So You Want To Play Competitive 40K? Three Observations For New Players

Americans thrive on being the best at any- and everything that we endeavor towards achieving, whether that is a high-minded pursuit like landing on the moon, or something a little more lowbrow (i.e. the Big Mac or fried butter).  Our shared hobby is not immune to this competitive itch, in fact it is experiencing a Renaissance, if the number of GTs that are being run are any indication.  If you are a casual player, don’t write this off; I still consider myself a casual player, even though I actively search and participate in more competitive play.  They are not mutually exclusive play styles, and there is room for you to be both simultaneously.  Don’t believe me? Read below, where I have compiled 3 things that I have learned if you are just now starting out in competitive play. Read more »

There Are No Wolves On Fenris


Hello fellow wargamers!  I am very excited about the opportunity I have to post content on 3++ is the New Black on one of my favorite topics: Warhammer 40,000!  But you’re probably wondering who I am and why you should read what I write.  Well, let me try to address this. Read more »

A New Waaagh Approaches

Hello my fellow nerds!

I am excited to announce that I will be posting new Warhammer 40k content for 3++ is the New Black! But first, a little about myself.
I started playing 40k when I was nine (fifteen years ago). One of my brothers and I got the rule book, a codex or three, and some green army men and fought to the bitter end many times. Nowadays, I play at the local game store here in town. Read more »

More EPIC:ARMAGEDDON – Tau vs the Dead Emperor’s Dead Planet

IPB Image


This game was a rare opportunity to kill two birds with one stone – test the latest revision of the Death Korps list, and the current Developmental Vior’la Tau simultaneously. I posted a battle report recently where I played Tau against my opponent’s Death Korps, while this turns the tables and switches the generals around.

There were a few compromises made to fill in gaps in models, mainly using death korps infantry tilted upside down as Death Riders, and traitorous hammerheads filling in as Macharius tanks that I didn’t have models available for (see the pic below on the right for the models I’ve since finished for use as Death Riders).

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Star Wars: Armada – International Tournament Lists, and a Vassal module launched

Sswm11-15_preview1tar Wars: Armada fans may be happy to hear that a new update for Vassal has just been released. Thanks to a huge amount of work put in by the talented Ransberger, the launch release v1.0 has now been repalced by v1.99 which comes with a host of new functionality and improvements (more details and a free download link the end of this post).

Even better, this is just in time for the first International Star Wars: Armada Tournament, which kicked off this morning, moments after the new vassal release. This is the very first vassal tournament for Armada, and has attracted players from around the world including some of most successful Xwing players. I have compiled a list of most of the Fleets being used, which I think Armada players will find really interesting.

The big questions at the moment as people try to ‘meta-game’ their squadrons against potential opponents revolve around the minimum points spent on initiative bids (the player with the least points in their fleet gets to pick to be player 1 or 2), objective selection (each player picks 1 of 4 objectives from 3 categories and offers them to their opponent to choose from if the opponent is 2nd player – it’s a whole mini game of interesting decisions before the real fight starts!) and especially the balance between Capital Ships and Fighter/Bomber Squadrons. Read more »

So you think you know 40K? Guest Articles on 3++

With Kirby current unavailability, AbusePuppy’s absence and my own enthusiasm for other games systems, there is now an opportunity for aspiring 40K players and generals to write articles here on 3++.

This site is for the thinking-gamer, tournament player and people interested in fun, competitive tabletop games of all sorts, but has always primarily been about 40K. We get thousands of visitors, but let’s face it: 40K has been a minority topic in the actual posts recently.

If you believe you may have something to add to the body of knowledge about the game, please get in touch.

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Epic:Armageddon: It’s like 40K – only further away!

I am happy to say that Epic:Armageddon is still going strong in many areas of the world, including the isolated outpost of Perth Australia where we have both a Campaign and a tournament this month. The game is great fun, the grimdark 40K Universe realised on a scale not possible with standard 40K, and the rule set balanced and armies excellent and varied despite GW not giving the game the attention it deserves. Basically, you should all play epic, and are frittering quality gaming time away on other systems 😀

Read on for a dramatic battle report as the might of the Death Korps of Krieg attempt to invade a peaceful Tau Sept world.
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Queensland wins the 2015 40K Australian Team Challenge

Congratulations to Queensland, winners of this year’s 40K Australian Team Challenge! Several months of preparation and practice, thousands of man-hours of gaming and painting, tens of thousands of kilometres of travel all culminated last weekend in the ATC event, and the following score board:


That is another solid result from what has proven to be a strong team over the years, and from all reports Queensland deserve their place as top dog of the Team Tournament scene this year.
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GW Trolls Fans ahead of Age of Sigmar

The Master-Pranksters at Gamesworkshop have struck again, this time realising that releasing their japes on unsuspecting fans several months after April 1st would make them far more effective.

Some long-term Fantasy players have taken to the internet to vent their fury at what the believe to be leaked rules from ‘The Age of Sigmar’ and the impact it could have on any attempt to play the game in a balanced, competitive manner. I’ve compiled all the leaks, previews and rumoured releases in one place to make it easier for readers to assess which are genuine and which are GW’s staff hilariously trolling their own fan-base.

Use your own judgement.
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It is a  big weekend for WH:40K in Australia – the most important 40K gaming event of the year kicks off in less than 24 hours. Top players from 6 states will be battling for supremacy at the Australian Team Challenge, this year held in Hobart on the island of Tasmania on the 4th-5th of July 2015.

This will be the 5th ATC event, the annual interstate tournament having kicked off in 2011. This year the two ‘honourary states’ Australian Capital Territory and New Zealand will not be fielding teams, so there are 6 states participating, New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, Victoria and of course the hosts Tasmania. I can vouch for what incredible, fun and competitive events these are, having been to a few of these myself as captain of the Western Australian team, but this for the last two years that honour has been passed to Mike “Massaen” Basc.

In the past people have been interested in the lists that are generated when groups of tournament players from across the nation are smashed together in a single cauldron of battle, so you can find links to the army lists below.
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