgeworld – Tyranids

Everything for Tyranids.

Malanthrope and Dimachareon

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Forgeworld – Necrons

All the Necron Forgeworld options.


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8th Edition – Almost top 5 – Adeptus Astartes Style


Hi, I’m Stuart Lord (lords2001) and Ive been a long term tournament player, at least on the NSW circuit. I’m planning on getting back into 8th, assuming it will have me after I and so many others callously abandoned it during 7th.

Quite a few people have been over the various armies and the main rulebook, so I don’t want to do too many in depth reviews of individual units, especially as I haven’t taken them all for a spin, or had them used against me.

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Optimising Your Army for Command Points

Command Points are a new addition to 40K, and potentially very powerful. Neil recently wrote an article on 3++ called Clutch Command Point Rerolls which I recommend to anyone unconvinced that they should take them seriously, and as a follow up I will be writing this article about optimising army builds to get the maximum amount of CP.

There are two ways to get more CP from most lists; passive and active optimisation.

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Clutch Command Point Rerolls


Today I’m looking at some of the best ways to use the Command Re-roll stratagem.

Once upon a time, Brother Corbulo had a unique ability. He let you re-roll ANY single dice during the game. I remember the first time I heard of someone re-rolling the “does the game end” roll. It was at the Australian Team Championships, and turned a loss into a win. Now, that ability is available to everyone!

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New Edition, New Look for 3++

We’re celebrating the new edition of 40K rules with a visual update to the 3++ site. This comes with a clearer statement of what the site is about and some stronger branding.

‘3++ The New Black – Kirb your Enthusiasm’ is gone, replaced by ‘3++ The 40K Strategies and Tactics Site’ – although the die-hard fans might be happy to know they can still find a Kirby (and a Shadowlord) fighting in the banner at the top.

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Forgeworld – The Rest of CSM / Daemons

The rest of the Chaos Space marines and Dameons Forgeworld. PM me if you have the Xenos.

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Forgeworld Indexes – Imperium and Chaos (UPDATED)

Scroll through 🙂 – not everythign here yet; will upload rest later.


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Tau Weapons in 8th Edition

I really wanted to delay this again just for Prom :).

So finally – we have Tau weapons. We are going to start at the entire reason everyone plays Tau – the Crisis suit (if you don’t play Tau for Crisis Suits, I am not talking to you).

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8th Edition Weapons Spreadsheet – Error Change

Hi all, unfortunately Neil has noticed a mistake in the weapons spreadsheet which has made D6 damage weapons seem a little bit better than they actually are.

The updated spreadsheet is here with the explanation below. If anyone has used the previous spreadsheet, please make sure to fix this error or use the new spreadsheet. Same as for people you have shared this with. Apologies!

Anything with D6 damage was being calculated with the Quake Cannon’s “Minimum 3 Damage” rule. 
The problem is D6 appears on the lookupo table twice, the second one should read “D6(min3)” – I’m not sure when I introduced the error exactly, but it affects the IG article onwards. Means Lascannons and such are 12.5% better than they should be.

Also mention that if people have already started entering other race’s weapons etc, they can fix the lookup table themselves, by changing cell J26 from “D6” to “D6(min3)” on the Lookup Table sheet.